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  1. Any update on this bug? Quite difficult to play having to constantly exit and reload.
  2. Same problem here. Only happening since the new Windows 10 update
  3. I was struggling away and with the shouts sherizan outlined: - Hit early crosses - Play Narrower - Work ball into box I have also pushed the defensive line up 2 notches as the opposition was getting a lot of space in between my back four and midfield four. (n.b. I do have a quick back for that can cope with balls over the top) results are a lot better.
  4. The results have been o.k. so far. Got 5 wins 2 draws and 2 losses. However I am finding that my players are tending to dawdle with the ball, getting caught in possession frequently.
  5. I will give it a go in my Derby game. Been struggling with my 442 since the ME update.
  6. Going well so far for me with Derby. I have Lua Lua (Free) and Velikonja (£150k) upfront and they are scoring bucketloads.
  7. not a good start, my best left back has just signed for a team in the league above without kicking a ball for me
  8. Ok im going to start my game. Gone for Downton in Wessex D1. The assistant reckons i have a few '5 star' players, not sure if this is true, but they look alright for the level. Have a couple of decent 16 year olds that should be the mainstay in my back line. I'm hoping that i get bought out and have my facilities upgraded so i can get some nice youth players.
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