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  1. Simple solutions are born from simple people. Only complex people argue for complex solutions. When I was doing my apprenticeship at the steelworks they had a motto "do it right the first time". Look at the Olympic situation. The first modern Olympics were held in Athens in 1896. Since then, Greece has called for the Olympics to be permanently brought back home to Greece. The best solution to end Olympic waste, eliminate deficiencies in bidding processes, and be cost effective, is to base all Olympic activities, including Olympic headquarters, in a permanent location... Greece. Infrastructure would only be needed to be built once and then updated and maintained and the Greeks can recoup the costs through recurring use and tourism. From Greece's perspective looking at obstacles and not miracles, there is a lot of national ego from potential hosts that would oppose the idea. However there are numerous examples of the prerogative of heritage being respected. An obvious example, The Vatican, headquarters to millions of Catholics, is permanently located in one place. Back to your post Landskill... may you have a long and successful career and get your chance to perfect your invention.
  2. Football Manager, Fifa, and Pes are trading platforms and not clubs, but I often wonder how those three would play football according to their coach (I'm in Australia and Australia have coaches not managers) style.
  3. Maybe I see FM as an entertainment video game that can be educational as well but somehow someway there's a lot of people like myself who get blinded by glitz and unnecessary depth for our own good. That's why there's a feature request section to include features that are presented in a way that helps those that feel their experience can be improved.
  4. I'm not debating the strengths and weaknesses of the games, all I'm saying is if I place, example, a Centre Midfielder at Wide Back the CM is sill a CM because his colour button don't change, and his in game performance don't change and there are no PPMs. In FM if you put a player in different positions they perform different because each position has different expectations and predefined instructions. I understand what your saying though and unless you've played or seen Fifa wii console version in action the meaning of my post may be lost in the translation, the description, etc. There are better writers. I along with others have previously posted wishes to have all positions neutral and have a player instruction board that states how well the player can play the instruction on the player instruction button.
  5. I think I know where The Dude's coming from. I often play the Fifa football video game wii console version All Play mode with the nintendo wand... because I'm clumsy with the joystick control and feel the joystick control don't allow players to play their natural game. You can place players in any position and they retain their character. If there were a few simple instructions available the wii console version would have been more immersive... unfortunately there were none. I've often played with ten wide backs in a 442 because their stats were well rounded and performed good in all positions. I even managed to beat the Classic and World teams on the highest difficulty.
  6. I am not a loaner and I don't loanee for philosophical reasons. Your findings are interesting and thanks for sharing.
  7. Stadiums add atmosphere. I don't know how many times people comment certain stadiums are cold, or windy, or warm, have character. It could be anything from the look of the grass to the parking outside. Maybe it's got something to do with favourable results at the stadium, maybe not. Team and player performances at different stadiums also vary as they do when faced with varying weather conditions. As movies conjure emotions, I think stadium design affects teams and players and may not be just the home and away factor. And don't forget the fans. My favourite classic movie, Guns Of Navarone the 1961 version, has a platform and destination and the settings enhance the movie. Journey To The Centre Of The Earth the 1959 version also falls into that category. I find myself watching these movies over and over because the characters and performances are engrosing and timeless. My favourite Tv series, Hogan's Heroes is another classic. I'm Greek and I don't have to be English to know the original Wembley Stadium has a special place in English peoples memories. As do different stadiums to different peoples in the world.
  8. From what I understand the way the match engine works, an attribute on it's own is not enough. Attributes are strung together along with factors outside technical, mental, physical, and calculated for a final answer whether the player's action is successful and how successful or not. Just like weather plays a part in work conditions, and varies from location to location, a player's performance is also affected. Consider a forward whose job is to score goals. Though he or she might have 20 for shooting, consider where does that 20 geographically come from... in front of goal, side of goal, inside the box, outside the box. The permutations are lots and there's also the problem of data interpretation. Being able to have an answer at a glance improves matchflow for the user rather than paralysis by analysis. People wan't answers not trial and error... maybe because they're time poor, maybe because for educational reasons, maybe something else. It's all about the propensity to get the job done. Example, a player's suitability to perform a set of instructions and not conflict team instructions, or what roles and duties combine and don't conflict with the rest of the team and will light the board green. Coaches don't carry xray machines to see the inside parts of a player's body, and they don't bath, clothe, feed, and put their players to bed, unless they're their own kids at junior level for duty of care reasons. People want data represented different ways. Some are more word stimulated, some are more graphic stimulated, some are more numeric stimulated. There's nothing wrong with that. You can have it all ways. Restuarants have varied meals on the menu to cater for different tastes. For me, if it makes the game feel more human and not accountancy or lawyer work I'm in favour. I've got a sweet tooth.
  9. I think it's about finding your sweet spot. Your core and peripheral character preferences act as guides. The romance of one formation over another can be seductive like a beautiful woman to the extent it's all about shape and movement.
  10. Work conditions are important. Example, Narrow formations make good work conditions for central players and bad conditons for wide players, whereas wide formations make good work conditions for wide players and bad work conditions for central players... because of isolation reasons... although I'll say having room to flex your own muscle is also important. Because the game is played through a computer screen, the intentions may be lost in the translation. People get word document programs like microsoft office to write text when their free notepad program can be just as effective.
  11. There are vehicles on the road every day but they do their best to avoid each other. Driver, and in this case player awareness or their ability to read the game, can be a problem. What if all players knew the game, were able to read situations, react to situations, either proactive or reactive... would they need a manager?
  12. http://www.weatheronline.co.uk/feature/wc280502.htm http://www.forebet.com/en/strategies-for-predictions-making/522-how-does-the-weather-conditions-affect-the-outcome-of-football-matches
  13. If it makes the game feel more human and not accountancy or lawyer work I'm in favour.
  14. I like Atomichazza's idea. I often play the Fifa football video game wii console version and you can place players in any position and they retain their character. I've often played with ten wide backs in a 442 because their stats are well rounded and perform good in all positions. I even managed to beat the Classic and World teams on the highest difficulty.
  15. There's the off the field stuff and there's the on the field stuff... training and development, player retention and acqusition, player happiness and chemistry, team formations, team instructions, player instructions. Both are equally important. I don't know of anybody who proffessors to be master of both. Treat the game as you've been treated or would like to be treated and remain true to your real life character... a twist of words maybe... but can have a profound effect. It's the problem recognition part of problem solving that's hard to master... and the endless game descriptions that don't provide their usefulness which can feel overpowering. Put it this way... if you had 60 seconds, how long would you spend on recognising the formation difference between your team and your opppostion, what team instructions would be neccessary and what player instructions would be neccessary to neutralise the geographic differences. I might say formations should take 10 seconds, team instructions 20 seconds, player instructions 30 seconds. Games should be easy to learn and hard to master and good game developers shorten the learning curve.
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