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  1. Imagine thinking thats a serious article. Maybe reading past the first sentence might sometimes be a good idea 🤣
  2. As far as I can tell the whole of Wales is now hitting all the requirements for alert level 2 (whilst we are still in fact at level 4). Every local authority is under 90 cases per 100k. The threshold for level 4 was 300 cases per 100k. Demonstrating again why these sort of tier systems are entirely pointless as a public communication tool - disease outbreaks simply do not work that way.
  3. Wales case numbers reported today are 198. Lowest number since 18th September.
  4. Did you just say that they stopped shut schools but didn't stop policing, so they must think schools are more risky? I'm not really sure that's how it works!
  5. I've pointed this out before but, once again, every police force in the country had lists ready months ago and can instantly produce a list of officers or staff in specific front line categories, further prioritised by vulnerability if needed, and could quick time stand up numbers, locations and facilities for anything the NHS needed to deliver the vaccinations. My presumption would be that education might not be as top down, but could likewise quickly produce names and NHS numbers for identified employees. There would be nothing for 'the government ' to do kn terms of identification, check
  6. One of the first parts of the vaccine programme was vaccinating medical professionals.
  7. I mean now I'm just upvoting posts purely on the offchance that it might upset someone.
  8. And once again would make the point that I made a few weeks ago - these policies now are the logical conclusion of a decision to vaccinate by age/vulnerability rather than by liklihood of exposure. If you do that then you implicitly accept that at some point in the process you stop worrying so much about infection rates in groups that are statistically unlikely to require hospitalisation.
  9. The R rate though isn't just people immediately exposed, but the chain of infection, so it will impact on the national level. Not a comfort to you obviously but I think that is what the rationalisation will be.
  10. Far be it for me to defend Trump, but I am not sure "post-presidential norms" can reasonably be expected to apply to someone who is a viable candidate for four years time.
  11. This of course was what Wales did after lockdown one and which inflicted greater economic damage for no gain whatsoever because you can't unlock in a 'better' way than an adjoining area that you have unfettered movement of people with. Ultimately, you'll end up with the same situation regardless. Unless you seal the border between England and Wales (which you can't) what Drakeford does is completely irrelevant in terms of future spread of infection.
  12. Rand Paul was just trying to be a good Dad to his kids. Oh wait, that was the other one.
  13. Hancock will have to seriously consider resigning, before deciding that he doesn't want to and if being responsible for all those deaths wasn't going to do it then dishing out a few billion sweeties sure won't.
  14. Would have been a win-win if we'd just blasted Dido Harding into space instead.
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