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  1. Yeah, I found this when I started a save in Israel 2nd tier. I read somewhere that SI's Israel researcher(s) said that 2nd division teams in Israel don't scout so it's in the game that way.
  2. This may seem like odd advice but you should become a baseball fan. 162 games in a season before you even get to the playoffs. There is a saying "Everyone wins 54 games, everybody loses 54 games, it's what you do in the other 54 that matters." Also, simply put, we learn more from losing.
  3. Yep, haven't loaded my save in 2 weeks because of this stuff and if you say "fine, go then" You are the one supposed to find them a new club! Please pass this task to their agent SI?
  4. While a guaranteed positive responses would be pointless, 1st international cap or goal are by definition a one-off so at least a simple 'Thanks boss' wouldn't be unreasonable? (!) is used in subtitles to indicate sarcasm in text form.
  5. It annoys me that atm most of the interaction has you bending over backwards while the players are ungrateful morons. So I'd like to be able to reply stoically to 'lack of first team football': - I tried, no one wanted you and neither do I, get out. - Apart from asking me to triple your wages when you're a fringe player, what does your agent actually do? When I need to reduce budget and offer termination: - Me: You're just not going to get any football here. Player: I don't agree and want to keep whining for three more interactions! Me: I'm tired of hearing about this tbh. P: I'm not happy about this, I don't think I can work with you anymore. M: Er no, I don't want to work with YOU so make like a tree and leave! P: (cries) M: Oh ffs, let me out of this damn meeting so I can release you on a free. - "Why have you fined me?" - "Seeing as you can't count to two yellow cards over and over again I suppose I shouldn't be surprised by stupid questions."
  6. Hey all, Question: I don't have a particularly great PC but I like Journeyman saves. I add and remove leagues as I go along, adding a few leagues of similar ranking and reputation to widen the job market as I gradually work my way up the global football ladder. What I want to know is this: If I started a save with a few leagues (small or medium database) and had several as 'view-only', if I were to move from a club in Slovakia to say, Hungary, is there then a way to switch the Slovakian league to 'view-only' or do I have to keep it as either 'playable' or remove it completely? I am visually impaired so it is entirely possible that I have just missed an easy way to do this, if so, sorry. Thanks in advance.
  7. Sounds like a good project, good luck! Minor point though, success in 30s would have been ended by Second World War, sorry to point that out. I look forward to reading how this goes.
  8. Two of my favourite players! Throw in Hoddle and Waddle and just count the goals! May need the Arsenal back four though.
  9. I read a really good thread the other day, the main gist being tactics this year. The point came up about staff feedback, while the AI can't do anything the user can tactically, it can presumably work out which shouts/instructions you are employing? It would be great if during matches our assman could say "It looks like they are using Retain Possession" so they are using the in-game vocabulary. Staff attributes could effect the accuracy and detail of the assman's feedback, similar to attribute masking with scouts. I would also like an overhaul of media and player interaction and a default dark skin for Classic. Thanks.
  10. I've had this kind of thing so often that it drives me to despair. I generally play lower leagues but it still happens, if the player is someone I can maybe do without I sometimesterminate their contract immediately and watch smugly as they waste away for six months until they retire but I realise you wouldn't do that with top players. My life would be considerably easier with an option in the conversation saying "I offered you to clubs for nothing and they still didn't want you."
  11. Very interesting post though I'm not surprised. I always try to build a club financially in order to improve the wage budget over time rather than spending big on transfers, preferring to move the club forward gradually. My argument would be that clubs with large wage budgets are the ones who can afford the best managers as well as players, facilities, scouting etc.
  12. Ok, only other thing I can think of other than manual search would be adding 'include all players of nationality' from advanced database options.
  13. I could just do with a shout for 'stop getting caught offside' or at least 'hold your runs'.
  14. It may be bacause of your database choice, small/medium/large? Do you have Argentinian leagues loaded?
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