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  1. Ahh the classic FM crap where as soon as your team is too good, the CPU makes your teams feet turn to bananas when they shoot to keep the scores down. It really is boring to watch 30+ shots to score 1 goal yet the CPU has 2 shots to score.
  2. Someone at SI obviously loves Man U, cos they are so OP on the game. They are **** in real life, stop making them really good
  3. I can't play a single player in the 4th Round of the Carabao Cup due to players on Int duty. This may have already been raised, but couldn't find it, but yeah I had to play it with made up greyed out players.
  4. My main feedback for the main release, is I'm not sure what they have changed in the ME, but seeing way too main last ditch blocked shots and too many trip style-penalties given. On the beta I could get my team to do some lovely movement to create open chances, now always seems to be a defender there at the last second to block it. I have no issue with the UI, except that not being bale to go back to the team talk page at HT when making a tactical change is stupid
  5. Further Update. Just skipped to next pre-season game and it was fine. Looks like the issue is the Inter-Squad game for some reason didn't do the 12 Subs
  6. Hi there. All done and its called Spurs Subs Issue Regards
  7. I am playing the first friendly game of the season Although in the pre-match it shows I have 12 subs selected, during the game it only shows 5 of them and a random 5 at that. (Ie its not just showing Subs 1 to 5, its picked 5 random ones of the original 12). So its preventing me from substituting the entire team which you would do in a friendly? This is literally game breaking right now as this prevents proper pre-season games.
  8. Not sure if this is a bug. Both the CPU and I had to play weak teams in the 4th round of Carabao cup due to International Break. Surely that shouldn't be clashing?
  9. Unless I am completely blind, why has quick sub been taken out? So handy as it paused the game whilst you made subs.
  10. I created a formation that seemed to fit Liverpool. I am top, but only by 2 points. I hammer teams at home mind. I sold Llalana for 45m and origi for 16m and bought Saul from Atletico for 56m. Hes incredible But yeah, liverpool seem to be amazing
  11. Overall the game is great. Love the match engine and the tactics options are really good. Only two major issues thus far is fitness related. I am regulary finishing the game with either 10 men or players struggling to finish the game. My liverpool team currently has 11 players out injured. Also, players are coming back from international games absolutely knackered. Maybe thats true IRL, I don't know. The rest of the game is great.
  12. I am going to say it, this is the WORST football/championship manager has ever been. I understand its a beta, but common, there is so much wrong with the game its frankly unplayable imho. UI is terrible - Extra buttons for simple tasks such as searching for a player. Scouting players becoming a chore, what was wrong with 1 day scouting reports? Oh and don't get me started on why would you not get sent reports to your inbox. ITS 2017, AN INVENSION CALLED E-MAILS IS QUITE POPULAR YOU KNOW. Corners - No matter what tactics I set up, they just stand there like statues when a corne
  13. OK, some more feedback. INJURIES:- Wingers seem to be super injury prone. Ive played 7 test games with 3 different teams. Salah - 8 weeks Townsend - 6 Weeks 5 other wingers with 3 to 4 week injuries. That seems too coincidental. 3D:- Why is there a camera angle on a free kick that is from high up, zoomed in from behind the goal so you cannot see the result of the freekick. CORNERS:- Ok, players are just not attacking the ball when the cross comes in.
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