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  1. @Spurs08 I appreciate what you're saying but of course I don't just use the star system to analyse players, it's just the easiest way to describe the quality I am seeing. When I compare the players I take in with the likes of United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs and Southampton the quality difference is vast and this is my issue. There are many players in their teams that could do a job in my squad, which is what I'm looking for in my youth intake. I just don't know how to improve that intake. Without hard Brexit I would purchase a few foreign kids to supplement the youth intake but that obviously intakes t possible.
  2. I am in season 28/29 and have been battling hard brexit for a number of seasons now. I play as Shrewsbury Town and won the league last season for the first time as well as the champions league. I have a very good squad which has been gained through buying foreign youth players with no work permit, loaning them out until they are internationals and bringing them back to the team with a work permit. This allowed me to make use of the limited resources but did require patience and planning. However, I'm in a position now where I have no players trained at the club for 3 years before the age of 21. The club has Top youth facilities, exceptional junior coaching and extensive youth recruitment but I seem unable to bring any players good enough through the youth team. 2 star players at best. I have tried supplementing the youth squad with some purchased English players but the best I find either won't join early enough to make them club trained, or require ridiculous fees to purchase them. Has anyone had any success in this area? Or have any tips for getting home grown talent during hard brexit? I suspect the club may have a small catchment area which could explain the lack of decent players. Clubs with already established youth systems may get on fine.
  3. @cfkllasdfaslkdfj It looks like you're doing okay. My squad is by no means perfect and I've particularly struggled with signed full backs and a goalkeeper. I will upload some pictures later in the week if I get time. The striker I use in the CFa role (Plazanic who I posted earlier) performs very well but this is probably more due to his quality than the tactic itself. @jorgvandervloed I'm looking forward to reading about your results! I'm going to alter my structure to more fluid over the next few games to see how it changes the tactic.
  4. It sounds like you're trying to create a perfect tactic, something which I think is unfortunately impossible. In previous FM games this has been possible but it seems to me those days are gone. All tactics will have strengths and weaknesses. My advice would be to choose a style of play and use the 3 tactic slots to create variations of your style for different situations. For example, a 4-2-3-1 for attacking, 4-4-1-1 as a middle of the road option and 4-1-4-1 to sure up the defence a bit. Or keep the formation the same and change from control to defensive, use more conservative roles and TI's.
  5. @cfkllasdfaslkdfj Lineup as requested and TIs. As mentioned earlier I would add more depending on how each game goes but this is the foundation I use. As for the amount of pure counter attacking goals its hard to say as I've not paid attention to the amount, any figure/percentage I give would be a total guess. I will keep an eye on it over my next few games. The best players in terms of attacking are definitely the W(a) and CF(a). Forward runs from the CF provide ball over the top/through ball options. The winger will hug the line and provides an outlet if CF is unavailable, heads down the line and puts crosses in. Both are below.
  6. @jorgvandervloed Yes I played counter. My thoughts on playing CF(a) were I wanted the ball to move into the DLF on transition and him feed the CF(a) or the W(a) hopefully catching out the opposition and gaining a 2 on 2 situation. I felt using another support role for ST may reduce forward runs and slow the counter attack, though admittedly I have never tried it. It would be interesting to see what effect it has. Goals scored have been okay, in the season finishing fifth we scored 67 in the league, 30 of which were scored by the Croatian. Before that 61 (27 by the Croatian in his first season) and 54 before that. Last season we conceded 53 so a goal difference of +14 and kept 8 clean sheets which I was pretty pleased with. I have had a real problem with defending set pieces and conceded 18 from corners and free kicks but that is a separate issue! The 2 seasons before we finished with goal differences of +8 and +2. I do put some performance issues down to the quality of players I have available. Last season we were predicted to finish 16th at the beginning, so that gives you some idea of the quality in the squad. I have a stadium capacity maxed at 20,000 until the board decide to build a new one, budgets are tight gradually performances have improved as the squad is strengthened.
  7. I have used a 4-4-2 counter system in FM17 with some success, taking Shrewsbury Town from League One to 5th in the Premier League for 22/23. I used the same defence and midfield set up to your formation 1 with strikers as Deep lying forward - support (left) and Complete forward - attack (right). It relied heavily on a complete forward to pull the opposition defence around and score plenty of goals. The tactic really kicked on when I found a Croatian newgen to play CF(a), who had excellent dribbling and finishing attributes. I found the DLF would drop back between the lines and was very much the creator and link up for midfield to attack whilst the W(a) would provide an option for crosses for the CF. In terms of TI's, I chose to use Pass into space and Get stuck in as standard and changed pressing/d-line depending on how a game was going, I also opted for a structured shape as my team lacked high decision making and creative attributes. The team would defend in solid banks of 4, would rarely dominate possession but broke quickly when the opportunity was there.
  8. I rotate based on condition firstly, no player starts below 90%. Secondly on form, if a first team player is on a poor run of form I would drop him for a 2-3 games and give a squad player a chance. I attempt to have around 3 adequate players per position to allow for injuries to the first team, 1 of which would ideally be a youth player. I do occasionally have squad players kicking up a fuss with this approach though.
  9. I've had Brexit come into play at the start of 22/23. As a result, all non-UK nationals require a work permit. I'm playing as Shrewsbury embarking on my 3rd season in the Premier League and it's proving a bit troublesome. I've always based my recruitment around signing young players with high potential, as I imagine most people do. I'm now in February 2023 and I've already lost 2 youth players I couldn't offer permenant deals to due to lack of a work permit. I also needed to strengthen my defence in the January window but I was unable to find anyone I could get a permit for that would improve the squad, apart from a young Irish CB at Nottingham Forest. They wanted £36m for him so I've done without. Not sure how I will approach recruitment now. My only thoughts are to scout the national teams as players need to be current internationals and nation must be ranked in top 50 in the world.
  10. Vitinho did excellently for me when he hit 23/24. He was my second highest goalscorer for one season. I'd sold Walcott for £45m to Man City during the second season as Ox was doing brilliantly and it was hard to refuse! I brought in Vitinho and Bakkali who are both really, really good. I've posted a screenshot of Bakkali in 2018 on page 11 if you'd like a look at how he develops.
  11. I do the same but often forget how many potentials I have in the youth squads and end up with a rather large squad! Normally by 2020 I'll be selling at least 2 a season. For a tidy sum of course but I think I need to reign in my youth intake!
  12. Just wondering how everyone approaches the signing of young regens. What potential rating do you aim for? Do you buy them as early as possible for what ever price or wait until they've developed a bit before signing them?
  13. WillyBroadband, I had a similar tactical set up to you and had a lot of success by taking retain possession off. I found the midfield were able to penetrate defences much more effectively. Also, when I played Lewandowski over Giroud pass into space created a lot of chances. Maybe experiment with Walcott or Schurrle up front with that? Its worth noting that a lot of your bad results are away from home. For some reason away games seem much harder in FM14. If you are struggling for possession I'd suggest pushing your defensive line up a bit to close the space but if you're getting caught on the break then drop it back. Hassle opponents instruction pulls players out of position as well so keep an eye on whether you concede because your centre back has run into midfield to meet an AMC. Llama3 suggested to me that dropping CM's to Dm's is a good way to protect the back 4.
  14. I've found all my strikers to be terribly inconsistent apart from Benteke. Ive been trying different roles and instructions with Lewandowski and a regen but nothing seems to get them to perform so I use Benteke as first choice.
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