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  1. I think its well worth the purchase, I do buy every year regardless though. I do roll my eyes at the haters who want the wheel re-invented every year, you won't find too many gaming companies that listen to their audience all year round like SI do. I don't think people actually understand how difficult it is to make this game, anyways. FM18 probably wasn't their best year, they changed a few things, brought in a few new things like dynamics ect, first year for a new aspect is never the best. This year has made vast improvements to that aspect, the introduction to new training is so much better now, tactics has improved and the 1000 other changes for the better. I don't have any real complaints this year maybe except a few interface bugs haven't been resolved but there not game enders...... Skin, screens and interface are way better, use the dark skin.
  2. Well I've hired both of those positions, and nothing has changed.
  3. Don't think its a bug, I'm Salford, so lower league, I am unable to train "Match Preview". I'm wondering if it's because I don'y have the staff? IE: Chief Data Analyst or Chief Scout at the moment. Anyone know?
  4. Minor, refer to photo, text is cut off in drop down scores of other games while playing.
  5. This has happened with virtually all pages similar to this with drop down boxes that you can change to your liking, essentially, every time I change a stat tab in the player stats screen, it reverts back to what the CPU had once I click out of it. Also note - the stat tabs themselves are random and constantly changing, on occasions I get silly double up's and even triple ups. Refer to photos....... and yes I have looked through settings, cache on/off/reset ect
  6. Also loaned Tom Edwards from Stoke and Gideon Adu-Pep for free.
  7. Who? This guy? Haha Should have Joe Grayson coming too. Just finished pre-season games, Danny Lloyd has been key man along with Lois Maynard. Rooney unfortunately hasn't fired, 1 goal in 5 games (team 19-1).
  8. I've signed the below so far with a couple to follow... Gideon Adu-Peprah, CM Regen who looks to be a star but big clubs chasing him, I want to loan a CM.
  9. Cheers peeps, at this stage I'm looking at Salford or FC United. I've made half-assed attempts with them prior but nothing special.
  10. Thanks heaps guys, Salford and FC United are two I always look at.
  11. Holy crap, I had literally started making an Isle of Man FC in Conf Nth through editor, but was tossing up if I wanted. I did create a club last year, Manchester Red Bulls in Conf Nth, only got to Championship coz didnt play enough.
  12. I am looking for a lower league team to manage, usually go Vanarama leagues in England but open to other European clubs but must be a few leagues down. Really want something with a great or unique back story.
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