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  1. I've had hard brexit in my Leeds save. Not sure why you would want to do this as its a game breaker INHO. There's not enough quality British newgens to compensate for not being able to sign European youth
  2. Third season at Everton ad third successive FA Cup final. All through the save i appear to have the hoodoo over City as i think its 6 wins from 9 matches but this scoreline is quite frankly ridiculous. I appreciate i've bult a very good team (we won the campions league the following week, 1-0 v Juve) and sometimes everything comes together but City are still a very good team and this just isn't realistic. I don't like to scream bug at things but its pretty difficult to explain any other way. I've played the same formation pretty much all season and the starting XI was my first choice apart from Lukaku getting injured in training beforehand and Nole taking his place so its not like I sprung a tactical master stroke on them, Thoughts?
  3. EVERTON ARE CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE!!!! Stayed up way too late to finish season 3 but my was it worth it. Our valliant league effort was in vain against a pretty much unstopable Man U but our cup performaces more than made up for it. A third sucessive FA cup was secured by way of a quite frankly ridiculous final but that only served to give the squad huge confidence ahead of the Champions League final against reigning champions Juventus. a tght, even game was settled in the 80th minute with a strike from wonderkid Nole, only playing because of a training injury to Lukaku. Unbeleuvable scenes at the San Siro and just reward for a fantasti semi final victory over Man U to gain revenge for their league form. Squad wise, captain Baines was utterly immense all season, Zouma more than justified his £53m transfer fee and Janaury signing Depay chipped in with some crucial goals. Pre season could be intereseting as Bazoer is wanted by City and Barca and has a £48m release clause and wont sign a new contract but there are plenty of top players now interersted in cming but the wage budget is going to be an issue
  4. Aloso the only rules i can see are in relation to appeals. The reason given for him not getting a permit was that Norway aren't ranked high enough but can't see anyhting in the rules about the country's world ranking affecting the descicion
  5. thanks but the rules are the same as they were at the start of the save but there's not details given of countries you need one for
  6. I'm into my fourth season with Leeds and have just had a work permit turned down for a Norwegian player so I'm guessing that Brexit has happened and its been pretty rough. I never saw anything about this on my news feed though admitedly i go holiday for the international breaks and so may well ahve missed it. My question is: is there any way of finding out about the new rules or how hard the Brexit was? I've searched my news feed for 'brexit' but am unable to find any messages therein. Thanks
  7. First season back in the prem completed and got to say i was rather srurpised. Althugh i never dropped into the relegation places i was always bobbing around 14th to 17th with away points being very difficult to get hold of. But a 10 match unbeaten run from February saw us climb clear of relegation and dreaming of a surpise push into Europe as the league was pretty tight but only one win in the last 5 put paid to that and we ended up a very credible 11th place with an FA Cup semi thrown in (lost to Chelsea of all teams). Jordan Ayew top scored with 13 league goals but Ravel Morrison chipped in with some important ones from midfield and Adam Webster was a rock at the back. Amazingly the board are expecting us to battle bravely against reglegation again this coming season so i feel like its a pressure free one as we should push on. The squad has had a major overhaul but all the inoming transfers should play a part this year, particularly glad to have finally got hold of MArcelo Silva as i've been chashing him since the start of the save and Sundli and Vera should be a centre back pairing for a few years.
  8. that last paragraph worked for me, Coleman as well. Not heard a peep from them since qualyfing even though it was only for the play off (which ive won). Plenty of players you cna get rid of and then spreading incoming transfers over 24 months at least helps you be able to bring more in making champs league relativel easy though it took me till the final day to pip liverpool to 4th. A mate of mine won the title on his last day in the first season
  9. ok got through to the end of the transfer window of first season back in the prem. Happy enough with the signings, hoping Ravel Morrison comes good but just waiting for him to go AWOL! Finally managed to get Pontus back after chasing him all season and having to get rid of some deadwood to free up the funds. Antonssen had to go, just not sure he's got it for me on the prem. Looking forward to seeing MaManquillo bombing down the right and Rodriguez could be an absolute bargain. Pre season went well and confidence was high but its been a tough opening month and the defeat at Walsall, even with a second choice XI, was very disappointing, Hoping to be able to push on as the season progresses but can't see us challenging for any honours and i'd take 17th if offerred even now!
  10. Got through to the end of the first transfer window of season 2 last night. Thought I was happy with my transfers till I realised that I'd only spent money on back up players and first XI is going to be pretty much the same as last season. But the squad is healthier now. Could've sold Donnarumma for £47 to PSG but the only decent GK to replace him was Hart for £29 so wouldn't have left me much to improve elsewhere Pre season went well, lukaku finally turned up with a trick in the charity shield. First up Pep at home but my hoodoo over him has continued and the confidence flowing through the club allowed us to win 4 from 4 and only a 91st minute icardi penalty for united denied us top spot heading into the international break. Tough champs league qualifier against shakhtar successfully negotiated but it's gonna take something special to get out of my group and even third place will take a big effort but bring it on!
  11. £2m rising to £4. Had to bring in depay on loan to cover though I also managed to get Tello on a free
  12. Picked up Schaub in first transfer window of my Everton save with Vienna inserting a loan back for the season. Just about to start second season and he's going to be in my squad and he's nly gone and done hic ACL. out for 9-9 months. Gutted
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