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  1. Anybody enlighten me as to how i close my account down on here for good? Looked in settings but to no avail. Done with the game! Regards
  2. Im going to throw a curve ball into the equation and it may sound ridiculous to some but could you not put him as the middle CD as stopper? So in essence back 5 with 3 CBS and the man in question as stopper CB to move forward and curtail any threat around the DM area? You want him to stay close to your CBs right? Not tried it so it may not work as i visualize it but in my mind it is exactly what you claim to want. Let me know if you try it & what the results are.
  3. Really liking the ME now tbh Testing out a 4-4-2 and it seems the positional sense of the wingers/wide midfielders is so much better. You can actually make a nice compact, two lines of four now unlike before. Wide players tucking in to central areas to get compact four in midfield. Good update.
  4. Sensible decisions made by players most of the time in build up play unlike last patch.
  5. What....the separate positional team talks you mean? I quite like that tbh
  6. ME looks like an improvement. Only played one game so hard to really tell, but definitely seemed an improvement.
  7. Wont be until a few days after the Chinese transfer market has closed IMO. Maybe sometime over the weekend is my guess.
  8. Let me know how you find the CM changes. Should make you more solid when play is recycled/loss of possession and not so open on the counter. I always like to play my DL & DR on support duties either with full back or wing back role. Rarely will I give a DL & DR an attack instruction. Can leave you very open on the flanks if countered. I feel on support they are never too far away from where I want them to be positionally. My AML & AMR are on attack duties which is why I use the DL & DR on support only. Suicide if you use the whole flank on attack. Dips in form happen
  9. I would recommend assigning the DLP to a defend duty along side the BWM also on defend. You have good roles and set up so its just little tweaks here & there. Why do you need the DLP to support? you have 4 players ahead of him!!! Let the 4 ahead do their things with support from the full backs. Keep the two CM's on BWM & DLP but both on defend for more stability and to protect against counter attacks. You are not a million miles away. I play a very similar formation but with the striker on poacher & both full backs on support, occasional changing to WBS if needed.
  10. I'm guessing you concede most of your goals down the right side? WP at right midfield will cut inside more with an attacking fullback overlapping and RCM on attack. The right side looks very exposed even with a DM on defend duty IMO. The RM and RCM will most likely be getting in each other's way in an attacking sense IMO. Few role changes and you should be a lot more solid both defensively & offensively.
  11. Terrible, how can this be overlooked time & time again. How many hotfix's or patches have we had and this still has not be rectified? Glaringly obvious.
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