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  1. Thanks MSCCG, Had already seen these other 2 on that site http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/HP-Pavilion-15-E9J99EAABU_1532959.html http://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/ACER-E1-NX.M09EK.037_1478219.html Never watch the games in 3D so not to bothered about the graphics card. What do you reckon
  2. Yes thats it haunted, I use my ps3 for gaming, the computer and laptop are only for Fm, internet browsing and i use the laptop for watching films when away
  3. Thanks haunted for all the info, really need to try and learn more about the insides of the computers!! are there any websites where you can type in your system specs and compare 2 different laptops etc
  4. thanks haunted, cant quite remember which processer i have on my home computer just now as I am away but I thibk its a pentium dual core at 2.2GHz, and I can cope with the speed of that, surely the i5 processer will be quite a step up form that?
  5. I was looking at a laptop with I5 3230M and 4GB Ram, laptop will not be used for anything else so don`t really want to spend to much. My desktop cpu is also about 5-6 years old so will be upgrading that later in the year aswell. will prob go for an i7 for that
  6. How much differnece does a quad core processer make to FM14. is it really woirth the extra money?
  7. Anybody seen any good deals lately, looking at £450 max
  8. HD Graphics 4000 is the laptop with the i5 processor has but it is actually an HP Pavilion, not that that makes much difference
  9. Samdiatmh, I never watch the games in 3d, just use the text or instant result and the hard drive is 500 GB SHDD, 5400 rpm. Whta about if i doubled the RAM to 8gb? What sort of processor do you need for FM to be fast, the I5 3230M is only a year old lol
  10. Hi, I was looking at picking up a cheap laptop for playing Fm while away. My choice is HP pavilion with I3 3110M processor and 4gb ram or a Acer Inspire with I53230M and 4gb ram, What sort of start rating would these let me play with a medium database and roughly 4 playable nations selected? Thanks
  11. thanks, away woprking just now but will have a look when I get home again
  12. I`m sure I did remove the restriction as I was ale to select only the top league in Scotland and Germany, and the championship upwards in England but wouldn`t let me select anymore nations?
  13. Can you select more than 3 playable nations while playing in classic mode? IF so how do you do this as last time it wouldn`t let me choose anymore than 3. Thanks
  14. In classic mode is there anyway of selecting only certain leagues from the countries you choose as in the normal mode?
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