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  1. What think will (as always) be the biggest problem is that 99% of public beta testers do not understand what a beta is about. They will show up here screaming and yelling that there is a corner/keeper/striker/tactic or whatever bug and the game is totally unplayable. And an hour or two later they will come back and complain that it hasn't been fixed yet. Posts like yours indicate that you might be prone to that behaviour as well...
  2. I have 68% with 16 scouts. And use the same set up With 27 scouts you should be able to reach way more than the 66% you have using the description of ggwood (or this thread: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/395927-Scouting-by-Nation).
  3. I'm a bit surprised that HUNT3R didn't say it but I recommend posting some screenshots of your tactic in the tactics forum.
  4. I sometimes buy a crap player (value <5k) of a small club for 10 millions or so. Like this I can make them a force in their nation
  5. Never tried but as you have one contract with this person I suppose you lose him completly. You could try to offer him a new contract with player only but I'd expect him to refuse that contract offer...
  6. Agressive tone in the right situation gives me 11 "green" reactions at half time or 14 at full time. But in the right situation. Winning 3-0 vs. a much lower league team does not justify an agressive tone.
  7. Well, footballers may (on average) not be the smartest guys on the planet but I really hope they have a bit more understanding of context than an 11-year-old... :confused:
  8. A question regarding scouting: I've at different occasions mentioned that scouting is a very tedious work: Scouting a region doesn't work properly as only some countries are covered while scouting by country manually is very work intensive due to various "shortcomings" of the code. Has this been improved as well?
  9. Now, when we're talking about statistics we need to be precise: We cannot say whether what happens on the forums has a relation to the entire customer base or not. As I don't know how many people play FM we cannot even say whether the sample is big enough or not.
  10. I think it would be great if you could give timed orders. Maybe we are getting this with the new dug out shouts. Like mentioned above - break down play for 2 minutes - clear immediately - all players defend
  11. Apart from the "looking from the managers eyes" I love the idea... But I'm sure some players would also love the view.
  12. Well, you do realise that there are loads of non-intelligent boards around? The one of my local club would probabely top the list (world wide...)
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