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  1. ...er, I did. I still have the constitution I drafted, too.
  2. If you have a defensive mentality set (contain, defend, counter), then your defenders will be by default set to more direct. Give them PIs to pass shorter.
  3. You can also use whipped crosses with a little guy, so long as he has pretty good anticipation, off the ball, agility, decisions, concentration, and acceleration. And probably heading, but eh, he's close in, he'll probably hit roughly the target some of the time.
  4. Yeah, I've tried that. Doesn't work. And he's rarely, if ever, actually being marked. He has the "arrives late in opposition area" PPM (which works amusingly well with the "comes deep to get the ball" one, incidentally), so he tends to burst into the box just before it would be appropriate for a wide player to be putting a cross in... Which is why occasionally, a cross goes over and he appears next a defender a foot taller than him who just let the cross go because there was no threat (haha! sucks to be you, Mertesacker!), nodding it past the 'keeper. But it's only maybe once every 25 games,
  5. Okay, simple question... How do I make the most of a little fellow with great movement in terms of crossing? I want the ball played in so that he doesn't challenge with a defender, but runs onto it, since he has great pace and movement. I can't seem to make it happen, though. I assumed that I'd want to drill crosses to the near post, but it doesn't appear to do anything - they refuse to cross into the box because he's so short. If I play a tall guy in there, they cross far more frequently with exactly the same instructions. However, he has scored goals - maybe ten or eleven last season - on
  6. Which shouts reduce creative freedom? Obviously, "be more disciplined" does so, but do any of the others? Also would really like to know why there does not appear to be individual shouts to increase/decrease creative freedom...
  7. They would be doing so in my save as well, if it weren't for my absurdly good United team doing it instead. Although they're only third in the league this season - but possibly because of runs of poor form directly after losing to us.
  8. Sure, but then it's not really catenaccio! But in fairness, it's not really catenaccio without referee intimidation and match-fixing, either.
  9. I hate to say it, but catenaccio doesn't work because it doesn't work in the modern game. It's like trying to go back to 2-3-5.
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