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  1. I have a 3 year old daughter who watches me play FM14, shes just learned 2 club badges Newcastle Utd (my club) amd Chelmsford City (my current save). My misses hates it but its got to be done. Now I've just got to get her to learn the tactics side and she will be ready for her own game.
  2. I'm playing as Chelmsford City, currently in league 2, in my previous season in the Skrill Premier I drew Arsenal away in the 3rd round, duly hammered 5-1 but raked in £900k in gate revenue. Set me up nicley for this season in terms of getting a decent transfer and wage budget.
  3. Nope he doesn't contribute at all but then he will have an amazing game all of a sudden. I will keep an eye out to see if the oppo are using a DM and if they are I may change my tactic.
  4. Thanks guys, I was thinking about reducing the Full backs attacking duties. I will have a tinker later tonight and see if your suggestions help, hopefully they will. I will update either way. What do you think about having an AMC Trequarista, I have thought about changing this as he tends to go missing for a few games but then all of a sudden he pops up with a few goals or assists and I then think twice about changing it?
  5. Hi Guys Can anyone help me with my tactic please? The problem I have is that I score lots of goals but I can't keep a clean sheet. I play as Chelmsford City and have taken them to the top of League 2 after 15 games in my third season. I have currently scored 41 but have conceded a massive 27 plus another 4 if you included the 2 cup games I have played (and lost). I have only kept 1 clean sheet in 17 games, 21 if you include friendlies. I noticed this problem start to happen towards the end of last season when I was 14 points clear but only won the league on the second last game of the season. I have since brought in new players who are scouted at being leading League 2 players or good league 1 players plus 1 who is a good championship player and a regen who is a good league 2 player with the potential to be a leading Premier League player so I play him to try and get him to his full potential. My current tactic is this: GK - Daniel Bentley DR - James Tavernier (CWB) - Attack DC - Reece Brown (CB) - Defend DC - Daniel Alfei (CB) - Defend DL - Alan Sheehan (CWB) - Attack MCL - Josh Sheehan (DM) - Defend MC - Bradley Pritchard (BBM) - Support MCR - John Moushino (AP) - Support AMC - Sheldon Hook, Regen (T) - Attack STCL - John Sutton (CF) - Attack STCR - Kane Hemmings (AF) - Attack I have the mentality set to Control and 2 instructions, Pass into space and More Direct Passing. I have no problem scoring goals but it is starting to become a worry when I need to score at least 2 goals a game just to win and 1 just to pick up a point. If anyone could give advice on what I could do differently that would be great?:confused:
  6. The FA Trophy is a cup competition for teams in the Conference Premier (Level 5) down to teams currently playing in Level 8 (Evo Stick, Calor Gas, Ryman leagues) of the English football League system.
  7. Has anyone else had 'unlikely' heroes scoring goals for fun? I had Phil Jagielka score a first half hat-trick and also be my leading scorer in WC Qualifying with 5
  8. I had Dieogo Lopez (Real Madrid) sent off for handling outside the box in a Sapanish Cup game against some team from about 4 divisions below in FM14. I can remember a few occasions in FM12 where the opposition GK was sent off
  9. Started a save with the other Tyneside club last night as I usually start a save with my beloved Newcastle. I fancied a challenge and have never really managed a proper save in the lower leagues. I have to say this is a great thread, one of the best ones for lower league teams and have found some great tips that I will be planning on using, like signing Liam Hatch to a new contract as he has been a beast in the 6 leagues I have played so far, scoring 8. I'm currently sitting 2nd in the Skrill Premier 2 points behind Hyde, having beat Kidderminster, Grimsby, Barnet and Woking, drwing against Southport and losing 1-0 to Maccalesfield. I have found Brodie and Hatch to be a lethal combo so far with Boyes and Maddison providing plenty of assists so far. I have however only managed to sign 1 player, Micheal Duckworth RB from Hartlepool on a 3 month loan but definetely going to try and make it a season long one.
  10. After my previous post on here about starting a game with Chelmsford but then starting one with Newcastle, I have since quit Newcastle for a challenge . I have started a new save with the other Tyneside club, Gatehead. I think they have potential in the form of a 12,000 all seater stadium and an affiliation with Newcastle United, so I'm hoping to exploit that in the coming seasons. The board want me to finish in the top half and I agreed to that as I have no transfer budget. I have only brought 1 player in on loan, Micheal Duckworth RB from Hartlepool as Gateshead have a fairly large squad that are all quite evenly matched. I have so far played 6 league games, winning 4 draw 1 and losing 1, having success against Barnet, Kidderminster, Grimsby and Woking, a draw against Southport and losing to Maccelsfield. Currently sitting 2nd in the league 2 points behind Hyde. I think the challenge will be our finances, after a home friendly against Newcastle are Balance jumped from £30,000 to £100,000 but the projected balance is -£400,000 at the end of the season, so I think I need some sort of success this season, wether that be winning promotion to the football league or a good FA cup run, also I need to sign some of my best players to new contracts as nearly the whole squads contracts run out at the ened of the season and then needing to rebuild next summer. So far I'm really enjoying being in the lower leagues, but hoping not to be in there for to long as I have big plans fo Gateshead, to become the biggest club in the North East.
  11. Yes, great story, few points I would like to make: Yes indeed it started as a 'Bosman' "Midfielder Holtby had originally agreed to move to Spurs from the Bundlesliga club in July 2013 on a free transfer", I will give you that one. However (even the article uses this word) Schalke have decieded that instead of losing Holtby for £0 in the summer, they were willing to let him go immediately for £1.5m "However, the move has been brought forward with Tottenham paying a fee understood to be £1.5m for the 22-year-old, who is thought to have signed a four-and-a-half-year contract", this rendering the 'Bosman' null and void and making it a perfectly normal transfer.
  12. All you have done then is reach a pre-contract agreement http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transfer_(association_football)#Pre-contracts Pre-contracts[edit] A club may sign a pre-contract with a player while he is still with another club, by which the player agrees to move to the club at a future date, for example, after his contract with his current club expires. Another situation may be where the current club is also a party to the pre-contract, and the transfer is conditional, for example, on a fee being agreed between the clubs or terms being agreed between the player and the new club, or the transfer is intended to take effect only after the player reaches a certain age. The pre-contract is intended to prevent a third club from signing the player while details are still being negotiated or when the future date arrives. As the player's registration remains with the current club, however, the existence of a pre-contract may be unknown to other clubs who wish to sign the player.
  13. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_transfer_(association_football) I did. Once a fee has been payed it is no longer a 'Bosman' aka free transfer. If you pay a fee to a club for a player then surely it is not a free transfer.
  14. How can you get Honda on a Bosman (free transfer) but pay £750k to CSKA for him?? now thats unrealistic!!!
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