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  1. So whilst I've built a side that can comfortably score 3-6+ a game, the ai will still punish me by pumping impossible passes to wide areas from which cross are scored. No matter how well I am playing, the AI will force itself to score from a cross related play. So no how well I defend, once again I let chances go, let men go wide, and every time they are scored from... So, as SI messed up crossing, can I ask the SI forums how I can get my RCB/LCB to move forward into the wide positions? There is so much space, so often when these players get the ball just inside the half way-line, but they just play safe.. Seems as SI aren't fussed how much they fekuced up on attacking play, but in reality if Miles stopped geeking up to the media and wen't to watch some football, maybe brought his developers along to a few games too; they would see that defensive play, and how teams defend has developed. So sadly MJ, your sorry edition of FM16 falls even further away from what current, or at least 2 years ago football shows. Sadly, I feel conned that I've once again brought into the Football Manager series. Their method of improving their game is simply listening to tiered mods on these forums telling them what they want to here. So, I open it up - find me a way to push my LCB/RCB forward when I'm in possession when playing a 352. I've seen numerous teams do this over the past 5 years, so wondering why SI haven't put 'get more forward' into CB... Yet they introduce whole new Raudmetererer role on the back of Muller winning the world cup. Translating back to the game, Thomas Muller would laugh at you; plus the role does't ****ing work and nobody can use. Am I the only one to think SI and FM series, in all their attempts to move forward and improve the game, have actually made it harder for the user to have fun?
  2. All well and good allowing your players learn the tactic, but as soon as they've come close to learning the tactic their morale has taken a battering. So the poor morale counters any benefit of tactic familiarity. Have tried this on a couple of saves from the start, and it's hopeless. My teams never actually counter attack. They either bluntly keep the ball, and because the team has little attacking mentality, there is no threat on goal. When you don't have the ball, you sit so deep and players just hoof the ball all the time. Players never ever intercept or tackle higher or in the midfield. Can people post some examples of how they've turned things around to make this approach viable?
  3. Watched this when it was on a couple of weeks ago and inspired me there and then to try and play a diamond... Very interesting analysis on the reasons Rodger's played a diamond, building a system around his two best players in Suarez and Sturridge [video=youtube;51Ki7ke-w9o]
  4. Seems impossible to play a back 3 this year. Cross, goal, cross goal, lose, morale drops, cross, goal... SK(s) DC DC DC CW(s) DM(s) DM(s) CW(s) B2B CF(s) DLF(a) Fluid - Tried Counter, useless. (Doesn't counter, just sitting ducks in the 18 yard box and concedes midfield) Tried Control, useless. (Doesn't control. Opposition continually dominating possession. Bit more threatening going forward, but still losing games through crosses. Just now it's 3-2/4-2, instead of 4-1/3-0.
  5. Option for more simplistic and ease of use Pro Zone/Stats viewing in games. Can take 10-12 clicks to view and compare just a couple of insights into how the game is going. Whilst I'm pleased to see the improvement in this area, SI have killed analyses for me. It just takes far to long, and is tedious and hard to use.
  6. Got this years FM today, and whilst not fully intending my first save to be Newcastle, it's ended up so. Loaded up with a start date in March, and started unemployed to see what teams I could land a job at with most of the season gone. Steve McLaren had done a sterling job and had actually mathematically relegated Newcastle before I could even have a chance of a rescue mission, with the highest he'd reach all season was a lofty 17th place!! So despite more or less starting off in the Championship, and after turning down a contract approach from Fulham and Blackburn whilst I waited for Steve's head to roll - taking charge of Newcastle seemed as an attractive proposition as any! I was left with 3 final fixtures to the season - West Ham (H), Southampton (A), and Bournemouth (H). I kicked off with 2-1 defeats with a first team squad left mental wrecks, so decided to give game time to Freddie Woodman, Kevin Mbabu and Adam Armstrong ahead of next season. Final home game of the season I managed to comfortably control a 1-0 victory over Bournemouth. End of Season standings: Viewer discretion advised... So ahead of starting the new season in the second tier I've cleverly offered out a few new contracts, adding in 50% relegation clauses! Tim Krul and Anita each got ones extending them beyond their last year before they realised they didn't want to forced to stay! Part of my attraction of settling for a season in the Championship was the chance to reshape the squad from a clean slate. Sadly for nearly every player at the end of season meeting that say'd they won't be sticking around - tough!! I fully intend to flat out refuse to sell or accept bids for better players like Perez, Sissoko, Wijnaldum, Krul. So I made a quick start of appointing Graham Carr to Director of Football, and began the search of end of contract players that I could be approaching - and get Carr on his merry way scouting them! From the UK top of my list is Charlie Austin, as well as Tom Carroll, with Tonny Vilhena, Unai Lopez and Andrija Zivkovic coming in on pre-contracts. So next season I hope to build a fairly kick ass squad that can bounce straight back up with 100+ points. I'm going to try and shift the deadwood that I would have done anyway, so my axe will be swinging at more or less anyone I wouldn't consider to have the potential to play in the Champions League with me in five years time. That will then free up space for me to recruit younger talent that can grow into the potential much quicker.
  7. Only PI is on the AMC who has move into channels. Only just signed Ronaldo, but Hazard's stats from last season are below. Unbeaten in the league (32w, 6d), 120 goals for, 21 conceded, 21 clean sheets.. Haven't noticed any ill effect of look for overlap. The wingers pick the ball up near enough everywhere possible in the game, make runs with and without the ball everywhich way, get on the end of crosses, track back and defend. By far the most effective position for wide players I've found.
  8. This is a perfect representation for me. Wide playmakers' movements are exactly like how Hazard drifts wherever in real life. Your never get the same offensive effects playing inside forwards, wingers or raumdeuters, and you will never get the same defensive positioning either!
  9. 2017/18 Premier League in the bag. Ronaldo finally broke the 3 figure mark - scoring 113 goals in 61 games. Messi some how over shadowed this in first season averaging an incredible 8.64 rating;
  10. At Aston Villa on my game, completely stinking the place out by looks of it. No league assist or goal in nearly 3 years!
  11. Disagree with your last comment. Can't find any clip of it on youtube, but on a recent MNF Gary Neville picked out how the front 5 players ahead of Carrick, as well as full backs immediately fan out high and wide to make the pitch bigger. I see that my current set-up does that fantastically. I have tried with CM in place of AM players, but cannot see to get anywhere near the movement, attacking threat or compact nature of pressing in the team. The whole team just drops back, and every thing just becomes so much harder to come off - movement of players in different positions ins't there, pressing, chances created. I believe it was the Monday Night Football when Palace beat Man City, but Neville also picked out how compact Man United are without the ball, then mentioning Van Gaal's influence on Guardiola's Barcelona. Having 4 players strung out across the AM strata will only improve compactness from front to back, the CM and defensive line to push up as well.
  12. It is now with Messi and Gotze joining. Am playing on this season with more developed Mitchell, and Fosu-Mensah, and Ruben Neves as a starting playing which is keeping it a little more interesting. Yet to flood the squad with regen wonderkids which usually signals the end of my interest in a save very quickly.
  13. I have played 3 seasons with Manchester United playing a 4-1-4-1. It does have 2 amc players, but how the tactic plays in the ME does replicate much more fluidity that you see in real life that you cannot achieve with a 2 mc 4141. Control - Fluid
  14. For the 4th season, signed Messi! Have Mario Gotze coming in on a free transfer. Sold Juan Mata back to Chelsea - but now have an attack/midfield made up of Ronaldo, Messi, Rooney, Bale, Di Maria, Kross, Pogba, Januzaj, Gotze! Taking on the 'Zidanes y Pavones', galactico approach, so will pad out a largely small squad with youth team talents, and younger/cheaper players.
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