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  1. I'd have the following order of likelihood for Fury in the next two years: Retire again. Fail another drugs test. Win a legit world title.
  2. A punch to be thrown in the first round? A professional boxer and not someone who breaks off from waddling around after the undersized stooge that's been paid for four rounds to watch the fights amongst the bored spectators?
  3. He might fall on them? That would be a cause for concern...
  4. Minus 1 - Minus 1 after 3. I deducted points myself because the referee refuses to.
  5. 0-0 after two rounds. More punches landed in the crowd.
  6. WTF is this? I've scored the first round 0-0. 10 point must my arse.
  7. All got the same tshirts on, can't tell which one's the fighter. Stick in the guy with the Aslan headband instead, reckon he'd have more of a shot.
  8. You don't fight someone who's anykind of legit threat after three years out.
  9. Flanagan's heabutt/clinch strategy not cutting it here...
  10. Done She's protected them so they can't be retweeted or embedded...
  11. Cassandra's had a message from Twitter about a subpaeona in the Aaron Rich vs Ed Butowsky that appears to include contents of her Twitter account. She seems fine with it... https://twitter.com/CassandraRules/status/1005186699545186309 https://twitter.com/CassandraRules/status/1005194712049909761 https://twitter.com/CassandraRules/status/1005195166108536833
  12. Dear Mr Trump. Apologies for the size of the envelope. We have decided to acquiese to your request for de-nuclearisation of the Korean penninsula. Please find enclosed all of our remaining nuclear material. We've double-bagged it for health and safety reasons.
  13. You do actually know that you pleaded guilty to the crimes you committed, right dude?
  14. What the **** are they experts in?