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  1. A picture is worth 1000 words. Winning the World Cup in the last minute. There is nothing like it! Here is the game if anyone wants it. Great goals too! http://rapidshare.com/files/228542755/England_v_Italy.pkm.html Slightly annoyed that my manager being just 42 and England being ranked 15th when I took over, that I still have not achieved World Class status! Oh well I'm still happy
  2. In other news, Torres just got a 5 month Injury the game after. Why does this game hate me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. My first of this kind on FM2009. Its much funnier watching it in 3d
  4. Look like he got drunk at a party and mates drew on his face with a green texter
  5. First 'son' of FM09?

    I had a regen, same last name (quite a rare name) about 24 years younger than me. Same nationality. I was not on favored personnel, but I just pretended I was his dad and signed him anyway
  6. This attribute always go down for me. I never holiday, I attent every press conference. I don't understand :S
  7. Amazing players! Look at this guy! A free-kick dynamo. BTW I seem to be the only one in the world that prefers graphical attributes
  8. FM07 I had the most fun on, with the longest career's
  9. Too many knocks Strikers don't score enough striker goals (ie 1 on 1 with the keeper. It seems whenever a striker is one on one with the keeper, he will either shoot straight at the keeper, or try a lob. In real life they are more likely to try and pass it under/past the keeper into the net) Woeful 3D defending, when several of my own defenders disposes each other and the opposition striker just taps it in
  10. I ADMIT IT! I did when I was very young. I wouldn't be caught dead doing it now though. Would ruin the very point of trying to pretend you are a real life manager
  11. When you try and get too technical and try to tweak tactics, you end up doing worse than if you used default? Maybe I'm just not canny enough with the systems, but when I try and make training schedules (Medium) many of my players get injured. When I try and tweak a tactic to suit each individual players play style, I end up losing. Now I'm using the standard attacking 4-4-2 with Koln in the German First Devision and I have won my first 5 games. Quite strange
  12. I woulda hung onto him. He has become an amazing player on my game, Fast as anything with 20 finishing. Lethal for club and country. Oh and as an Arsenal fan, you'd want to know, they have won the Premiership 4 times in a row from 08/09 so far
  13. There is another pearler. Fans of the La Liga will laugh. Real Madrid also bought Robert Soldado for 40 million pounds. 3 seasons after they sold him for 4 million pounds to Getafe. His stats are quite underwhelming I don't know what Real was thinking