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  1. A player asking for first time football is one thing. But what about my scenario, when after releasing a nobody youth team player my star player throws a fit and disrupts the whole dressing room for months, with NO interaction possible on my behalf to change it? It's completely broken and something I'm sure they'll look at next time. Anyway, I continued to play my 'Unhappy' player in the first team, and after 5 months of being 'Unhappy' he has now decided to stay. Probably because we're massively overachieving in the league.
  2. I was kind of wondering what those manager stats at the start did...I usually just auto-pick whatever fits the league I'm in. But this crap means I'll just be maxing out attributes to stop it happening again in future.
  3. I'm wondering if it's something to do with my low reputation (Sunday league) and the fact that it's my first season in charge - maybe the players don't respect me. It's still ******** that there's no dialogue option to placate the player.
  4. I've tried this. I tried 4 different replies, each ended with him getting pissed off. The only one that didn't was promising "I'll replace him with a better player" - which leads to the Unhappy player having a 'Slight Concern' which will no doubt blow up again if I don't deliver on my promise.
  5. I'm in a Conference South team with no resources so benching a load of players due to poor morale isn't really an option. I've just released another reserve/youth team player.... half star CA with 2 star PA - utterly awful. And another first team player has coming to me unhappy saying "why have you sold one of our brightest prospects". I saved the game before and tried all 5 replies to his query, all of them end in him saying the same thing "i'm not happy with how you've dealt with this and my teammates feel the same". There's literally nothing I can do to prevent this, short of keeping all m
  6. My star player decided to throw a hissy fit because I sold some terrible reserve player that was never going to get near the first team (Thinks he should not have been sold). In the conversation after I basically told him the player wasn't good enough.Now he's been unhappy for about 3 months and is disrupting the whole team, missing training sessions and constantly stuck on 'Abysmal' morale. There's no option to interact with him, I can't have a private chat, can't offer him a new contract. He's asked to leave but he's by far my best player so I'm not losing him. My team is flying in the leagu
  7. Okay I'm not really sure how to explain this but I hope somebody knows what I mean. I swear there's a setting in-game to change how your game looks when it's loading from day-to-day. It can either be "phased", where it looks a bit flashier; the little loading circle spins round, and headlines/results kind of "fade" in one after the other. When you're having conversations with a player as well, speech/conversation bubbles will take a split second to appear, gradually fading in rather than instantly appearing. Or there's a basic option which seems to make the loading screens go faster, where t
  8. What's the processor? I'm guessing it ends with a U? Take a look at some of the laptops on here. FM is a processor-heavy game, so you want an Intel processor that starts with a 4 (meaning 4th generation) and ends in an M or MQ rather than a U. (M is Mobile, MQ is Mobile Quad-core, U is Ultra-low power) EDIT: Yeah just seen it's a i5-3337U processor. That's not going to be great for FM and at £560 you can do better. Also only comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.
  9. How much is that one? I can't see which model of processor it is beyond i5 intel, (old gens start with 2, 3 and new gens start with 4). For under £700 you could get something miles better like this Cube Chameleon. i7-4700mq is a high end, new-generation quad-core processor which would be great for FM. It also comes with a newer graphics card and a faster 7200rpm hard-drive.
  10. @ Frankie 7 I see that's from PC Specialist. That will run FM smoothly on high settings. Few pointers: 1) Upgrade to Silver warranty for an extra £5 2) I'd strongly advise the Seagate Hybrid drive instead of the 5400rpm Scorpio Blue hard drive. Fairly significant speed increase for an extra £15 or so. 3) Upgrade the wireless card to the N-7260 for like an extra £10 I think. The N-135 card is known to be a bit dodgy. All those changes should only increase the price by around £30 for a big improvement, and the Silver warranty is a must. Good spec otherwise.
  11. Really hope we'll see team talks getting overhauled in FM15. I've been using the same "Pleased with how you're playing, keep it up/I'm happy with that result" and "Far from pleased with how you're playing/Not happy with that result" for the last 4 versions because it always gets by far the best reaction, regardless of context. Boring.
  12. Real noob question, but I was wondering what the main benefits of having a shedload of leagues added are. I've always had a crappy laptop so have only been able to load the 4-5 main leagues, about to get a new rig and thought I'd add a load more, I'm just not sure when to stop adding. For example, I can't see the benefit in adding the lower Northern Ireland leagues if I'm managing Real Madrid. Same goes for any lower leagues if you're at a top club really. Do more leagues just add more players from that country, or is there more to it?
  13. Having had a quick look around I'd say it's a good spec for that price, assuming the RAM upgrade was within £50. The i5-4200m is the sort of processor you see in £500-700+ laptops, and since the processor is the most important part for FM, that's good for you. The integrated graphics will be fine for FM and the 3D match engine (medium settings) if you don't intend to play newer, more graphics-demanding games. The only weak point to this deal is the 4gb RAM. 4gb is fine right now, it's been the standard in £400-700 laptops in the previous 3-4 years. However as of 2014 I would strongly suggest a
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