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  1. Has anyone figured out the new corner tactic TFF has teased us with?
  2. I just keep getting crash dumps, i have tried on my computer and laptop and both the same. What do i do?
  3. Is it near impossible to unlock without purchasing? Is it made super hard to unlock as an incentive to purchase? I have a Stockport County save where i have won the premier league and Europa League in the same season. Bare in mind Stockport start in the bottom division and i have yet to unlock Sugar Daddy.
  4. Commentary only worked, thanks. Will i have to play on that now or can i go back to Pitch?
  5. I go into a match and the game will randomly close and when i open FMH up again it goes back to start screen. I have loaded it several times and it is still happening. How can i go about this?
  6. This happens to me aswell. I am using an iPhone 4s. In the end i just ended up using my iPod which is still iOS 6 and its perfectly fine.
  7. How often does a youth academy player get promoted into the first team? I am just going into my third season, had it from the beginning and not had a youth player promoted yet.
  8. Is there a specific email i should use or private message via this website?
  9. I don't have a save from before they bidded for him, sorry and i can continue but its frustrating as it keeps coming up every other day.
  10. Hi, it is a player i am trying to sell. His name is Iain Howard, I am Stockport, his proposed move is to Gloucester and the date is 2nd September 2014.
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