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  1. Well that makes it pretty useless then
  2. I am aware that in staff responsibilities there is the ability to set it so that your DoF offers players in your first team new contracts but is there anyway that I can instruct him to offer a specific player a new contract?
  3. Not quite Claudio there
  4. Will there be much change for Leicester in the next patch?
  5. I have tried to give Jon Rudkin a new contract as a Director of Football and he has job interest as 'None' - please can that be amended so that he is willing to sign a new contract as DoF and I can bring in a new man as head of youth development? I just think having an AI as DoF that is generated to be pretty rubbish isn't as good.
  6. New post as new point - LCFC have always been regarded as having top quality youth facilities and are a category 1 academy - how come this year the youth facilities are not as high?
  7. Hi At the start of the game the Director of Football is a randomly generated person and Jon Rudkin is still down as Head of Youth Development. Here is my source that Jon Rudkin should be DoF - http://www.lcfc.com/news/article/jon-rudkin-confirmed-as-lcfc-director-of-football-2260846.aspx
  8. Update - some of them work when you hover over them the pop up box appears with the tip but others nothing happens when you highlight it, and when you click it then it vanishes
  9. How am I actually meant to view the tips? I click the yellow circle and all it does is fly off to the top right of the screen and not actually show me anything
  10. I have seen both Arsenal and Liverpool relegated on FM15 within the first few years. Arsenal were relegated in season three.
  11. It is pretty impossible to win a league that doesn't exist, yes
  12. You do know that you can do this, right? ..... When you offer to player out, select the status that you want him to have and tick the lock symbol to make it non-negotiable. This way the only teams that will offer are those that can give the player that squad status, or greater.
  13. After a few years I was an icon (permanent, even after I left) at Leicester and the entire squad were favoured personnel or legends or one or the other on FM15
  14. Cool Report it in the bugs forum.
  15. I've found touchline ones to have no effect. Different guides have all said that if a player is complacent, tell him to concentrate. If a player is nervous, encourage him. But when I do these their description on the match screen still remains the same. The only time it changes is after a goal.