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  1. As a note, you can make a U-18 player available for the higher level (not first team) through those ticks as well. So you could have a young wunderkid in your U-18 squad, but make him available for selection in the U-21/Reserve side. I do this all the time to keep my Reserves (playing in Scotland right now) helping my backups stay fit (but first team squad members) and the kids separate for my own sanity.
  2. Lawlore - To be honest, I have not seen much of a difference in attribute needs between the lower 3 Scottish leagues, and that anyone who has some of the general 8-10 ratings like Gormley will do the job all the way up. I had a save that took Berwick up to the SPL in 3 seasons with those types of players. Then they were all played off the pitch and I couldn't afford better... In that save I had Devon Jacobs fit the bill of this thread (original FM14 DB) in that he performed more consistently and generally well at RB even over better rated players. I have now figured out that is because he has very good ratings for big matches. That 18 in determination also means that he keeps on trying... even if the last 20 shots went into the cheap seats. Which is perfect in the lower Scottish leagues!
  3. To comment alongside llama, it looks to me that, rather than have your midfield push up and link with your front 3, you have the front 3 setup to drop back and link with the midfield. I think if you reversed that philosophy you would end up exposed at the back. I say this because I believe that CF and T roam backwards more than AF and P, but not quite as much as DF and DLF? I would be interested to see you show us a game with that reversal. I think it would be very beneficial to those of us still learning how to properly build a tactic.
  4. I wonder if we should raise this as a bug? But then again, the solution might be to have your manager die of old age....
  5. How old is your manager at this point? 95? over 100?
  6. Great thread! Sometimes I get into the heat of trying to 'fix' a tactic and just start going all willy-nilly with instructions. This was a great primer on slowing down and going from one tier to the next with MATCHES in between to see the results. Lovely, lovely stuff. I do think that adding movement arrows to the tactics board would be a great UI boost for Tactic Creation. Not runs that we can alter, but they do change as we alter the instructions. That might help us see better when we set all of our wide players to cut inside and then get frustrated when the AI beats us down the wings. A second suggestion would be different tactics views for attacking, transition, and defense (view only) so we can see the general movement of the X's and O'x as play shifts. Obviously this wouldn't take into account PPMs that could turn a brilliant tactic into a steaming pile on the pitch. (Here is looking at you AVB and Timmy!).
  7. Have a player that wants to move to a bigger club. I promised signings to improve the team (nevermind we are kind of rolling in the league and promotion looks in hand). A couple of weeks later I asked him to recommend someone. His response? "I can't think of anyone." BAH! Then what good are you?
  8. Another tip I would add is to scour the 6 month expiry list starting in January. Expecially if you are fighting for promotion, you should be able to get a few better players signed on a pre-contract. Their wages don't hit until the transfer and you can release players at the end of the season to afford their contract. You know, the guys they will be replacing. Even if you don't end up with promotion this season, you should be on your way the next.
  9. I am going to take a stab at this thread's posted advice because it is something I am just coming to grasp with. Someone point out where I am going wrong with my understanding. Star ratings for ALL players in your scouting knowledge are relative based on your SIGNED players. Star ratings are based on the advice of your staff. Coaches, Scouts, HOYD, Ass Man, DoF, etc.. The staff advice is only as good as their attributes. Meaning that bad staff will not judge your players as accurate as good staff. Bad players signed on your team mean that the base for the comparison is very low. So here is an example of the process. Let's say that you have a team of all 1* players, making your basis for comparison 1*. Now you sign a 3* player.... With the best staff in the world, they would recognize the relative values and say "Hey, this guy is only 3*, but compared to our current squad, we should sign him" and give him a 3* rating. Sign a 3* player with BAD staff? They say "HOLY @(#*%!#%! THIS KID IS AMAZEBALLS! SIGN HIM FOREVER AND WATCH US WIN THE CHAMPS LEAGUE!" and give him the appropriate 5* rating for that comment. Either way you have only sign an OBJECTIVE 3* player. One set of staff can see this, the other thinks he is the second coming of Pele, Maradona, and Messi combined. What most of the responders to this thread are trying to say is that, WHILE YOU HAVE VERY POOR STAFF, you should ignore the * ratings because they can be misleading. Look at the actual attributes, and the COMMENT that goes with the star rating. Those two things will better serve your aspirations for the squad.
  10. Good to see you back at it and managing Berwick. I had a save a while back with them, and it was interesting to see you make a lot of the same personnel decisions I did, though I had a bit better luck on the results front... which ended up destroying the save. Good luck at Livingston!
  11. I am sure everyone here knows this but... Dawson is really very useless (unless part of a back three as he plays a stopper well and 2 others to cover). Townsend makes poor decisions and cannot be trusted. Capoue needs to either lose the gets forward PPM or be moved out to the RB spot (though if you want to lock down the game and play 2 DMs he helps connect the attack with Sandro as an Anchor). Friedel is best if he is not used for a number of matches in a row, Gomes might be the better choice to keep for the first season... I am on my second attempt at a minimal transfer period in season 1 and I almost got sacked because I have had some major injury issues and had to rely on those 4 players in some big matches. Only signed 3 players Insigne, Alex Sandro, and Balanta. Because I thought that training Capoue into defense and Dawson wouldn't play much I loaned Balanta back to River for a season of play before coming into the starting lineup in 2014/2015. That was a poor decision... I really don't know how you all get so many incoming players in the first window. When do you guys start buying (I start early, and I am afraid I overpay because of that)? Who do you sell, and how do you get rid of them?
  12. 1 -- That is the point of the FM14 tactics engine. If you want to have someone in the DM strata who doesn't make plays, and simply covers the defense he is an Anchor Man, not a Playmaker (DLP) with his creativity stripped away. The idea behind it is that you choose your roles and formations based on how you want the players to play, not just choose roles willy-nilly and then tweak them to something else entirely. Does that make sense? Some of these tactics threads end up with crazy LOOKING tactics, but that is because the creator is making role CHOICES to execute a play style. Pick one of the uber teams (Bayern, Chelsea, Barcelona, Real Madrid) and start playing around!
  13. I just had another thought on potential tactics with the Spurs squad. How about a dangerously rotating trio in the center of the defense? I am thinking maybe a halfback and 2 ball playing defenders? Vertonghen, Chiriches, and Sandro/Capoue. Can you actually have them rotate and cover as 1 of the 3 bring a ball forward?
  14. I just bought him for a second time (different saves) and I would recommend signing him. If he is still at FCP he shouldn't be expensive, but he will want (and really derserves) a big bump when he moves on from them. If you are buying him from another team, yeah, pay the man! Unless you have Shaw... then let him be. As far as the IF is concerned... yeah he probably would make a good IF, but his defensive ability means you should keep him in the FB/WB slots. If you still have Rose, you could try him up there (although IRL he was moved BACK to DL from Midfield). Which also means perhaps we should have a bit more understanding for his defensive faults. For another season....
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