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  1. Couldn't tell you, despite playing a wide game my players never cross, in half a season, we've created zero chances from crosses and zero goals from crossing.
  2. This problem was raised prior to release along with many others that are still ongoing, I haven't played for nearly 2 weeks, jump on the forums every day though to see if anything has been fixed, nope. I've actually found myself playing Fifa.
  3. He is underrated atleast in potential. But then again half the Man Utd team are grossly overrated, IE: Lingard, Martial, Jones, Rojo, Lindelof (I'm a Man Utd fan too)
  4. So I went and had a look at the analysis screen and in 3 saves, approx 50 games played, I've never had an assist via a cross or a squared ball (except in a couple friendlies where I played low league teams and won 8-0ish), in previous FM's this would have been 75% of my goals due to my tactical preferences.
  5. I can concur that the above problems are still occuring despite the patch, the patch has actually made things worse for a lot of aspects. I'm not providing PKM's, there's been thousands already, I ended up finding myself creating a tactic to deal with the following bugs. Yeah, some will say this is a bug forum not whinge forum, but its got to that point, SI shouldn't have released a game so far from being finished, I turned it off 2 days ago but am monitoring the forum's hoping to see a change. * Balls over the top with defenders slow to react and instructions don't seem to matter. *
  6. Oh and can't forget about penalties, just lost on penalties to Brentford (as Man Utd) 1-0, so 9 penalties missed. Plus we missed two in the game, Greenwood on a hatrick, it suddenly jumps to a penalty and Im given no time to change penalty taker and he misses (is a bad penalty taker).
  7. * Balls over the top with defenders slow to react and instructions don't seem to matter. * Decision making from wide players is a disaster, shots from stupid angles into the side netting, lack of crossing, never squaring the ball * One on ones * Freak GK abilities * Blatant ignoring of great passing options * Long shots from anywhere on the pitch * AI seems to be able to play with a different set of tactics and physics, can have a team just turn it on when they like. These are the match engine bugs that have destroyed this years game, outside of the ac
  8. Thanks for the reply, hopefully SI are able to manage a fix along with the 1 on 1 issue that still seems to be around.
  9. Dortmund Game - half of these are questionable when judged on there own, some could be put down as player decision or player error but when its game after game it becomes noticeable, this particular game didn't have as many clear cut ones, the best example is the last play of the game. 18:10, 18:40, 27:50, 45:10, 52:20, 56:25, 76:00, 86:20 (maybe not), 88:20 & 92:50 I wasn't really prepared for posting this, if I play over next 24hrs I will keep a better log and post again.
  10. Yep, I hope it gets rectified soon, not trying to be an ungrateful twit coz I'm constantly sticking up for SI but I can't play it like this because its happening 10 times a game. I've turned FM off for now.
  11. Coolio, try this, so in the attached game I'm managing Dortmund, Julian Brandt on the RW is probably the best example. I played this game on comprehensive highlights which highlighted the issue better Borussia Dortmund v Borussia M'gladbach.pkm
  12. I'd love to upload but this website in all its wisdom keeps coming up with a message stating I can only upload 9.7mb and therefore won't let me upload a save. I've had this issue with every game I've started I can't understand how the "crossing" issue is not raging everywhere.
  13. Cheers will try but funnily enough a bug on this site I cant seem to upload anything.
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