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  1. Actually just had a thought.... Maybe you could limit the number of transfers to your club per season to balance it out. 3 per season would mean you could have 1 world class player in each outfield position every season. I'm worried it'll be like leaving a tin of chocolate hob nobs out on the side... the temptation will be too much! :confused:
  2. I love the data editor, but that 'move to your club' feature is just too much power! At least with the data editor you have to click around so much that by the time you get to the right screen you feel guilty about the cheeky transfer you were going to give yourself and back out! On the other hand... when a player sulks cos he's not getting a game you can bin him off asap!!
  3. I cheat mainly to have more fun in a limited amount of time. I haven't got the time to thrash out 10 seasons any more, otherwise I'd be single and have no life outside of FM. I usually create myself as a young wonderkid so I have a personal interest, start as a midtable/bottom club, give them a bit more money for a transfer budget and go from there. Even with money, the top players won't sign for you straight away, so the first season is always testing. I've always found it a challenge and tend to get to about 3 or 4 seasons before another game comes along anyway to soak up my time. I put 100 hours into FM2012 this way and I enjoy the building a lower club element more than the results. I don't see the problem if the cheating leaves you with an enjoyable challenge still at the end of it :-)
  4. If I start a career on PC, edit the data by creating myself as a new player and then save this to the cloud... Will I be able to go onto my MacBook afterwards and load this cloud save (with the edited data) and continue playing as normal? OR Do I have to save the data editor separately and load it into my mac? OR is this not possible and I have to stick with either one if edit the data? I've been waiting for a cross platform save feature for years, but I know the editor was a separate app before (haven't played since FM2012 as I had my final year at uni to get through and a relationship to salvage! Haha!) Thanks! :-)
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