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  1. I can confirm that. I've noticed that several times.
  2. thanks lol and I don`t mind if there are such accounts or not. The only thing I am interested in are the tactics and how they work. First season at 1.Bundesliga with VfB Stuttgart and I will give it a try.
  3. Hello, I'd like to see who scores the goals and who gets the assists. Would be nice if some of you could write something about it or have some screenshots. Thanks in advance
  4. There were no further changes necessary.
  5. damned. I knew there was something else. lol I will give it a try. thanks!
  6. First of all. I playing the game in German and tried it with a german club. I did everything according to the "how to" and was amazed why it should always come to a player-led consortium. It should not be possible anymore. Nevertheless, at least I managed to get a message about a possible takeover of a tycoon. A week later, the talk was about an investor. Another 4 weeks later, however, only about a consortium of former players. I've certainly tried it 30 times or even more and in the end it was always(!) only about a consortium of former players. Then I replaced "Germany" with "Deutschland" in the files "valid_takeovers_only". Now nothing happens for a few weeks and then it is about an promotion from within. This is how it should be, i guess. But sadly i did not manage to get a message about a tycoon-takeover. I've certainly tried 30-40 times too. So now i am not sure if it will be ever happen or if it is not possible for a german club. Maybe I have to test in a nother nation to see how it works.
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