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  1. Anyone got a decent Poch tactic that they have had good results with and fancy uploading it? Really struggling with the tactics side of this game.
  2. And please also allow us to pick the tie colour!
  3. Yeah bit poor to be honest with you. It was billed as a big feature before release and it is awfully tacky and looks horribly rushed!
  4. Anyone have an Enfield Town save file? Would love to try this challenge out with my home town club!
  5. So I finally finished my first season and I come in 4th in the premier league. Lost out in the 2 domestic cups very early in the first rounds and I managed to reach the quarter finals of the Europa Cup. Not a bad season and champions league football is coming back to white hart lane! I bought a few youngsters and also bought Charlie Austin for 8 million at start of season for cover for Harry Kane. He turned out to be a great signing and managed to back 20 odd goals to help me to my 4th placed finish. Player of the season was Dele Alli, pretty much played him in all of my games and got fans player of the year award at the end of the season. Great player in the years FM and turns into a superstar.
  6. I had the same issue, was typing in the documentary code and then got the 'game cannot be installed' message in Steam. I realised I was putting in the wrong code, so then entered in the correct FM game code and still got the same message as before 'game cannot be installed'. Only fix I found for this was to download via steam and not install from disc. Bit annoyed though as have a rubbish 2.5mb internet speed and its now going to take 2 hours to download.
  7. Frederico Fazio (Tottenham) - Rubbish in real life and 4 star superstar in FM.
  8. Looks good, your centre back pairing is awesome. If I was you I would replace Capoue in the DM position for someone like Lucas Romero... I bought him in my first season and has been immense for me. EDIT: - Should learn to read before posting I can see you have Romero in your team already.
  9. Yes I think they should, but they will not because at the end of the day they are a business and they will lose money by doing this.
  10. I bought Wilfred Bony for £14 million in first season. Only played 10 games of season so far and he has only netted a penalty. Soldado in disguise!
  11. Hi All, This is my first time trying this challenge and I am planning on starting tonight. Dafuge says in his original post that you will need to download a custom database? Where can I get my hands on this? Also, if I use a save from the kind poster who added save files on the first page can I jump straight in and start a save from there without having to download the custom database? Sorry if it is a stupid question.. never done this challenge before. G
  12. If anyone please gets Enfield Town or Biggleswade Town can you please send me a DM. I would love to try this challenge with one of those 2 teams. Thanks, G
  13. Yes you are correct, and I believe it will be filmed live on Twitch? Miles will be giving out details on how to watch via his twitter feed I think.
  14. No way round this I believe. Why would a player want to play for the U19 when he has a chance to shoot straight up to the U21's
  15. Well I wouldn't watch it. Couldn't think of anything more frustrating than watching someone move around their mouse playing FM. Would rather play it than watch someone else play it.
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