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    46 year old muddling through life

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    Senior Staff Nurse


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    Guitar, Music Rugby League, Football and of course Football Manager

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  1. Hello 👋🏻 I have £500 pound to spend on a new laptop. Problem is that it’s in vouchers that I can spend in Argos, PC World, John Lewis and Debenhams. Can anyone Suggest a decent I5 laptop. I would like to use the 3D match engine too.
  2. Yeah this happened to me too! Just lost out on a 1-0 win over City rivals. I scored a fluke goal and had a player sent off.
  3. I have just been reading Football Manager stole my life and it got me thinking about my "special one". the one individual I always had to buy no matter what was Richard Goulooze. I had to play him in the hole because his flair and creativity where 20. I have been playing this game since the Domark days, and nobody has come close. Still longing to find that special unknown in the current game.
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