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  1. Could you have this and this have the teams play in the champions league and Europa league?
  2. jbombstrikes

    Subscription NOT recognised

    My device is up to date. I have reinstalled it and paid again and still nothing. I am very frustrated that this has happen after 3 months into my subscription.
  3. jbombstrikes

    Subscription NOT recognised

    Since the update my subscription is not recognised. I am not due for review until next year. Can anyone help please ?
  4. Hi guys I was just wondering if FM19 will have the new format of the new uefa European third cup competition?
  5. jbombstrikes

    Fifa world club revamp

    Thanks for the reply. It has all gone a bit quiet since the reports came out in April. I thought we might have heard something after the FIFA Congress during the world cup. Interesting tournament if it does happen.
  6. Hi guys I was just wondering if FM19 will have the new format of World Club Cup to replace the Confederations Cup that was proposed by FIFA ? I never found out the outcome if it would go ahead or not.
  7. I have been trying to make a Premier league u23 pre season tournament using a template from a normal first team pre season tournament. For some reason it is not let me change the teams like in previous years without it crashing. Can anybody help?
  8. jbombstrikes

    Editor requests - Custom league files - ask here

    I would love to add some cup competitions to the u23 and u18 in the English Premier league. Can anyone help?