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  1. In my first season and a half, I bought about 10 players. In searching for these players, I came to about 5 of that transfer bugs.
  2. Are you planing to release a transfer bug fix or no? It really annoys me, as I'm coming to more and more players that I can't buy because of it.
  3. Can someone please explain me this? And it says that he would be extremely interested in a move to Milan. But...
  4. Balotelli have worst PPM that is on FM, shoots from distance. Can't get him to untrain that. Will do what you say with AML and AMR, but Shaarawy was on support for most of the season, and played badly. Started playing better. And Saponara has just scored 4 against Roma as support. Talking about inconsistent performances. Game before I drew 0:0 against Sampdoria.
  5. Missing too many CCC's, most of them by Balotelli. And fairly inconsistent performances. I win 5:0 in one match, and I lose the second by 3:1 or something. I'm second in the league as of writing, so not too bad, but these CCC's are my worst problem. Having 5 of them in some matches, scoring one or none.
  6. So, after Ackter said to me to start a thread, there it is. This is my tactics now. About PI, I only instructed them to shoot less often.
  7. Any advice? Balotelli simply doesn't score. He have 2-3 ccc's per match, but just can't get it on target. And I'm not happy with Kaka either. First tried with Kaka on SS and Balo as DLF, then with Kaka on Att.MF attack and Balo as poacher, tried Balo on adv. forward but nothing helps. Every advice regarding PI and TI are appreciated.
  8. Bookings are really out of control and it started to **** me off. This is after 15 games in league. And I found this, http://espnfc.com/stats/fairplay/_/league/eng.1/barclays-premier-league?cc=5739 - but after 28 games, not 15.
  9. Played few matches and I see some improvement, but surely I have to play more to notice more things. But, in this few games I noticed a lots of bookings even though I play with stay on feet shout. And yes, I scored some direct freekick goals, something that was almost impossible on previous versions.
  10. How can I browse through other teams transfer history? On default skin you just have to click on a team name, and then go to transfers - transfers history. Now when you click on a team name, nothing happens.
  11. In my team instructions I have look for overlap and roam from position shouts I will pay more attention next game, so I will provide screenshots if necessary.
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