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  1. ericisgod7-random crashes.dmp and ericisgod7-random crashes.fm they were put in the correct relevant folders
  2. Followed and still happening Uploaded Save game and dump file via FTP
  3. I am getting random crashes when playing, it happens when I'm doing anything but seems to happen most when pressing continue. I don't play with any 3D graphics and only play with one country, England. It happened on my previous save game but have just started a new save game and it is happening a lot more. I have deleted caches and preferences folders and verified the cache again.
  4. I'm having the same issue. I can provide dump files too. I'm only running one country with a medium database. It does it on new games i start up. i also have nothing added to the game, it's as is.
  5. With this version being available on unix, does this mean that there are cheaper versions of running the full version on a tablet? Or is the surface pro my only option? Sorry if already posted
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