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  1. 1 -- That is the point of the FM14 tactics engine. If you want to have someone in the DM strata who doesn't make plays, and simply covers the defense he is an Anchor Man, not a Playmaker (DLP) with his creativity stripped away. The idea behind it is that you choose your roles and formations based on how you want the players to play, not just choose roles willy-nilly and then tweak them to something else entirely. Does that make sense? Some of these tactics threads end up with crazy LOOKING tactics, but that is because the creator is making role CHOICES to execute a play style. Pick one of the
  2. That just means that the opposition has more players in midfield than you. If you are scoring well and performing to your satisfaction, it can be ignored.
  3. I have been slowly converting my Tottenham save over to a lean youth machine. They start with a ton of low quality youth players, and I am loaning out anyone less than 3* and letting contracts expire on anyone less than 2* until I have enough quality youth players to field the U-21 and U-18 teams. I only keep around someone over 21 with less than 3* to either meet HG requirements or because I can't get rid of them (those players usually spend their time out on loan to drum up interest). This is just my general process, and I am focused on PA because of the expectations I have to live under at
  4. Cleon - I am sad to see you go. Even in my short time playing FM, I have found that it has been your threads that have helped me figure out how to play the game. Thank you for the time and effort you have put into all of us. It is greatly appreciated.
  5. Just did a bit of googling, and Albania is NOT currently part of the EU, which is where the rule bit you. If that is one of the custom leagues you loaded, you can probably just remove that rule. If it is one of the official FM ones it probably should be raised as a bug. Albania was just confirmed as a candidate country in December of 2013. Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Accession_of_Albania_to_the_European_Union
  6. Ah, I am just a bit thick-headed and missed that you were USING Balanced. Thanks!
  7. Looked through the thread again and may still have missed this, but do you rotate the General training options to develop well rounded players, or do you focus on different options based on deficiencies within the squad? Trying to wrap my head around crafting an approach to the general training focus. Currently I have been mainly focusing on Defense, and rotating to Ball Control, Team Cohesion, or Attacking every few weeks. Now I am wondering if a more rigid rotation would be better, or taking stock of my squad as a whole and improving the general areas in larger chunks.
  8. I have a question for some clarification on your loan stance. I completely understand why you don't want to turn over a players develpment to another team/system/staff. How do you balance the match experience needed versus having the squad size necessary to cover for injuries etc? I am going to use the EPL setup because I know the layer off the top of my head. Do you maintain that relatively small squad size of 16 players per level? Thus, which the EPL 3 levels you have a total of 48 players signed to Ajax? Is that assisted by the Dutch setup of a Reserve instead of U-21 team? I have a number
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