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  1. Hungarians and stewards from the sounds of it...
  2. Genuinely surprised to find out that Barkley is in the squad...
  3. Croat fans threw multiple flares on the pitch, including at least one directed at stewards that were clearing them, then started a ruck amongst themselves.
  4. Should go back to the studio here, wanna see Lineker looking baffled that violence is happening that he can't blame on England...
  5. Or cross, pass or tackle. So, pretty much good at running fast and occasionally looking flash and bad at the actual things that might win a football game.
  6. The Russians are angry that they didn't get the pennies.
  7. Why are all these people on the pitch?!
  8. I'm not really sure which post that I've made you think you're disagreeing with. Saying that the hooligans are state sponsored doesn't exactly disprove any points. It does support the idea that Russia should be kicked out of this tournament and stripped of the world cup of course. There were 6000 police on duty for the Champions League final in Moscow btw, which seems a lot if they could have just told the local yobbos to stay home.
  9. I'm not used to winning arguments this easily, it's hard to know what to say.
  10. You'd think that with all those 1000 x more organised police, they would be able to control protests as well and wouldn't need to make tacit deals with criminal gangs?
  11. That is why there is no hooliganism in Russia. Oh, wait.
  12. They're so hard to spot. How can the police be expected to identify them amongst all those crowds of other people wearing balaclavas, gum shields and mma gloves?
  13. It's not that it's more aggressive, it's that it's really ****ing ineffective. Basically how football used to be policed in Britain in the 1980s (but with batons being the weapon of choice rather than tear gas). Wait until a situation kicks off and then pile in with force. It didn't work in Britain in the 1980s and it doesn't work now. It just creates more aggro because the people caught up in the pile in are more likely to be innocent bystanders than the actual troublemakers, and the hardcore are off away to regroup and have another pop. How can you have armed gangs roaming around a city carrying weapons and basically wearing uniforms and the police have hardly arrested anyone. If it was policed how public order policing goes in the UK now, everyone would be on film, the ringleaders would be identified and taken out, anyone carrying a weapon would be pulled and the local troublemakers wouldn't be able to get anywhere near the potential flashpoint areas in numbers.
  14. There's video of the Russian Sports minister applauding the Russian fans as they run the England section, that doesn't look the best....
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