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  1. Anybody enlighten me as to how i close my account down on here for good? Looked in settings but to no avail. Done with the game! Regards
  2. Im going to throw a curve ball into the equation and it may sound ridiculous to some but could you not put him as the middle CD as stopper? So in essence back 5 with 3 CBS and the man in question as stopper CB to move forward and curtail any threat around the DM area? You want him to stay close to your CBs right? Not tried it so it may not work as i visualize it but in my mind it is exactly what you claim to want. Let me know if you try it & what the results are.
  3. Really liking the ME now tbh Testing out a 4-4-2 and it seems the positional sense of the wingers/wide midfielders is so much better. You can actually make a nice compact, two lines of four now unlike before. Wide players tucking in to central areas to get compact four in midfield. Good update.
  4. Sensible decisions made by players most of the time in build up play unlike last patch.
  5. What....the separate positional team talks you mean? I quite like that tbh
  6. ME looks like an improvement. Only played one game so hard to really tell, but definitely seemed an improvement.
  7. Terrible, how can this be overlooked time & time again. How many hotfix's or patches have we had and this still has not be rectified? Glaringly obvious.
  8. Please tell me the glitch where a random player hovers over the centre circle in between highlights has been rectified? Not sure what it would come under on the fix list.
  9. Whoever came to this decision should be hung, drawn & quartered or at least have his pants pulled down, arse smacked and thrown out of SI headquarters head first. Appalling decision.
  10. I third this.....extremely disappointing. Split screen with stats on right for 2D was a fantastic way of playing.
  11. Disappointing is an understatement, should be made an absolute priority. Mac users have been dealt a terrible hand with this BETA release. £38 for an unenjoyable game thus far.
  12. There better be a fix for Retina for all the Mac users who are hanging around like lemons waiting for this resolution issue to be sorted.
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