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  1. Hi No I'm afraid the auto rolling save is every two weeks and they've all rolled over now. Sorry.
  2. Financial motivation must surely be able to change their opinion as well. Who wouldn't go from 300 a week to 3000 a week for a slight role change?
  3. This as well... How can my new signing making his debut be referred to as normally a regular but on the fringes recently?
  4. I was sacked from Leicester and then joined Chelsea and raided my old club. When it came to playing them the news article made reference to the players I signed facing their former manager... which is surely wrong as I signed them all? I know that it means the current Leicester manager technically sold them to me but it just doesn't read write - they played for me for years and only for the new manager for a few months
  5. Half time substitutions are recorded as being made at 45 + x minute rather than 46. Only slightly annoying but thought I'd point it out
  6. There is a bug with the scouting opposition bit. It was set up to be my director of football and then mid season I replaced him. The news item still has the old director of football's name - "I have the report compiled by [OLD STAFF] as requested" - unless despite being sacked he keeps doing my scouting for me lol
  7. I am brand new to FMT and whilst watching games my assistant manager is making tactical changes and substitutions during the match. How can I prevent him doing this if I'm actually wanting to manage the game myself and not instant result? In responsibilities I am set to manage friendlies myself but can't see a corresponding option for normal league games
  8. I'm not sure.....I don't think footballers are clever enough to be thinking of that in real life! The most realistic reaction would be for the player to touch it and give away an indirect free kick
  9. I live in UK and just used Voidu with the bluewinter discount code and was emailed the activation code immediately, all accepted by Steam. £23
  10. I am aware that in staff responsibilities there is the ability to set it so that your DoF offers players in your first team new contracts but is there anyway that I can instruct him to offer a specific player a new contract?
  11. Update - some of them work when you hover over them the pop up box appears with the tip but others nothing happens when you highlight it, and when you click it then it vanishes
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