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  1. I started a save at Newcastle and got rid of most of the staff to bring my own guys in. Now onto season 4 and i'm still not allowed to appoint an assistant manager. Anyone have an idea why this would be and how i can specifically request one? The board have been happy to increase wages for coaches and the number of coaches but cancel any Ass Man appointment i try to make
  2. Anyone any idea where the subs panel has gone? Swear it was there yesterday lol
  3. this happened to me. the way i found round it was to click on the down arrow next to the 'continue' button in the top right corner. From here you can go on holidy, do this evn for a day and you will be bale to continue as normal
  4. 4 seasons completed, hat trick of titles and finally champions of Europe
  5. Thiago Maia all day for me. Potential WP issues but if you can get him then do so
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