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    Going to try and get back into this game again!

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  1. Brand new FM12 game, bring on the impossible!

    VERY QUICK UPDATE! top of the league, 3rd round of F.A cup away to Man Utd, lots of money for me i thought, but 63 mins in its still 0-0... aaaaahhh exciting stufff!
  2. It is a shame. However in real life no manger would ever do that i dont think. FM wouldn't be so real if we had this feature i suppose...
  3. Changing club captain for the season!

    Risked it! Turns out everyone at the club is happy with the appointment!
  4. I always accept whats offered, but if i could, i would lower it if it was a small club. Im trying to save money for the club so why do i care about artificial money?
  5. Changing club captain for the season!

    Well im a week before the 1st game of the season starts so the game has asked for the 'Official Answer' as it were. With pre season friendlies the band has been passed around due to making sure everyone gets plenty of match fitness and such.
  6. Okay so i've brought a couple of players into my cambridge utd team and there both far more equipped at being captain and vice captains for the club than the other two in place! however i am terrified at upsetting players at the club, anyone know a good way about it? (search the forum for a similar post but couldnt find anything)
  7. Brand new FM12 game, bring on the impossible!

    Setting myself some targets for the game too! SHORT TERM:- -Reduce debt, bring some money to the club. -Convince the board to find a Parent club. Think we could benefit from some good loans. Plus bring in some money for the club. -The obvious, GOOD RESULTS! Long term targets still to be set!
  8. Cambridge United! Get ready 'cos im going to manage to pants of you! Premiership here we come! Up the U's! Any other CU fans out there that have got far?
  9. New Rivals?

    Has anyone developed a rival in the game before? Like an OFFICIAL rival that appears in your club information screen?
  10. 6 of my first team players are away on international duty and also 3 more of my players are injured and they have all been in my first team this season too, how the hell am i suppose to play a game without knowing im going to lose because i going to have to play pretty much a youth squad ?!
  11. your website wont load dudeee
  12. Language Problems

    aaah i see, thanks very much for the reply dude... ill let you know how long it takes them haha!
  13. How long is it going to take some of my foreign players to learn English? Its obviously a problem within the team if they cant even communicate with eachother! its just some of my players have been at my club for a long time now and under languages spoken english is still not there... thanks
  14. I was just wondering if anybodys Assistant managers or Coaches had left there club to go onto MANAGE a team? Just curious
  15. Is anybody else hitting the post alot in the game? like ALOT! i dont really care cos it just makes the games more exciting but it does happen often right? P.S My Derby side achieved promotion to Premiership in 1 season, well happy!