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  1. Hidden in plain sight, lol Thanks mate
  2. Hey there, first of all great work with the skin, in previous versions of FM I had to put together different panels from different skins myself, because no skin was really as complete as I would have liked it to be, but with yours this is no longer the case. However, am I missing something or did you remove the "scrollbar" on the top left where you can go back and forth between pages you had previously opened? Because right now if I go on a Player Profile for example I have no easy way to going back to the previous Page (or at least I don't have the option to just click "back" in the toolbar).
  3. Well I think the biggest problem with the ratings is that the ME accounts for lots of things that we don't actually see/ that don't have an animation or it is barely visible. Often times, only by looking at the commentary will you realize what just happened. This matters for good as well as bad ratings; missed interceptions for example are things you often won't even realize in the game. Only by watching the missed Interceptions in the Post Match Analysis can you actually realize how many things count as Interception attempts even though you would have never guessed that the Player tried to get the ball by watching the scene on its own. This is just one example, so it is really hard to judge a Player's Match performance by watching him play because, again, lots of things that he does you cannot even take notice of. This is somewhat unfortunate because it also feels kind of cheap (to me as I watch my games in full and pay attention to what particular Players are doing) to judge Players by their Ratings alone, but it seems to be the most valid way to do it. That is if you want to make a sub because someone is bad, if you want a different kind of Player you'll still need to know what's going on and the ratings won't help you much there. Also the ratings favor goals and assists on purpose which is kind of unfortunate because usually the only thing the game will consider when you decide to Praise/Warn your Player seem to be his recent Match Ratings which, again, is kind of unfortunate because I can be very satisfied with Players who do simple things correctly consistently.
  4. This very much. Spot on. You can think of Players (or particularly good Players here) as kind of Jokers that fill gaps in your tactical construct. Especially offensively I find that lots of times people have trouble creating chances on a consistent base and I think that is largely because it is quite difficult to create a fluent system in FM where chances can be created in different manners and from different angles. Now if you have skilled Players every now and then they'll just say "screw that, I'll dribble through two guys and score". From a tactical viewpoint you want to prevent your Players from coming into that situation to often due to lack of alternatives, but it sure helps when you manage a big team because you will get lots of opportunities to score goals where there shouldn't have been one looking at it theoretically. The contrary is true defensively, because good Marking and Tackling abilities can only get you show far. You need to put your Players into Positions where they can effectively restrict space -as a team-, so individual skill can carry far less than it can offensively. That's why people concede alot even if they are doing well. So in short: The better your Players the less you need to "worry" about Tactics, but even with the best Squad imaginable you will still not be able to play fluent football if your tactics doesn't allow it.
  5. Well if both of your Central Midfielders are supposed to be playmakers, then you need offensive help from the wings, since they will be very inclined to sit deeper, which might end up in you having one guy upfront who is on a support Duty as well so he won't enter the penalty box for a long time himself. So you have an anchor man, pretty much the most defensive DM you can have (maybe slightly beaten by a HB, I don't know), and two Playmakers in front of him. Thus, you can go mad on the wings, particularly with your 2 Fullbacks. A vast majority of your attacks is gonna come from the wings by nature, because it is easier to attack through the wings in general but especially because your Playmakers won't have anyone to pass to but your wingers a lot of the time. And since you've got much cover in the central you can go quite aggro on the outside. I would also tend to play a DM in the DM position, because he will be a better passing outlet for your Playmakers should they decide to hold possession. In general you should just watch some games and look if certain Players get isolated and thus don't take part in play much (especially the striker, though note that a striker may sometimes have only 10 Passes in a game and still have been quite good)
  6. Well in the profile under the Information Tab you should be able to see a description. I don't know where it is in your skin because i use a different one, but there is a description somewhere like "Industrious Midfielder" or "Flamboyant Winger", or "Wonderkid" if he is one.
  7. Well certainly a long (as in LOOOONG) term involvement you've got yourself into here, but I like the spirit of shaping a Club to what you envision. So, 1) First of all Ball Playing Defenders aren't really the kinds of Central Defenders you'd want to have in a Possession game, since a BPD is very much encouraged to play long balls and risky passes. A normal Central Defender on the other Hand is more prone to playing a simple passing game looking to get the ball to your midfield, instead of trying to play a killer ball to your striker or wingers. Thus in the actual tactics I would tend to use Central Defenders. Now that being said by training your Players in the BPD role, they will of course train some attributes that might come in handy if they are to not loose the ball once they get it (the most obvious of which would be Passing). However, at a young age it might be beneficial to give a Player a more focused training schedule, particularly if he has some low numbers in attributes he will need. As for the team training, I personally like to switch between different areas as most have some really useful attributes that they will train. So Ball Control, Attacking and Tactics are the ones that would come to mind here (with particular focus on Ball Control and Tactics), since they all train attributes that are important to have in teams that want to dominate the opposition. Fitness might be a candidate as well as you will be pressing quite aggressively, but I think you will be focussing more on Individual Training anyway, so I don't imagine General Training to make a huge impact. This could be wrong though. 2) Now with Goalkeepers there aren't really alot of possibilities, because, in my opinion, the only really significant difference you can make in a goalkeeper's game is how he distributes the ball. If you tell a Sweeper to "Distribute to Defenders" he'll to that just as well as a normal Keeper would, so I don't think it really makes much of a difference what role you give your keeper. I watch all my games in full and tend to almost exclusively play with Sweeper Keepers, but never (at least not to my memory) have I encountered a situation where I thought "Whoa, he only came out here or did that because he is a Sweeper". 3) Now here is where it gets more complicated. PPMs are always quite Player dependent so it's often unwise to try to force a PPM onto a Player just because it fits into the way you think he should play. That being said, there are some PPMs that seem logical to have on certain Players in Possession style systems that don't really require the Player to be good at much of anything, such as "Plays short simple Passes". If you look at Barcelona in the Game, you'll notice that Xavi and Iniesta (I think?) both have "Plays short simple Passes" and "Tries Killer Balls often", which helps them pass the ball around until they see someone breaking the defense and playing the risky pass to them. Note that this can restrict Passing Options quite abit though so I would not have all my midfielders learn the "Plays short simple Passes" PPM, because you'll still want to give your Players some freedom to lift the Ball off the pitch if a good situation arises. I also like my defenders to have the "Plays way out of trouble" PPM but it can of course lead to crucial mistakes so it's a two-edged sword. Beside that it would certainly be nice to have one midfielder with "Stops Play" or "Dictates Tempo" or both, but these are PPMs you'd only wanna give an intelligent Player and you'd only wanna have one Player on the Pitch that has these (at least in the midfield Position). Oh yea, I also really like "Comes Deep to Get Ball" on my midfielders and especially on a lone striker as that PPM tends to do something that I find quite hard to replicate with Roles and Duties and it helps link play together between lines very nicely. Other than that, it really comes down to what Players you have and then adding PPMs to underline their strengths. One last thing, in a Possession game I find it is best to have Players with high amounts of Teamwork and Work Rate, especially in the more attacking Roles, because if they don't, I often find Players trying to solo their way through walls if they could just Pass their way around it. And you'll want your attacking Players to Press a lot themselves, which a high Work Rate rating will help them do. Now that's just what I experienced and if something here is way wrong, be sure to let me know:thup:
  8. Not in my game. Anyways if you try teaching someone one of these PPMs while he already has the other, it won't even show up in the list of PPMs to choose from. I guess you can give a Player both using the editor. It would be interesting to see how he behaves in the game then.
  9. No he can't have both PPMs. However, a Player with either PPM is not restricted from using a different shooting technique. Thus, someone who "Places Shots" will still blast the Ball sometimes, it depends on what the Player deems best. He will, of course, tend to place his shots more often than if he didn't have the PPM, it depends largely on his Decisions attribute which technique he will use.
  10. I have a question: Is there something in particular that determines if a player succeeds in learining a new PPM or is there a random factor involved as in the same player may sometimes learn the PPM and sometimes he won't. If I want a Player to learn "Comes Deep to get Ball" for example, I'm not really sure if there is something that could indicate he would be unsuited to learn that move (given of course he plays in a Position and in a way that PPM would be suitable for him). Also, does it "cost" CA of the Player if he fails learning a PPM?
  11. Well either that or it goes against the selected role to close down more, although after looking a bit I only found 2 roles that cannot select "Close down more" because it goes against the role (them being Half Back and Trequarista). But generally if an instruction is greyed out it does not automatically mean that it is automatically activated within the role.
  12. So you cannot have different pictures for the same kind of trophy (e.g. the national championship in different countries)?
  13. Well in probably around 100 matches I'm pretty sure I have seen at most 2 shots that could be described as "long shots" end in a goal, and just today I did see one ending up at the post. Now I see that long shots cannot be an effective way of scoring goals, since even if they are on target there is a good chance the keeper will parry them. However, I am concerned about the general accuracy and tendencies of player, especially with the "shoots from distance" PPM. Most of the time you have to be afraid of those players being in any situation where they could even just consider to shoot at goal, because more often than not they are going to and a vast majority of the time the shot is going to miss the target by ALOT. I understand that these players are particularly prone to shoot if they do not see an immediate passing option, but I would still like them to take a breather and think about what they are doing a little more, and especially have their shots be a little more accurate. I like to manage Bayern and looking at Robben for example who has 17+ in Finishing, Long Shots and Technique I am always warry of seeing him get into situations where he might get isolated because should he decide to shoot, the ball will be gone, period. He does have only 10 in Decision and quite low Composure as well, but it can't all be bad decisions to shoot, yet all shots end up more or less the same.
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