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  1. I think it's actually the opposite? so much energy but so little imagination. as I read the game (was entertaining a 3 year old at the time so could only spare one eye) all too often we'd get bottled up on one flank or the other. lallana should be the one in the center acting as the pivot and moving the ball to the other side to open up the field but he'd end up just passing it right back where it came from - helping them tighten the noose around our neck. I'm not sure whether it's vision or caution or what, but it seems like everyone of the pitch knows exactly what's going to come from lallana when he's on the ball.
  2. there's something about lallana's game that really bothers me but I can't seem to put my finger on it
  3. http://www.theguardian.com/football/2014/jul/03/usa-world-cup-campaign-klinsmann Klinsmann took the strikers in form and when required trusted them to do a job. The rest was down to them.
  4. then I'll still go for waldo because he doesn't have an lumbering, mumbling oaf of a brother that I have to occasionally be reminded about.
  5. well, one I'd still prefer waldo to lalas since at least waldo isn't constantly sucking up looking for a job. but two I am 99.9% sure waldo will be long gone before 2018. if he doesn't self-destruct then I'm sure fox will have him moved out to keep embarrassments to a minimum.
  6. can't blame klinsmann for that. if wondo did what he was expressly brough there to do, we'd be preparing for argentina right now
  7. so who do we have in the pipe for 2018? altidore, agudelo, will bruin (maybe a brian ching type?), jack mac, villarreal, sean okoli maybe, rubio rubin maybe, johannsson, fagundez (if he declares for us), boyd, and julian green can fight for the forward places. with a bunch of wild cards like bobby wood, omar salgado, the kids over in tijuana, kiesewetter, and alfredo morales. diskerud, bradley, gil, trapp, junior flores maybe, marc pelosi (if he heals up), zelalem (if he declares for us), torres, danny williams, gatt, gyau, the hyndman kid, rowe, joe corona, shea if he gets his **** together, powers could be a guy at this level, and I think hurtado has room to grow in midfield. defenders are a little harder to predict - yedlin, brooks, chandler, fabian johnson, omar, cameron could be a vet, maybe besler, o'neill, klute, ream, packwood seems to be one of these guys like lletget where everyone thinks highly of him but no one is quite sure why... castillo and orozco I guess.
  8. just need more guys to step up. we have talent but not consistently putting top guys through in all positions. when we have a good midfield, our defenders are weak. good defenders and can't score. only thing we can count on is good goalkeeping. we're bringing through better quality depth but projecting a 2018 squad right for me is super depressing.
  9. needs to improve in one on one defending and not getting caught forward but the sky's the limit with that kid. made the unprecedented move to congratulate seattle supporters on the sb sounders board for inking contract on that kid. been following him since high school.
  10. grant is a reporter. I get the feeling from talking to him/interviewing with him that he's proud of the role he has as the preeminent us soccer journalist but all in all he doesn't give a **** about any of this. his demeanor doesn't scream passion. he doesn't really interact or mix with crowds other than selfies with medium famous folks. won't share stories, which is basically the only coin in trade for 90% of his colleagues. buys drinks, nurses one and leaves after 45 minutes. that kind of guy. it's easy to get under his skin because his status is the most important thing to him. I respect him a lot but I can't say I like him
  11. disappointed/disgusted at reading the twitters after the match. us journos really want to go the way of england
  12. very proud of klinsmann. this was not the most talented or well rounded squad we've ever put together. he was vindicated in bringing yedlin, green and brooks too and hopefully that will pay large dividends in 2018.
  13. I'm sure each and every time reality smashes you in the face that it's not very funny at all
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