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  1. Struggling to sign players in first window. Dede isn't even interested yet seen a lot of people sign him. Is it to do with your season expectation at the start or do you need to let orta negotiate for you?
  2. Did you use Saiz & Alioski as inside forwards then?
  3. Just got promoted in my first season. Currently July 11 2015 & I'm struggling to find either a striker or Centre half. I have £3.6m to spend so could be a bit more than that if I spread it over 48 months. Has anybody got any recomenations? Currently signed Will Hughes, Kranevitter, Paul Dummett & a guy from Portland who is a striker. Worriedd my squad may be a little thin on the ground
  4. Hi Currently playing as Wimbledon. I've made it to the 3rd round of the FA Cup and have drawn Everton Away. I've been at home for my 1st two round for which I think I got £18k for 1st round and £27k for second round. The Everton game is still a month away. How much am I likely to receive even if I lose? Obviously, my finances are tight so really could do win some money to help the cash flow. I know in real life the small clubs get big pay outs for been away at the Premiership top sides. Does FM work in the same way. Don't often manage this low down the football league and can't ever recall making the 3rd round and drawing a big team before with a league 2 side Thanks in advance
  5. Finally got my long term save going on 15.2.1 I have had an overhaul of the squad Ins: Andre Hansen - 60k Pierre Bengsston - 77k Michael Chretian - free Stefan Strandberg - 350k Tore Reginussein - £300k Ruben Neves - Season Loan David Pavelka - 1.1m Lucas Silva - £6.7m Houssaine Kharja - Free Herolind Shala - 100k Carlos Strandberg - 1.2m Outs: Silvestri - 600k Ternana Berardi - 600k Derby Warnock - Free Blackburn Pearce - 750k Sheff Utd Wootton - 250k Blackpool Del Fabro - Loan Cancelled Bendedic - Loan Cancelled Austin - 1.3m Brighton Murphy - 2m Charlton Sloth - 2.4m Fulham Hunt - 170k Bourmenouth Morrison - 275k Bristol City Montenegro - Loan Cancelled I have Bianchi, White, Tongue, Norris, Ajose, Thompson, Doukara all on the transfer list but not able to shift them on & now the transfer window is shut I have been using a tactic I found on the net. I have used this in another save I have with Palace and it worked great there Sweeker Keeper: Hansen, Taylor Full Back Left (Attack): Bengsston, Taylor Full Back Right (Attack): Byram, Chretian Defender Central (Defend): Bellusci, Cooper Defender Central (Defend): Reginussein, S Strandberg Defensive Midfielder (Defend): Ruben Neves, Pavelka Centre Midfield Right (Attack):Lucas Silva, Alex Mowatt, Lewis Cook, Bianchi Centre Midfield Left (Attack): David Pavelka, Alex Mowatt, Lewis Cook, Bianchi F9 Right (Support): Antencucci, Adryan, Sharp F9 Centre (Support): C Strandberg, Adryan, Sharp F9 Left (Support): Kharja, C Strandberg, Shala I play an attacking, fluid style with a high line & closing down all over Currently joint top after 8 games Millwall 1-2 Leeds Scunthorpe 1aet4 Leeds (COC Rnd 1) Leeds 1-1 Middlesbrough Leeds 3-2 Brighton Watford 3-3 Leeds Barnsley 1-8 Leeds (COC Rnd 2) Leeds 1-0 Bolton Birmingham 1-3 Leeds Bournemouth 3-2 Leeds Leeds 3-0 Huddersfield Blackburn 2aet3 Leeds (COC Rnd 3)
  6. How do you play your wider 3? as wide midfielders. Are your 3 in the middle attacking or supporting?
  7. If I were to buy a player for say £2m upfront & another £2m after so many league appearances, does £4m come off your budget or is it just the £2m up front that comes off? Thanks in advance
  8. Has anyone cashed in on Byram & Bellusci at the start of the game. If so what kind of money you get for them?
  9. Stefan Strandberg can still be picked up cheap with a bit of haggling. Good Centre Half
  10. It's free with a mobile phone contract I am thinking of taking out
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