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  1. I play a 4-3-3 with a BWM in the DM strata. WB-S and IF-A on the left, IWB-A and W-S on the right with an AF up top, AP and BBM in the middle. The idea is that the WB overlaps the IF and the IWB underlaps the winger in attack with the AP pushing up behind the stiker for support with the BBM lurking to recycle posession. the IWB also form sort of a third midfielder when attacking so I have the IF and AF in the box, the AP on the edge of the box and the BBM and IWB lurking outside the box when on attack, with the back four, BWM and BBM defending when on the defence,
  2. Got to the end of the 2028/29 season and was finally able to win the CL for the first time, breaking the streak of French winners (the competition has changed hands between PSG and Lyon for the past five or six years): Now towards the end of the 29/30 season and my team has become ridiculous, managed to wrap up the title before the split:
  3. I'm having a great time in my Rangers save. I'm in 2027 now, the title winners swung between myself and Celtic for the first few seasons while I established myself and built up a healthy bank balance. I've won the title now for the fourth season in a row and won the domestic treble for the first time (always played squad players in the League Cup and I more often than not came unstuck against Celtic in the Scottish Cup). Would have gone the whole season unbeaten in the league too if I didn't try to blood some youngsters before the end of the season. Managed a Europa League win a few se
  4. I usually use anything above 7 is a good game. Between 6.8 and 6.9 is a decent game, anything between 6.0 and 6.7 is a poor game. Anything below 6 is a terrible game.
  5. I always make sure I find a DoF with the highest JPA/JPP as possible and set him to make offers for young players for the future but set the contract negotiations and finalising deals for myself. That way I can vet the players he's found as to whether I actually need them or whether they fit into my formation and remove that dastardly 10% yearly wage increase that young players always ask for.
  6. I managed to get to the Champion's League group stage fairly easily at the beginning of season three but struggled to make any impact, beat Zenit at home in my first game but also had Liverpool and Lyon in my group. Needless to say I'm bottom of the group having just been on the wrong side of a 5-0 drubbing by Zenit at their place due to injuries at centre back. Not all doom and gloom, managed to put on a credible 3-2 loss at Anfield and won the League Cup convincingly. Two points clear at the top of the league with a game in hand over Celtic, and invested the CL money into improving th
  7. I hope so! I'm managing to get by on transfer listed players, cheap youth signings and free transfers at the moment but I'm developing slowly. Investing any money I do get on improving the youth recruitment and youth coaching to try and develop from within and perhaps gain profits selling a few players to bigger leagues. Long term aim is to win the CL but it's a long term project!
  8. Just finished my second season in my Rangers save. Thought it would be a good save to start with in the full game since they don't have a manager. I'm yet to win any of the cups since I've lost to Celtic every time, or get to the group stage of the Europa League because of bad draws, but I managed to win the league in the second season by two points. Both Celtic and myself finished over 20 points clear of Hearts in third. Finding getting new players a challenge due to lack of funds but I've managed to snag some fantastic older players on free transfers and I'm focussing on bringing you
  9. To me it definitely seems like there is an issue with player finishing in the game, from all aspects of it. All too often, while watching matches and viewing the highlights, players will try shots from outside the penalty area and miss spectacularly, even if there is a clear passing option (with retain possession/shoot less often selected), players shooting too early when one-on-one with the goalkeepers or under pressure from defenders even when there is space to run (even with work ball into box selected). I don't understand why there isnt a way to tell your players/team as a whole to t
  10. I'll post some screenshots when I get home so you can replicate it yourself and see where it gets you.
  11. I regularly have the greater share of possession in games, yes. I generally flick between this and exactly the same tactic but with Mixed passing and Retain Possession ticked. Usually the More Direct Passing option works best against teams that I'm struggling to break down. As I said I think the two striker roles need tweaking in my tactic because they can sometimes go missing, but having said that Harry Kane scored around thirty goals in the league in Season 3, I believe. I think I scored close to 100 goals and conceded less than 20. The start of season 4 hasnt quite been so rampant
  12. In my beta save I've played pretty much this exact formation with Man Utd, but with some adjustments: GK: GK-D (Roll it out, distribute to centre-backs) DC: CB-D DC: CB-D WBR: WB-S WBL: WB-S DM: HB-D MC: MZ-S (Shoot Less Often, More Risky Passes, Play Wider) MC: MZ-S (Shoot Less Often, More Risky Passes, Play Wider) AM: T-A SC: AF-A (Roam from Position) SC: CF-S Control and Fluid. I forget all my TIs but the ones of the ones off the top of my head are: Play Narrower Play Offside Trap Much Higher Defensive L
  13. Did you change the squad status of the player you want to tutor? I believe if the tutee has the same or equal squad status as the tutor you want then they won't be allowed to do it.
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