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  1. Great, glad to hear that! 1. That might work, let me know what results you`re getting. I havent had that much of a issue on the left back to be honest, as the central defenders tend to drift over to the backs and cover. 2. I have done that myself, works great
  2. Hi guys, I don`t think there was any changes to the ME with the hot fix they released? Couldn't find any in the changelist. Have you all tried a attacking mentality with a very rigid system? Also try shoot less on the AM. And yes, left footed on the right side and right footed on the left works like a charm, either footed is perfect - same goes for the AM If you are struggling with the possession you could try to lower the tempo a bit or try holding the ball up.
  3. If you guys got some issues in regards of away form etc, check out this possible solution: http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/share-download-fm-14-tactics/152223-fm14-14-2-0-triad-4-2-3-1-promoted-first-season-doncaster-great-gd-5.html#post1972575 - for this tactic, only on another forum Guess thats alright to share, moderators?
  4. Im afraid it is a bit random, but I can see from the feedback most people are having success with the tactic. Is your team fluid with your tactic? Are you having the correct players?
  5. Hi! I really didn`t set up any set piece in this tactic, I left it alone for you guys to chose yourself. There are several tips about how to defend on corners, search the forums
  6. Like I also wrote in my thread, this is no wondertactic, diablo or anything - you`ll have your losses and draws - but it also gives some nice moments on that pitch for sure
  7. Yeah, I saw that now. A player with good potential. Hm, strikers for Championship? Theo Robinsson from Doncaster, Nouha Dicko from Wigan, Jermaine Beckford from Bolton. James Vaughan from Huddersfield (Amazing in that ST position) etc etc.
  8. One of my theories in the "lower leagues" is that pace upfront is key, I dont know the pace of Maierhofer or Rescandani but Zigic is slow as a turtle Theo Robinsson which I had in Doncaster is a beast on those kind of attributes.
  9. Try loading in the tactic in all 3 slots on the tactics page, where you pick your tactics (the add tactic button at the top, add this in all 3) Then make sure you got tactics on high level at all training levels. By doing this the tactic will get fluid quicker. Then after it gets fluid, put the training back to what you normally have.
  10. Well done! Awesome man! Let me know how it goes! Hi! I wouldn't change the roles to much, but you could try? Let me know how it goes Try go up attacking against weaker teams or counter against stronger teams My assistant manager is in control
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