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  1. Ok I had this experience potentially, and dramatically so. I've built up Arsenal and won the league the first two years. Into my third season, unbeaten after about 18 games, with most teams running annoying overly defensive formations. Then, all of a sudden everyone goes standard 4-4-2, super, and I go on a run of 4-0, 5-0, smashing. And then for no reason why draw almost every game 0-0 or lose 1-0. I really don't know what I can do, the game isn't showing me anything obvious. Morale was broadly fine, and we had no problem in the 2nd and QF of the champions league. What should I be looking for? We scraped him in the league, even losing 0-1 to Stoke on the last day of the season. I was on for about 96 points, I think we won it in the mid 70s. As I say - any clues I should look for? Is over confidence really a thing?
  2. I'm quite enjoying this - in season two I've finally got the team purring, and Europe offers and interesting challenge. I can start to think about a 3 year project, I think, to try and create some bona fide stars. Season 1 Well, I foolishly shipped out too many players, particularly midfielders, in the hope the Board would give me some fat stacks. This didn't happen, as Ledley and Kris Commons left. Scot Brown then managed to get his leg broken shortly after the transfer deadline. I hadn't bought anyone particularly useful, bar Buttner from Utd at DL. The season wasn't perfect by any means. We set up a 4-3-3 with 1 DM and 2MCs, all in fairly defensive set ups. Forrest and Boerrigter were the standout performers, scoring all my goals from AML and AMR. No decent target man - Park from Arsenal came on loan and got a few goals. Nothing special, and I relied on Borja (free) and Dos Santos (loan) in the middle. The transfer window saw more players shipped out, and the first bit of quality in Jordan Rhodes who immediately started scoring more regularly from the FC position. In the CL we had an extremely easy group and topped it - the record P6, W4, L2, F6 A7 says a lot... Unfortunately we had Man Utd in the 2nd round. A draw at home, away we nearly levelled to 2-2 in the final 15 minutes, but instead Utd got another. Season 2 More players left - I hadn't seem anything I liked in the two Israeli's, and Pukki, who all went. In a fit of excitement a 31 year old Cassano said he would come, so £5m went on him. Not a player I actually need, although my formation and tactics shifted as a result. At home, in an easy match, I switch the DMC to an AMC (trequista) and play a low tempo, seems to help us control the game and concede very few. Ron Vlaar - fresh from winning the WC alongside Buttner, both off the bench - joined to add to an increasingly dutch back line. Merida joined on a free, which means I have some genuine creative midfielders to partner Brown and another Scotsman, James McArthur who joined from Wigan. Callum Paterson, a kid from Hearts, had got about 18 goals last year so I picked him up for nearly £1m - he's scored a bunch of the bench in different games. Looks very interesting. Much tougher CL group this year - Barca, Dortmund and Galatasaray, but I went away to Barca and picked up a point, not a bad start at all...
  3. Hmm, thanks for that. Are you sure? That's useful if so - to a degree. It means I can leave a core of the team on Auto and then "shift gears" during the match. Might it explain why I find clicking the "attacking" and "overload" buttons doesn't really do anything. On the other hand, it isn't clear how these two relate to each other.
  4. Does anyone have any firm views on this - personally I felt like I had the balance all wrong. In a 4-4-2 with very average players I may have had only 1 striker on attack. The wingers and other striker were all on suppport, and all the defenders on defend. A S S D S S D D D D Reflecting on this maybe that only tells one player to get into the box? I can see that working if you are away from home and trying to grind out a result. Additionally, if "Auto" asks the player to decide based on his position on the field, why would you allow every decent player to simply rest on "Auto"? I haven't tested it, as I don't know precisely what it does. But if it relates to certain stats, then those positions should surely all be checked to auto? As an example (posted on another thread) with Celtic I recently had very simple tactics, with few shouts. My team was struggling to create any chances and conceding fairly easily. F (A) AML (S) AMR (S) MC (S) MC (S) DM (D) DL (S) DC (D) DC (D) DR (D) Loooking at this, again only 1 player is attacking. I had thought - support is an attacking-ish instruction? And in theory 6 players are supporting or attacking? But perhaps support only gets them to move into supporting positions, not to finish moves - the auto text suggests this. Interestingly these instructions had got me out of the CL Group state, W4 D0, L2, F6 A7. I changed it to F(A) AML (S) AMR (A) MC (S) MC (A) DM (D) DL (A) DC (D) DC (D) DR (S) That gives me: Attacking: 4 players Supporting: 3 players Defending: 3 players. It gives me a nice overlap on the left hand side for Buttner to charge up, which I can support by getting the AML to come inside. It's definitely working much better than before, I've won games without conceding and - with the "control" mentality controlled the game.
  5. Right, having spent more time with it, it's started to click, a few things that I feel I have learnt. I don't quite understand the role of Defend, Support, Attack and Auto; but fair enough if you take things at face value the descriptions when you hold the mouse do help. In games that I was trying to win I had set up ST (A) AML (S) AMR (A) MC (D) MC (S) DMC (S) DL (S) DC (D) DC (D) DR ® GK Admittedly this formation had - in the Champions League - seen me get results, partnered with counter attacking, although as suggested I had only scored 6 goals in 6 games. I ended up W4 - D0 L2, F6 A7; pretty negative stuff. However it was completely failing to do anything against the weaker teams. And I don't want an 'easy' game but it seems strange that you need to do the most tinkering to beat weak teams, and the least tinkering to play against top opposition. So I thought I had better take a deep breath and at least try to work out what was going on. (1) Personnel Well, at the start of the season I had tried to flog all my second stringers, unfortunately the board didn't give me any money from the sales. Scott Brown, arguably my best player and central midfielder (good tackling and excellent engine/work rate) had immediately got injured. I'd got some loans in and some free transfers but the squad was hardly stellar. Park Chu-Young (Arsenal loan) Boerrigter Forrest Mulgrew Dos Santos (Barca loan) Borja (free transfer - is excellent in fifa) Butter (£4m Man Utd) Ambrose Van Dijk Lustig Forster The two wingers have done excellent all season, happy with those although no great long term cover. In the centre was probably an issue. Mulgrew is basically a defender, not a midfielder. I'd gambled on Dos Santos and Borja being so much better than the rest of the league that they would be able to play creatively. This wasn't really happening. Arguably I shouldn't have let Kris Commons and Joe Ledley both leave, for little money. I only had one attacking central midfielder at the club, but he can only play in the AMC position... I finally got to the transfer window - I do like the scouting option to only look at players above a certain current or potential ability. I'd got hold of Pauleta, who found me some brazilians, although some problems with work permits stopped that. Anyway, CL qualification gave me some money to play with, the Board approved both wage and transfer increases, and so off to the shops I popped. In the end, young scotsmen seemed appealing, despite being tempted for some Seria A or old internationals for massive salaries like Cerci or Anelka. Jordan Rhodes looked like an exciting young striker to see the season out; and then I liked the look of James McArthur from Wigan. Both came on £4m deals, I did wonder if that was a bit cheap for Rhodes. Fran Merida, an AMC also came in on a free, then I hoovered up some SPL cheap talent, Ross County were threatening in 2nd place so I bought their best DC to sit on my bench. Scott Brown returned from injury and I now have players better suited to the roles, and more long term options. Funnily enough I don't have any Scotsmen in the national team - assuming this will change as my three superscotsmen settle in. Mulgrew can focus on being DC and DL cover. (2) Player roles and instructions Looking at the tactics I'd got Borja as some sort of regista, I can't remember exactly which but looking at the instructions it seemed to say "don't tackle much, wander around". I actually want that player to support defensively and so I changed him to a more conservative role. I also noticed in the analysis that in one game he'd had 5 shots, missing them. Told that position to shoot less as a result. Then - going back to the formation at the top of the post - looking at this only the ST and AMR have (A) on them. Looking at the description, strictly speaking maybe that means only those two bother to get in the box? I thought about who I wanted doing what - in a game I expect to win - and changed it to: ST (A) AML (S) AMR (A) MC (S) MC (A) DMC (D) DL (A) DC (D) DC (D) DR ® GK So, this hopefully gets on MC into the box, and tells Buttner to go and overlap (Boeriggter is only supporting so hopefully that doesn't clash). The DMC provides some cover. This does seem to have worked. Buttner got a goal and an assist since the change; and I won games more comfortably, with some clean sheets. I still concede in the first few minutes in a few games, which is concerning, but all in all the league is starting to look like an easy task (as it should be). (3) Strategy I hadn't really looked "control", but reading the description it seems to work. "Control" looks like a sensible option for those games where you expect to win, but don't want to be reckless. I think as few shouts and instructions as possible is preferable, but with those wingers telling them to go wide, and cross from the byline, seems sensible. I don't really get the mentality (fluid, rigid) etc; and I'm concerned about how things work together. If I'm in the lead I have experimented with: - Less tempo - Retain possession - Waste time Etc but I'm generally keeping it simple. Anyway, my thinking is that the A/S/D auto roles make quite a big difference... I don't know what auto does so much - if that means it changes during the position on the pitch, surely auto would be best standard option. I don't have anyone on auto. I'm struggling to find a tactical attacking/all out option. Generally when I change things if anything we have less chances, I know the AI is shutting up shop at this time but still. I find a bollocking at half time makes a more obvious difference. We got Manchester Utd in the 2nd round - tough, but they are 7th in the league with Moyes just sacked... possibility of a win here, although my squad is looking very thin, with the new additions not yet registered.
  6. Thanks. Which reminds - a simple question - what does the "deep" in DLF mean? Does it mean he's deep towards the opposition's goal, into their territory, or is he deep within my own formation, e.g. operating more like a centre forward? I'm assuming it means he's playing in a more attacking position?
  7. Right - so in the Skrillz Premier I have a... fairly average side. One good striker, Kaine Shepherd, who has banged in 20+ goals for two seasons in a row. A basic and rigid 4-4-2 hasn't really got me anywhere, and so I've looked what the rest of the league are using and moved to: FC AML AMC AMR MC MC DL DC DC DR I think this offers some tactical variation that makes sense. With the 4-4-2 I didn't know what to do to change it up. I could tell them to be "attacking" but it never resulted in making chances, if anything I'd just concede straight away. This one lets me: - If I want to be very attacking I can show the AMC up to make to strikers, this guy is my jumping and heading monster, so we can go attacking, route one, cross early, etc. - When I'm away the two MCs and drop back and both play in the DMC slot, the two AMLRs can come back as well to be MLRs, and I have some players who can do a "defensive winger" job. So, generally I'm keeping it quite simply; both the MCs are "ball winning midfielders" and the back 4 are all "limited". The back 4 get very high average ratings, so I'm happy with that. I don't understand rigid/fluid, so I'm keeping that normal, or more rigid, with the aim that players keep their shape. I'm happy to go direct, the idea is that: - We have 5 players in and around the midfield, lots of whom can head and tackle. - We quickly move the ball out to the wide man. So, ideally my FC would be a big guy who could link the play up, but Kaine Shephard is a nippier finisher. What sort of instructions should I give him? Do you think target man could work, or is there something else? I basically want to encourage players to feed him; I don't want him dropping back, I want him "on the shoulder" of the centre backs ready to make runs.
  8. I'm doing a career with Altrincham - a couple of questions: 1) As a part time club am I right in thinking I'm not allowed to offer full time contracts? I have to hope that financial we get secure enough and the Board will take that decision? 2) At the end of season 1 all my players are out of contract. It looks like I can only offer 1 or 2 year contracts anyway. However, I'm not able to offer anyone a new contract. Literally ALL my team leave the club, despite my being promoted. Most of them don't want to resign with me so I have to get in a whole new 17 players. Doesn't seem very realistic, do you think this was just my fault for spending too much on salaries in year. Seems a bit inflexible with a few days after them leaving I have my wage budget again, and the club gets it's new sponsorship etc and we could have afforded to have kept them. Oh well, was only Darren Reeves who was any good anyway.
  9. I'm not sure where this information is available in game. In one sense the tactics have been simplified, less sliders etc. When you pick a "balance" and "flexibility" that seems to pick some team options for you, which is fine. But within the tactics there are an overwhelming number of player roles with no explanation of what they do. "half back, target flank man, limited fullback, complete wing back, enganche, regista, false nine and shadow striker" How am I supposed to know if my LB is a limited full back or a complete full back? Does the game describe this to me? Wouldn't it be better if the game could point out the key stats that each role needs (or does it actually do that, am I right in thinking it "highlights" these on some page)? Even if it does that, I think it could describe what each position needs in order to flourish. The FIFA chemistry system actually provides something like that. I just think that it's not that intuitive and a bit overwhelming. In the Skrillz premier I have a 4-4-1-1 and no way to establish if my AMC should be an AMC, engagine, false nine, etc.
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