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  1. after many years of the dots i finally embraced the 3d match engine in fm15 i guess i enjoy the stadium banners that were released by a gentleman last year they really give the game something extra, there was no going back for me.
  2. my wife got me fm 16 on release as a early Christmas present i was a happy man till i loaded it up and realized i could not watch in 3d due to having windows xp i went on a few forums including this one and si said windows xp was not compatible as i could not afford a upgrade i put fm16 away until tonight when i thought to myself if by some miracle Si might have changed things i put it into google and i see some guy posted a way round it on how to get the 3d match engine working 2 months wasted of not playing i feel i missed out on so much
  3. is this right <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <record> <!-- ================================================== ========== Basic Skin Details The commands in this file are only used to describe the skin. Settings should be placed in the file "skins/<skin>/settings/<skin> settings.xml", where <skin> is the name of the skin. $DateTime: 2013/10/09 17:09:29 $ ================================================== ========== --> <!-- skin name, author etc --> <string id="name" value="FM15 Unofficial Dark Skin" /> <string id="author" value="MurChupKampSantArtS8" /> <translation id="description" translation_id="249669" type="use" value="FM15 Community Dark Skin " /> <string id="version" value="15.2.0” /> <flags id="parent" value="fm dark-widgets" /> <!-- Minimum game version this skin requires to be valid, and listed as an option in the list of skins . This is used for two things: - First of all you can force a sking to only be availble for a minimum minor release (ie patch), in other words setting the required_version to 7.0.1 makes sure the skin won't be listed if the game is in version 7.0.0. - Secondly, the first number ("major version") is used to decide which version the skin was designed for, so if the version is "7.0.0" it won't be listed in the list of skins if the game version is "6.0.0." or "8.0.0", even though 7 is less than 8. --> <string id="required_version" value="15.2.0” /> <string id=“skin_name" value="FM15 Unofficial Dark Skin" /> </record> ive also changed the config file to skin_config , still not working
  4. ive done this and still not working
  5. Nice one mate very much appriciated
  6. Thanks 8SZAD your legend just dowloaded it and that was not the Shakhtar tv logo i thought it was gonna be mate, here is a link to where i watch Shakhtar games that shows the logo, http://video.shakhtar.com/en/
  7. Hi 8SZAD is there any chance you could do the Shakhtar tv logo mate.
  8. absoulotly love it this is myskin for the year i think. fantastic work
  9. sad to hear you have gave it up, ill check out the new skin though and give it a chance out of respect for the work you have done.
  10. Fantastic mate i would be lost without your graphics, are you making a skin this year.
  11. If I did ever find out FM was scripted it would feel like for the past 10 years or so I've been living a lie, I would need therapy.
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