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  1. mije1983

    injury release clause

    I wouldn't count a 4 month absence as serious enough to warrant a contract termination. I would suggest a 4 month lay off is fairly common place in football. To me, that clause should come in to play in a situation like that of a potential career ending injury. Although I suppose it would also depend on the level you are managing at.
  2. I'm sure I remember reading a while ago that you had to have at least 95% attendance for the board to sanction a new stadium. I can't say I've ever seen a new stadium reduce a clubs capacity (in FM) so not sure if this is coded or not, likewise with other amenities.
  3. mije1983

    Dual Nationality

    I'm at September 2018 and he's still not capped by either country. Just 3 under 20 caps for Brazil.
  4. If you are referring to the OP, you do realise this thread is 6 years old don't you?!? :confused: 6 years ago the above posters confirmed the rules for the UEFA under 21 tournaments. If you are talking about club football in FM15, then you can play up to 3 over 21 outfield players and a goalkeeper in the English under 21 games as it is in real life, and as explained in the rules tab of the competition.
  5. mije1983

    Financial Mismanagement

    Isn't this also the case IRL though?
  6. mije1983


    As I said above: Forget the fact you are only using half of your budget. That's a bit of a red herring as your board obviously don't have great financial acumen ratings if they are allowing you to spend far more than you are making. When you are losing millions a year it's time to cut back even if you are within the limits the board allow you to spend!
  7. mije1983


    Where is the £1m in your bank? You lost nearly £4m last season, and are projected to lose more this season. That's not a sustainable plan for any business with your amount of turnover. I'd suggest you start selling some players. Your wage bill is almost as much as your entire turnover.
  8. mije1983

    Every damn year

    Pardew, Martinez, Van Gaal, Wenger and Rodgers would kill for your injury list! http://www.physioroom.com/news/english_premier_league/epl_injury_table.php
  9. mije1983

    Can't ask for stadium expansion

    How long ago did you buy it? If it was quite recently, the board may not want to spend more money on the stadium so soon after splashing out to purchase it.
  10. mije1983


    Do you have a lot of outstanding loans being paid back? Having £1m in the bank does not prevent administration, especially if your outstanding loans are many times that amount with no obvious way of re-paying them. Not sure if FM works this way though.
  11. mije1983

    Invisible fans?

    Why would you not be getting crowds of 5,800 in a stadium that wasn't all seater? It's quite possible to have 5,800 fans behind 2 goals. However, if your stadium is an all seater with a capacity of 5,800 then it sounds like a graphical issue in game.
  12. mije1983

    Invisible fans?

    Is your stadium an all seater? At Championship level and above, no standing fans are allowed. So if the 2 pitchside stands have no seating, they would be closed.
  13. mije1983

    My first fine

    Because he is an assistant manager, not a buttock manager
  14. Until he has played a competitive match, he will be eligible for either country. It is a real life FIFA rule so he is perfectly able to represent Argentina in the game. A real life example is Diego Costa, who played 2 friendlies for Brazil before going on to play for Spain.
  15. mije1983

    My first fine

    You pick the team for the game, but your ass man deals with all team talks, tactical changes and subs.