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  1. (YUKON btw sorry to drag you into my 'we' - I appreciate you may not agree 100% with everything I said. Was just trying to galvanise the point)
  2. Understood - but, as per my commentary above, it alarms me that FMT is so often used as a catch-all way of quashing any user feedback around the number of flabby, semi-redundant features that litter the full-fat title. ------ To be clear, FMT strikes me as an eminently sensible, and indeed well-executed, example of market segmentation. SI have identified a portion of its user base who want something streamlined, fast, 'lite' and portable. The proposition delivers the goods for that particular market. All fine here. The issue is that I, and I suspect YUKON too, do not belong to that segment. We are, in fact, your CORE, hardcore FM lovers. We want the full works, the whole shebang. We want to give hundreds of hours. We want to totally immerse ourselves in the game world.... It's just we have some feedback about what that whole shebang looks like. We believe the whole shebang needs to trim down in some areas (hit the gym, lose the scar tissue from 10 year-old code) and build some new muscles in others (innovate around areas of strength).
  3. On the flip-side to this, if I needn't do these things, and if the outcomes of these interactions aren't - in one way or another - significant/meaningful to my management of the football club, it rather begs the question: why are they in the game at all? In short, how can I be satisfied with a feature when it can be so easily/happily/without consequence either: a. ignored entirely? (I tend to do this myself, btw) OR b. outsourced to an AI?
  4. Sadly FM19 is the first version I have bought and - having trialled - decided not to play on with. Aspects of the game are undoubtedly improved (the ME is the best yet, for example), but think that SI need a strategy on where the game is going and what it's really all about... One aspect I would question in particular is that SI seem increasingly football industry-centric (i.e. "this is what the clubs really do, you know") rather than user-centric (i.e. "here's this thing you will really enjoy as part of your gaming experience") . A prime example of this is the evolved training function, which - while it slavishly follows apparently real-world operations - risks being tedious for the end user. This, of course, is an age-old dilemma for games purporting to be simulations...
  5. Sadly, a symptom of wider issues within the FM game world for me. Too many click-click-click 'procedurals', too many digital chores, too many dead cells on the spreadsheet, not enough focus on (what should be) the pleasure of managing a virtual football team! No interest in the predictable retort, "try the diet/FM Touch version", because this isn't quite the same thing. I do want depth, immersion, detail - but in the right places, and with meaningful outcomes. As per the above, having breathtakingly dim multiple choice conversations with emotionally deficient soccerbots is not one such area. Groundhog day doesn't even cover it. Rather than fall foul to this kind of 'feature creep', I Wish FM would play to strength - regens to riches (player dev), diamonds in the rough (scouting, transfers), in-match moments that make you fall off your chair (game + graphics engine), sculpting a masterplan (tactics builder), developing a dynasty (the God particle in all of these long-term strategy games)...
  6. I have followed the rules above to the letter - but simply not getting the new files + folders created.
  7. Hi - this is a total nightmare! FM19 simply isn't creating the default user folders around my specified user path as per above. Any hints?
  8. This is totally legitimate feedback. He's absolutely right. Seconded.
  9. nailed it. Who and what is informing their development? It is - at this point - exasperating.
  10. Pure feedback straight from the hip: It bothers me that - when the game has essentially been drifting for the last 3-4 years - coder time is spent on features designed to create more headlines than they do actual value to the gamer. Examples. _Simulating Brexit when not even our Prime Minister has decided what it might mean yet for the core economics of the country, let alone the globalised Megabus that is the Premier League. _The addition of Sports Science/Data to connect with public discourse around MoneyBall etc but without any meaningful impact on the game's engine _And now VAR - itself ill-defined, problematic and controversial...but, of course, the lead story for a bored journalist to get hold of. E.G. https://www.dailystar.co.uk/tech/gaming/723950/Football-Manager-2019-Release-Date-Mobile-Touch-News-Beta-Update-New-features-FM19-Sept-27 The list could go on and on... -------------------- PR-able gumph is fine of course, but - for goodness sake - sort out the bigger issues first. What of the awkward scouting redesign last time out? What of a match engine visualisation that - I'm sorry to say thus - seems to have been dropped from an entirely different era? What of mind-numbing, thumb-killing press conference tedium? What of the fundamentals around player development curves? What of Regens who look like extras from a 6th form production of Frankenstein? Come. On. This is a best-selling international release!
  11. ...you're right. But the responses are the same because the problems/issues are the same. Perhaps we'd be freed from this annual Groundhog day if things started to materially change? The crux of the issue = VAR is a cosmetic, 'keeping up with the Joneses' addition. As such, it is worrying that it should be foregrounded as a significant 'new feature'. As consumers, this - understandably - leads us to make assumptions about lack of innovation elsewhere. You can scoff at these assumptions if you like (e.g. "wait for the game" etc), but - let's be brutally honest - recent history hardly inspires confidence that there will be game-changing revelations that lay elsewhere...
  12. Alarming. And, what’s worse, in itself alarmingly consistent with SI’s recent (apparent) strategy. Let’s be clear: VAR is not a new feature, it is a ‘hygiene’ addition that ensures the game is up to date with the latest methods of officiation. In short, if it weren’t there, (a minority of) people might mention its absence. But to celebrate its presence as part of a new product launch? Crikey. Do they think we’re stupid? What does this say about the organisation’s decision making? Why is this - apparently, apparently - a focus? This is limp feature creep, nothing more. Worse, it reeks of the most superficial, and frankly dated, approach to marketing + communications. This isn’t 1997, where a new bullet point on a jewel case could convince people of a product’s unmissable newness! This community is smart and it is engaged. The expectation, as far as I can read/sense/infer, is for deeper attention to the game’s core mechanics, the visualisation of those core mechanics and - most critically of all - a clearer strategic direction in terms of what the game is actually “all about”. Strategy, if I can remember my Sun Tzu correctly, might well be about deciding what you *don’t* want to do, perhaps even more than what it is you do want to do. In short, are we certain we want a half-baked social dynamics simulator? Are we absolutely certain we want a tedious, repetitious course in public reputation management (press conferences)? More to the point, is including VAR really, definitely, absolutely, more critical to our enjoyment of this product than - say, I don’t know - making the players not look like LS Lowry designed pond-skaters with all the co-ordination of a hungover Danny Welbeck? Really, really, really, this begins to look like a cynical exercise in the crudest form of marketing. For goodness sake: - Strip features, stop adding them. - Make your strengths superpowers. - Focus on ONE THING that will deserve to make this version of the game famous. - Think, think and think again about the balance between absolute realism and player enjoyment. Sorry. Just need to get that off my chest. I am sad enough to care about this game. I should probably have life in more perspective, but I can’t bear to see its loss of direction.
  13. thoughtful and well-reasoned post. Something tells me that you might have been aiming for discussion rather than blunt variations of 'no'? I wish this were the exception, not the rule.
  14. Also - in terms of deployment of SI's limited resources, why attack an area of comparative strength? Was there much negative feedback around scouting/human transfers as it was? If I were really pushing it, SI might be better off saying: "right, what's the one aspect of the game that needs to accelerate most quickly...? Match Engine. Right - let's focus entirely on that for the next version; let's not rest until that has been meaningfully pushed on - both in terms of AI and graphical representation of it - for FM19. --- for what it's worth, the scouting thing feels emblematic of a development cycle now too in thrall to the world it's simulating - i.e. football - and not sufficiently in thrall to people who should really matter: its users and customers.
  15. "realism has come at the expense of functionality" TOTALLY agree.
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