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  1. Sorry for being dense, is the ME in the newest update newer than the one in the public beta?
  2. If a striker is missing a one on one because I've got 3 CM's rather than 2, would you consider that a working simulation?
  3. You've been talking in absolutes, now you're saying in your opinion. In *my* opinion, if what you're suggesting is true, then that to me is a broken simulation game as it fails to portray things anywhere close to accurate. I however don't think you're correct which is why SI are saying they're improving conversion rates still.
  4. Players missing one on one's has naff all to do with tactics, it's the tactics that get them into the positions to be in those one on one's. A player that'd walk into a PL team based on their attributes but is scoring 1 in 3 (Games on average) in the championship isn't missing one on one's because my tactics are off.
  5. It allows my team to play the way I want, but then I'm getting stuffed with 1v1's. This is at least to me better than the previous ME where I felt like the team wasn't even playing to my tactics.
  6. I don't understand the point of trying to match statistics. It kind of feels like limitations are being artificially introduced. Which would explain why we've got a legion of world class saves being performed daily in the ME.
  7. I'm enjoying the beta match engine a lot more than I was previously. I've got the team playing the way I want to, which is far and away the biggest improvement. But conversion rate still seems pretty poor. Any time I manage to get a one on one situation where my striker is in on goal, I know they're going to fail to score. But how would PKM's help that? They aren't going to score every time, so I can't give a PKM of every opportunity surely? And then there's golden opportunities that the keepers are able to consistently save. I've ended up basicall
  8. You've got to go into properties of the game on Steam and opt into the beta, that'll then download a patch.
  9. This can also be read as "We think the match engine is okay and won't be releasing an update any time soon". If anything you've amplified my concern, and now I just feel like I'm stuck with a game I want to enjoy, but find impossible to.
  10. Is there at least any news of any possible new patches coming though to address the concerns? I mean right now I've no idea what the state of play is yet you've basically publicly acknowledged public concern, yet nothing has happened on that front yet. Am I going to receive an update to a game I currently perceive as broken anytime soon or not? I'll reiterate, as it stands right now you've lost my future custom.
  11. A product which has acknowledged issues with its core gameplay mechanics can't exactly be described as "not broken".
  12. If there's issues that need someone to fix with the ME, then it's not exactly a stretch to call it broken. It's quite clear by Neil's post that all is not "right". Deflection from moderators just reflects poorly on SI as a developer regardless if those moderators are SI employees or not.
  13. I did entirely forget about Sega, my bad, it's Sega whom is getting my money from Valve (Minus Valve's cut). Which changes the dynamic, it's Sega whom IMO have sold me the product, and SI have delivered that product through Sega. Either way, I'm unable to get a refund through any "conventional channel", I've just got a broken product.
  14. I won't be able to get a refund from Steam with me just asking, they're not exactly renown for their customer service. It's a very weak argument to be saying that the developer didn't sell me the game though and all you're doing is helping to enable a mentality that will help to erode customer protections. It's their product, Steam is merely the medium. Valve aren't keeping all the money, it's going to SI. Hell, I'd be willing to lose Valve's cut in the refund so I'd be getting my money back from SI that I paid to SI through Steam.
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