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  1. @FrazT @Mitchutd Yes all players are listed as ‘interested’ or even ‘extremely interested’ in scouting reports and on the player search screen with the ‘interested in transfer’ box ticked.
  2. I’m on a save with Gillingham in league one - first season. In the January transfer window no one will enter contract negotiations with me despite all the players I’m approaching being listed as ‘Interested’ ‘Extremely interested’ etc. In the scouting reports and player search screen. Experimented by trying to sign a non league player who I’d assume would be more than happy to sign for a club several leagues above the level he’s playing at. But I still get the same message from the DOF as shown in the attached picture.
  3. @anagain I tried but that forum was greyed out for me when I created the post so I couldn’t select it?
  4. Has anyone else experience this? Not a single player will enter contract negotiations after I’ve had a transfer offer accepted. I have even tried with a player from the non league when I’m in league one. All I keep getting is this message... Please help!!
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