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  1. claassen, first of all, you did a great job! I'm a in-match kit corrector editor addict, I've corrected some kits of your leagues for personal use (them are now correlated with the 2D kits avaible in sortitoutsi). Can I upload those mods of your leagues with the edits for the community?
  2. For me, it would be good to automatic complete some options at the advanced editor, for example: I create a cup with 8 teams, I select 4 teams to go to the semifinal. I need to correlate the classified teams at the semifinal phase too... It's a bit anoying. Of course, the editor should to have an option to anable and disable that feature. It will gonna be good too if the advanced editor have prefab templates of the competitions, like the opening/closing stage option (thanks SI). At the default editor, it would be good to have the possibility to create groups with different team numbers, for example, 9 teams shared in 2 groups, one with 5 and another with 4... As well the possibility to qualy teams for the next phase without the necessity to be pair numbers, for example, 3 teams qualy from 2 groups. And a larger limit of groups at a competition (sometimes 20 groups are not enough for me ).
  3. I've did the same here and the same heappened. I'm was interested in the clubs, but, i checked the national team and etc too.. The clubs don't have seed to europeans cups too. I think the Crimean DB was created just for a "buffer" zone due to the crisis, so the player can select the clubs of crimea to play the Ukranian or Russian leagues at your own dbc, or just play without it, of course.
  4. Actually them don't play any continental competitions.
  5. Hi community! After some days of work, I am offering you a pack with cuban league database and shirts graphics for almost every team. The DB contains simple 2 divisions with 8 teams each, including the missing Mayabeque and the changed name Artemisa. A simple cup and a pre-season cup. Reserves leagues. All teams have it's in-match kits corrected. The graphics contains 24 kits, at least one per team, some teams have 3 kits! Unfortnatelly the informations of the kits are limited, so some teams have its away kits missing. Remembering, it's an amateur league. Have fun! Link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/8z9cuil43s5w737/Campeonato_Cubano_FM15.rar
  6. Hi guys! I'm having a problem with the competition history after the league finish. For some reason it doesn't add the latest winner of some competitions. I created an simple structure for the 4th, 5th and 6th tiers of my brazillian league. The teams are seeded in some groups, and after it, the qualified teams plays an knockout stage. I used the brazillian 3rd tier default structure to copy and paste all rules. I tryied several Fate Actions, as well ranking levels, but anything worked. Anyone solved that kind of problem? Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi guys! I'm having a problem to qualify the correct runner up on a simple 12 teams / 3 groups cup (I want 4 teams at the semi final, of course). The game select randomly the runner-up, not the best one. How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advance.
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