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  1. Football Manager 2014 Promo 25% Off GMG25-3P6V5-3Q850 is the new voucher for 25% Off
  2. It should work for repeated customer, drop them a email and see what they say.
  3. Think there should be separate threads for 1) technical support 2) first impressions and 3) bugs reporting. Feedback is too broad a term for people to grasp what it is.
  4. Come post your first impressions of the FM 14 Beta. Not for bugs/feedback Am downloading the Beta now, will share my thoughts on this year's version in awhile. Better/Different/Worse Than FM 13?
  5. The 30% off code isn't working for some people who are first time customers, if that is the case, use this for 20% off GMG20-7EKXF-UTQXX 25% Off Voucher Code: GMG25-G3VXY-XZ50F (just added)
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