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  1. Thanks for the release. I was not able to find any info for the "Allow rest before/after match BUG" in your change log. Can you give a heads up whether anything related to this issue is included in your update?
  2. Hey Blue Lou, Thanks for the reply. That was fixed with the editor update, though I have trouble updating a file released to the FM 15 workshop. Any ideas? regards
  3. I'm sorry to spam my topic regularly but I can't believe everyone is publishing his files multiple times. How do you update your published file?
  4. With latest editor patch the files got to the right workshop and are visible as wished. I still do not manage to figure out how to maintain this file tough. Is there any tutorial? Help is highly appreciated.
  5. Cheers fellas, I've tried to find a proper topic but I guess my key words are kind off track - sorry if some1 asked this already. I've created my first file using the advanced rule set for Germany and I've published it using the save function to publish it to the workshop. I'm not sure if the URL is working for you guys already but there is no more message about visibility on the detail page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=339908772 My issues: - The file is listed as "usable in Football Manager 2015 Editor" - which is kinda wrong as it's meant to be for FM of course? - Also, I don't know how to maintain the file properly. If I open the local version, change something, than I have to enter the entire data. Is there any workflow as I don't want to enter title, description and image all over again once a new release is coming.
  6. I don't agree: Teams IRL do that - I remember van Gaal train Ribery and Robben to be ML and MR. Also, Teams IRL started playing 4-1-4-1 instead of 4-2-3-1 or 4-3-3 for a while already. It's also easy to say your argument is invalid because - but I'm sorry, people new to the game ruined alot of fun in all major titles in the past years, don't let that happen to FM!
  7. First of all: I really enjoy the game - the few flaws don't stop me from enjoying it. One question though: Is there a complete list of currently known issues? I read the first page but I think that one hasn't been changed after bug reports and so on?
  8. Just my 2 cents on that mate, take a different approach: You try to create a game from the offense. Turn it around and start with defensive position and roles first and create your defensive tactic first. It's much easier to get players further forward than backwards.
  9. That's your tactical approach and oppinion. I consider my AML/R an attacker contributing to my offense. His quality in the defense is the level of hazard last season - be happy he just stays in front.
  10. Just for the log: The latest patch fixed this bug though I'm not happy you didn't respond personally. Anyway, thanks for fixing and keep up the good work I really struggled starting a new carreer and lost fun but this saves me - i'm back in FM!
  11. It always crashes at the same date right after simulating the game Laudio vs U.D. Logroñés. This is the same or next day after loading this save game file.
  12. Yes, I've tested and it still crashes in the described situation
  13. Thanks for your response and sorry for the late upload. The file name is SVW-2015-Endseason-2.fm. I'd appreciate if you remove the filename here once you've read this.
  14. The moment after simulating the random game Laudio vs U.D. Logroñés FM14 keeps crashing to me. Crash reports: Uploaded to directory "/fm/game-crash" chzzen_FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.24 21.55.02).dmp chzzen_FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.24 21.56.57).dmp chzzen_FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.24 22.05.46).dmp chzzen_FM 2014 v14.1.3.438735 (2013.11.24 22.15.32).dmp Luckily, autosave happend the day before the crash, unluckily therefore I just noticed a second bug: The auto save always overwrites the first version like "filename" eventhough "filename (v02)" and "filename (v03)" are way older. I think there is an improvement in the save game interval required. My previous save is like 6 months in the past.
  15. Mkhirtayan is rated properly. He has his flaws and therefore is substituted and not playing every game.
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