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  1. Honestly, I'd love a newspaper-style report of the weekend's action using newspaper type font. just for authenticity's sake.
  2. Just a quick question. what is the easiest way to increase your scouting world knowledge. I've sent scouts to places on the map where we have Zero Knowledge and after a whole season there has been no change in my scouting rating. Ideas?
  3. 20 hours for Papiss Cisse. I had almost sold him on by that point.
  4. One little thing (if really possible). for cup draws, an actual cup draw where the team's names are announced and spoken over the draw.
  5. If possible, I would love it if the scouts automatically followed the chairman's/boards job criteria that is assigned at the start of the game. for info - start with Newcastle United and you are expected to sign young players. if you send out scouts they look in the entire age range of players rather than concentrating on the young that they should be looking for.
  6. Balanta most definitely. Jordy Classie from Feyenoord £6m-£8m ish - excellent midfielder who chips in with goals Will Hughes £4.5m Timo Werner (I had to bid £6m for him) from left field - Josue from Porto (i think) - £1.5m and worth it as a decent squad player.
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