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  1. Narrow width (I know it says balanced, but look at how wide the indicator actually is - balanced means they'll go wider and narrower than that sometimes, depending on what the opponent is doing), AP(A) with roaming + BBM (pressing midfielder who will at times be quite attacking), and a high pressing DM and you're wondering why you got shape troubles? Not to mention you're on much more closing down. The Disciplined shout will be tempering player roaming a bit but your shape is probably pretty non-existent when it comes to consistency with all the pressing and those role choices. No idea what quality your players are but if they're not capable of playing without "Be More Disciplined", they're not capable of playing this system either.
  2. My reading of the OP: "Hi guys. IMO the FM devs have made choices for the worse! With this match engine I can't replicate 3 ATB formations - I concede a lot and it's not easy to strike a balance between the lines of play. I am quite discouraged because I have been buying the game for years and am very disappointed about the tactical side of gameplay!"
  3. I'd say they're all an improvement on the prior version except 2016 wasn't quite as fun for me as 2015. But that might just be because I got a bit bored with it that year, idk.
  4. I use it to force an opponent into a particular non-useful attacking shape sometimes. For example, I'll play a high pressing game with specific foot instructions; the idea being, for example, to restrict the opponent to mostly playing down the left flank instead of down the right where they are more dangerous. If they do go down the right, they find more resistance. Likewise, if they go through the centre - more resistance. It's easier down the left - so they do that. Then my LB eats them. It works OK most of the time but it has issues, like sometimes a CB might roam forwards and your defender will just go "hey sure shoot on your right foot, good goal fella well done I'd be proud of that!" so I'm increasingly leaning towards getting rid of all OIs again. They are MUCH more useful in the lower leagues or in quite rigid playing styles. In my current playstyle which depends on a combination of slow buildup and fast breaks, it's not beneficial to be pulled out of shape too much, so OIs aren't really great for me right now. I wish that instead of OIs, we had things like: Restrict Opposition To Flanks - used when your opponent has poor wide technical players and prefers to play through the middle, this would reorganise closing down accordingly, making players more likely to press in the middle of the pitch and more likely to seek to retain their shape when the ball goes wide Allow Inside Passes - used when your opponent has poor technical players in the middle of the pitch and prefers to play wide, this would do the opposite Show Runners Outside - specifically used to press dribblers (as opposed to shaping passing play with spatial pressure, as with the preceding two instruction ideas) so that they must run wide, IE anticipate cutting inside Show Runners Inside - specifically used to force dribblers into tightly congested central areas, IE when the opponent has poor technical IFs Transitional Pressure - only close down during transition; by specific criteria (such as: once 5/10 outfield players are "in position" OR the ball enters the midfield, whichever occurs first, as a fair approximation of the common 6 second/3 pass IRL approach), the players stop pressing and retain shape instead there are others but these would pretty much revolutionise the match engine.
  5. Nobody can genuinely answer this question without knowing more about your tactical setup.
  6. There's also a line where a fan says after a big win "I still couldn't wait to get back to my FM save" or similar.
  7. This right here! Just make sure you keep good cover around for him.
  8. I'd like to add to this that the attributes we see in-game are not the true player attributes, exactly; the actual attributes are 1-200, not 1-20. This means two players with, say, 12 for Technique can actually be quite different - one being 124, one being 116. This means players with identical visible attributes are not identical at all. Not unless you made them that way!
  9. Barcelona in recent times have been massively less effective (particularly against quality opposition but not exclusively) because the quality of coaching (particularly the planning side; Guardiola is magnificent at planning training sessions that produce the desired results on matchday, as well as at instilling professionalism and discipline in his players) has fallen at the club, and they no longer effectively work as a unit to disrupt the defensive positioning of the opposing team. The passing is fine. The exploitation of space is atrocious at times (compared to a few years ago).
  10. I never sign players with poor consistency. Too much faffing around. A lower potential player with higher consistency will be more valuable to the team. The important matches one doesn't matter so much to me, but only if they have incredible potential.
  11. I wonder how the hell he's getting his team to actually play the ball to the penalty spot? Whenever I set that option, they whack it out to the edge of the area (and outside the area, not inside, to boot).
  12. You stated that it was the optimum setup for the roaming daughter. What it is is the setup which works with the attributes of your team in particular. What I'm saying is that the optimum setup would require a team with a different set of attributes and, accordingly, a different set of instructions. Really no offense intended, though sorry if any were given.
  13. I dunno. I find the team shouts to be quite... effective. I can keep a fair number of my players body language ranging from "motivated" to "fired up", "looking confident", or "looks convinced" in most matches, now.
  14. The only way you can have a F9 who scores consistently is to have one with high acceleration and pretty high pace, preferably with high stamina. Because he's dropping deep as part of his role, he needs to be pretty quick to get back into the box after fulfilling the support part of his role. If he lacks that pace, the move will be over by the time he arrives, so he will only rarely finish moves off. Which shouldn't matter - his job isn't to finish moves off anyway, but to create space for other players to operate in and be creative enough to play good passes that help build momentum in the final third, as well as killer balls to the players exploiting the space he creates. The plays one-twos PPM though might help, since it will encourage the player to look to lay the ball off and then run beyond his marker instead of just sit static after playing a sideways/backwards pass. Maybe "arrives late in the opposition area", too, although I've never used that with a player in the forwards strata. But really, if you want a F9 who provides a goal threat, you don't really want a F9. You probably want a treq with "comes deep to get ball".
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