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  1. They're terrible: for reasons many have already stated, and also, I think, because the FM team either doesn't care about language very much or has been unable to hire anybody who can both code and write. The news feed stories have the same clumsy, tone-deaf use of language, as if written by an child with a minor linguistic disability whose abusive parents have limited him to a steady diet of football journalism. Seriously, read the match reports. Stock phrases and clichés cobbled together; the same goal mentioned multiple times; no transitions between sentences. Realism? Sure, it's realistic that the media exist, but when the articles are so clearly the product of an algorithm combining a small stock of language chunks, they have the opposite effect. The game world is made of numbers, I get that. But when the verbal description gets below a certain level, immersion, at least for me, is destroyed.
  2. Since this thread is alive, may I ask a slightly more general question--what type of game world should one set up to have a good transfer market? Database size, active leagues versus unplayable leagues: is there a summary of what SI knows/believes about how all these factors interact? I've searched around and can't find a definitive statement on the point anywhere...and my transfer market has always been terrible. As in: very little interest in my players. In my current game, I've moved up from C2 to Serie A without being able to sell any players. Now, even in Serie A, when interest comes, it feels very gamey. I still cannot actively sell players; every so often the game decides to have basically every other Serie A club come in for my most promising young player, always for co-ownership. Small teams bid maybe 50-75% of what big teams big; no bids get much over half the player's value. I will get cycles of 15-20 bids in the same number of days, cycles in which the same teams sometimes return repeatedly with the same bid. No team EVER negotiates a bid: and by that I mean that they NEITHER "negotiate" using the in-game framework, NOR do they negotiate in the looser sense of returning with a better bid. Assman's advice to raise asking price has no effect. These offers would seem to count as "strange" offers....
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