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  1. I created a formation that seemed to fit Liverpool. I am top, but only by 2 points. I hammer teams at home mind. I sold Llalana for 45m and origi for 16m and bought Saul from Atletico for 56m. Hes incredible But yeah, liverpool seem to be amazing
  2. Overall the game is great. Love the match engine and the tactics options are really good. Only two major issues thus far is fitness related. I am regulary finishing the game with either 10 men or players struggling to finish the game. My liverpool team currently has 11 players out injured. Also, players are coming back from international games absolutely knackered. Maybe thats true IRL, I don't know. The rest of the game is great.
  3. I am going to say it, this is the WORST football/championship manager has ever been. I understand its a beta, but common, there is so much wrong with the game its frankly unplayable imho. UI is terrible - Extra buttons for simple tasks such as searching for a player. Scouting players becoming a chore, what was wrong with 1 day scouting reports? Oh and don't get me started on why would you not get sent reports to your inbox. ITS 2017, AN INVENSION CALLED E-MAILS IS QUITE POPULAR YOU KNOW. Corners - No matter what tactics I set up, they just stand there like statues when a corner comes in. I genuinly think they are broken. Cameras - Really? How did watching the game through a clipped wall of a flood light get through testing? I mean thats awful Liverpool Syndrome M.E - Yep, we're back to 30 shots vs 2 shots, final score 1-1 crap again. Dynamics - hahahhaha - I sold Jon Flanagan who was in the reserves and whom doesnt even get in the match day squad in real life and Henderson and Milner are SUPER upset. Good lord. I tried so hard to find positives and to give it a chance as its a Beta, but its just not a fun experience atm. The UI is by far the worst its been. Sometimes, simplicity excels. I feel like they have tried so hard to add lots of new features, but have created a bit of a mess. 25 years of playing this game and I cannot get past pre-season without wanting to quit. I'll wait to see what patches come out, but, that UI is a killer at the moment.
  4. Yeah can confirm this is happening, I missed an entire goal from corner because camera was stuck behind floodlights I mean, im all up for helping testing, but how the **** did that not get picked up in QA
  5. OK, some more feedback. INJURIES:- Wingers seem to be super injury prone. Ive played 7 test games with 3 different teams. Salah - 8 weeks Townsend - 6 Weeks 5 other wingers with 3 to 4 week injuries. That seems too coincidental. 3D:- Why is there a camera angle on a free kick that is from high up, zoomed in from behind the goal so you cannot see the result of the freekick. CORNERS:- Ok, players are just not attacking the ball when the cross comes in.
  6. PROs:- Love the tactical analysis. Really like how your weak/strong areas can change a lot with player position and player quality. 25yrs of playing this, I feel I'm pretty adept at tactics, but nice to see you can have weaknesses in your own game. The 3D engine looks nice. CONs:- Buttons and menus for buttons and menus sake. Searching for a player, why do i need to go to another place to put in what I want, to then go back to the players its found. I know mentioned a 1000 times, but scouting reports not arriving into your inbox is just stupid. Not sure if this is a bug, will have to test more, when attacking corners, your players all stand in and around the penalty spot, corner comes in, no one moves, cleared? The game is laggy as sin, but, I see the devs have already been made aware. Injuries seem a little strong, but small sample size atm. Overall, game does look great and the match engine has a lot of potential, so much information to take in (not sure if good or bad yet), but the lagginess and clicking extra buttons and menus is a bit tiresome. But hey, its a beta, thats what we are all here to do. Test it out, get things fixed.
  7. Just to add. He has just joined Man City for £275K a week. I am sorry SI, that is not realistic
  8. SO in season 3 I have just won the league with WestBrom. Ante Coric, who looks amazing, is interested in joining. He is earning 1.5k a week in the Ukrainian league. I offer 23m as I know he will be a star so fair enough. He Wants £325k A WEEK!!! He has done nothing in his career. No one in real life would ask for that at his stage.
  9. Evening, So I'm trying to come up with a formation that involves the Regista. Based on what it the game states, it will work with teams playing higher up the pitch. This is what I have so far, but not 100% sure on what to do with the AMC Postion. Team is Fluid Control Push Slightly Higher Up Play Out of Defense Work Ball into Box Lower Tempo Play Much Wider Back 4 RB (FB Sup) CB (ST) CB (Cov) LB (FB Att) DMC (Regista) DMC (DM Def) AMR (IF or W Sup) AMC (Not sure) AML (AP Sup) SC (Poacher) My aim is to control the game high up, have movement from the wide men and poacher, Regista dictating game. Not sure what to do with the AMC role as he might get in the way lol. Cheers for Any help
  10. Obviously the rant is not "literal" If you read between the lines I am creating joking sentences to explain the problems with the game. Your instant shutting down of anything overtly negative is why I came back with stronger rhetoric and yes, being a customer for over 25years does give me the right to tell the devs when a game is not up to standard. We as customers pay for SI. But I digress, lets put the feedback into constructive ways. 1. Crossing - Fullbacks are getting absurd amounts of assists. In several of my friends games, their fullbacks have had 30 plus assists. The reason for this is in my opinion the combination of overly accurate crosses, overpowered movement by the forwards and statuesque defending. With this "easy access" to a goal, what i feel is then happening is the players are always looking for that said fullback which distorts the play. The number of times I will have a player with the ball 20yrds out with either an easy pass inside to his partner to shoot or a shot himself, only to belt the ball to the other wing. No fullback has EVER topped the assists chart in the BPL. Baines got close once, but that was because he took free kicks. He got 11 btw. Also, most assists are passes in real life not crosses. Players like Ozil with cute passes, Henry laying off to his on rushing players, through balls from Gerrard. I know, a lot of people with think, ahh but Beckham and Gigg's are right at the top of the charts, they crossed the ball in. Yes the best Right and Left sided midfielders to play in the league,(I'm a Liverpool fan before people think im a homer). Now in FM15, when you looked at the statistics on those games, passes came a clear top with the others a mixed bag depending on setup. 2. Far too many games across many leagues and tactics seem to end up with the CPU opposition have very few shots to goals. Yes, this will be tactical in some aspects, but not every team has Mourinho in his Inter Milan days who were constantly boring people into submission. I truly believe that the ME is the same for both, but there is other unknown factors which are affecting the human controlled teams that you cannot see. The "sneeze" comment was referring to the overly sensitive manager/media and manager/player interactions.
  11. Hang on. The title thread is feedback on 16.2 After giving the company my money since 1992, I think I have earned the right to tell the devs that the game is unacceptable. Hundreds have tried to be constructive and it falls on deaf ears. You guys want praise when the game is great, for example FM15 quite rightly was well received. You need to accept criticism as well.
  12. I'm sorry, no more defending this game. I have played every single champ/football manager since the beginning on the Amiga and this game is just awful. If you sneeze in the wrong direction, the players morale drops, if you don't have your tactics 100% accurate, you cannot do anything. Every game its 2 shots 2 goals to the CPU and 20 shots with banana feet for my players. Every CPU goal is Cross, defender sees his mum in the crowd, stops to wave, oh the striker is free. GOAL!! 2015 was a brilliant game. The movement, passing, variety of goals. This is just shambolic.
  13. I meant not to make it another thread about the game etc, anyway thanks to the chap who answered. MODS you can close this thread now if ya like.
  14. Morning all, Please don't turn this thread into a moaning one, we have all had our say on how bad 16.2 is. (54 goals from crosses out of 72 says it all). Anyway, before I go back to FM15, is there a way to play an earlier version of FM16? I had a Watford game on 16.1 that played lovely imho with a variety of goals and interactions. Thanks for any help if possible
  15. Since Update HUM defenders suddenly allowing CPU strikers loads of CCC's - at least several one on ones. HUM defenders well out of position compared to before CPU strikers being far more clinical then HUM ones - last 3 games I have had 64% possession, over 15 shots on goal yet lost every one due to 2 or 3 chances for CPU and scoring everyone???? HUM strikers missing one on ones regularly. The passing moves do look smoother and quicker however which is good.
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