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  1. there may not be a reprieve on mask wearing between now and then. I sat in on a two hour webex yesterday morning as the pfizer, moderna and az vaccines were discussed by local infectious disease and disaster medicine specialists. there is no proof at this time that the vaccine controls asymptomatic spread. in fact, the mrna studies (pfizer, moderna) only really tracked symptomatic patients and not their entire cohort so there are still a number of question marks re: transmission. I've been told to expect mask wearing in the states AT LEAST through late summer 2021.
  2. <ttss spoilers> la meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer quon voit danseeeeeeeeer
  3. hey phil, I don't know if you heard anything from this album but it was one of my favorites of the last decade (and got no play in the states)
  4. good call Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon
  5. best christmas song (after fairytale of new york)
  6. might as well be sent to siberia. either he kisses ass in which case he's mr. china in an election or he plays tough guy in which case wall street will turn on him for jeopardizing business. he's not strong enough to overcome either disadvantage. good job biden
  7. https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/biden-moderate-democrats-republicans-conservative-study-john-kasich-aoc-a9699431.html I'm positive this doesn't apply to anyone here
  8. inadequate civilian oversight of military affairs and maybe more importantly budgets. there is nothing inherent about the secdef role that requires experience of being a staff officer. it's beltway insidery bs but what it really is is a way for biden to signal that he's not going to draw down the military in any meaningful way. business as usual for american arms dealers
  9. https://www.politico.com/news/2020/12/07/lloyd-austin-biden-secretary-defense-frontrunner-contender-443479 He retired after 41 years in 2016 and joined the board of directors of Raytheon Technologies, one of the largest Pentagon contractors and a potential sticking point among progressive lawmakers, who have raised concerns over appointing a Defense secretary who has ties with industry. He is also on the board of Nucor, the largest American steel producer, as well as health care company Tenet. long live the military-industrial complex \o
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