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  1. Pretty crazy clause though right? I'm hoping he certainly lives up to his potential!
  2. So I was taking a look through my Clauses for potential in/out fees, and I noticed something really strange. A player whom i'd never heard off, who had gone to Brighton, and I had a shed loads of potential money coming through. I mean look at the potential income! Every single 10 appearances he makes I get a ton of money. So I did a bit of digging... His stats looks good and he's a very young regeneration from last year. I got a scout report. Potential is huge, so who, what and when did this happen. No fee stated, really weird!
  3. Yeah that i do not have any chance doing! Just not enough in the budget Geordieboy52
  4. I thought he would be okay too! But as Jordan said NZ aren't ranked high enough! Im just gonna attempt to sign him when we get to the prem!
  5. Absolutely gutted! Found an absolute gem of a regen from down under! Cant sign him now these new brexit rules have come into place! These are English Championship Brexit rules HOWEVER!!!!! Should I get my Cambridge United team to the Premiership, these are the new rules! Onwards and upwards then!
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