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  1. All well and good allowing your players learn the tactic, but as soon as they've come close to learning the tactic their morale has taken a battering. So the poor morale counters any benefit of tactic familiarity. Have tried this on a couple of saves from the start, and it's hopeless. My teams never actually counter attack. They either bluntly keep the ball, and because the team has little attacking mentality, there is no threat on goal. When you don't have the ball, you sit so deep and players just hoof the ball all the time. Players never ever intercept or tackle higher or in the midfield.
  2. Seems impossible to play a back 3 this year. Cross, goal, cross goal, lose, morale drops, cross, goal... SK(s) DC DC DC CW(s) DM(s) DM(s) CW(s) B2B CF(s) DLF(a) Fluid - Tried Counter, useless. (Doesn't counter, just sitting ducks in the 18 yard box and concedes midfield) Tried Control, useless. (Doesn't control. Opposition continually dominating possession. Bit more threatening going forward, but still losing games through crosses. Just now it's 3-2/4-2, instead of 4-1/3-0.
  3. How would people make best use of this guys pace? He's clearly the quickest player in League 1, and has good stats for that level too. Have been playing his as a poacher, in front of a advanced playmaker, but so far yet to see a single through ball played in behind a defense for him!
  4. Anyone else noticing far too many goals coming from second balls at setpeices or rebounds? Seems impossible to keep clean sheets as always the ME always lets opposition score from set-pieces by having them score from second balls.
  5. How are people setting up their teams to defend corners and free kicks? Seems every single game now I am conceding from a set piece. Mainly through the second ball dropping, or goalkeeper deflecting the shot for a tap in.
  6. FM13:Adam Campbell Can't remember what version, but Freddy Guarin. Marcelo, Aourca, Rafinha, Sherman Cárdenas too.
  7. Midfielders; Ander Herrera - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/303589-FM12-Ander-Herrera
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  9. How would you suggest dominating possession against very good sides, most especially away from home?
  10. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/289011-FM12-Eden-Hazard-quot-Faster-than-Zidane-more-technique-than-Henry.-quot Eden Hazard
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  12. Could the title of this please be amended so it complies with correct English spelling please, somebody was too over zealous with the 'ed's' when typing the title - 'Kyle Walker - The Right Sided Ashley Cole' Thanks
  13. Kyle Walker - http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/288239-Kyle-Walker-The-right-sideded-Ashley-Cole.
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