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  1. 2020/2021: The Apostles The squad as it stands officially lacks apostles. Apart from a random welshman, which I must admit appeals to me, we have three Apostles around which to build the team. Luckily, they're all on the younger side, and can help us build. Less helpfully, two of them are right backs. I have four years to clear the remainder: if they aren't an apostle, they won't get a new contract, and the latest contracted party is 2023. That means potentially great players, like Afeez Aremu and Finn Becker, will have to be molded, and sold, at spe
  2. Way back in 2016, I did a save where I only signed players named 'John' or variations thereof, for St Johnstone. Then in 2017, I did an (aborted) save where I signed players named Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or Paul for St Pauli. So I'm redoing that idea, because it's a good one. The Premise: Jesus o'Nazareth, half Irish, half Israeli, will be the manager of Hamburg St. Pauli and be limited in signing players who's first or sur-names include some iteration of Matthew, Mark, Luke, John or Paul. As these are some of the most common names in Europe, it should limit me but not enor
  3. The World's Best 2031: Ballon d'Or: Simone Paolucci (Inter) - first regen to win the Ballon d'Or FIFA Best: Simone Paolucci (Inter) World Player of the Year: Simone Paolucci (Inter) Kopa Trophy (best u21 Player): Abaseen Abdullah [Mainz] FIFA best XI
  4. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 End of Year Awards Another bumper crop of awards for the boys, and me. We're now by far and away the best team in Denmark, and our players are, rightly, getting recognised for it: Manager of the Year Eric Amissah (Yth) Danish Player of the Year: After a year off, Eric Amissah (Yth) wins Danish player of the Year a second time. Superliga Player of the Year: Superliga Media Player of the Year: Four in a row now as both the Player's Player and Media Player of the Year
  5. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 Superliga December Fixtures: Another brilliant month. In Europe, I won my last game - and qualified. In the league, more goals, more wins, more skill. We go into the winter break in, as is tradition, first. Table: Europe:
  6. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 Superliga November Fixtures: Well that was how it should be done. With the exception of the unsurprising away loss to Real Madrid, a perfect month, including a brilliant 2-1 win in Salzburg. The team is gelling, and we're playing superbly - and averaging more than 3 a game in the league too. Table: Europe: In a way, though, this is the worst thing that could happen. We could still go out, and there's no easy way of dropping to third. Oh well - we'll have to actually try against Hertha...
  7. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 Superliga October Fixtures: Noice. Toight. Well, in Europe, anyway. The league was meh. We stay top, mind - just Table:
  8. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 Superliga September Fixtures: Outside of Europe, we are destroying the league. Rafik Jaziri (Yth) has 10 goals in 8 games, and Mhlengi Hlela has 9 in 9. Eric Amissah (Yth) leads the league in assists, with 8 in 7 alongside 4 goals and an insane average rating of 8.29. We're playing sexy, sexy football. Shame about the home loss to RB though. We want third in the group, and that isn't going to help... Table: Europe:
  9. Europe: Ouch. Hertha are Bundesliga Champions, Real Madrid are... well Real Madrid (they've finished second in La Liga for the last 8 seasons) and Red Bull have won the last 18 (!!) Austrian Superliga,
  10. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 Superliga August Fixtures: Early loss, which is a real shame. We managed to scrape past Dundalk in the Champions League. But some cash - huzzah! Table:
  11. FC Nordsjaelland - 2031/32 Superliga July Fixtures: Nice start to the season... Table:
  12. FC Nordsjaelland Danish Superliga 2031/32 Board: Win the League Cup: Win the Cup Champions League: Reach the Group Stage Media: 1st (/12) Odds: 5-2 Friendlies: More friendlies. More winnings. Transfers: The big signing of the Summer was the long-term rival for Rafik Jaziri (Yth), another wonderkid striker in Serbian Luka Karna. Only 19, but as good as 20 y/o Jaziri they should be a fascinating battle for the striker spot. He cost a fir whack at £6.25m, but I thi
  13. Around the World: 2030/31 Top 10 European Leagues by coefficient (and Denmark): 1. England - Premier League Champions: Chelsea (x2) 2. Spain - La Liga Champions: Barcelona (x14) 3. Germany - Bundesliga Champions: Hertha Berlin 4. Italy - Serie A Champions: Inter (x6) 5. France - Ligue 1 Champions: Lyon (x3) 6. Portugal - Liga NOS Champions: Benfica
  14. FC Nordsjaelland - 2029/30 Superliga Season Summary Final Position: 1st! [of 12] (4 in a row) The Squad: The team is pretty locked down now - I struggled for a while as to how to accomodate both Jan Flessman and Eric Amissah (Yth) before deciding that Flessman could take Mhlengi Hlela's place at AML. Certainly those three are the players that rotate the most. Outgoing this Summer will be Sam Robinson on a free and quite possibly Alassane Sow. I have a mega signing coming in up front, and Sow might be the
  15. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Superliga May Fixtures: Another loss, but, and importantly, a thrashing of Kobenhavn - who dropped off enormously. And meant we won our 5th straight league title! Table:
  16. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Youth Intake No Felmming Dhyr (YP11a) in this intake, but two players approaching 4 stars, and a few who could make it. Considering the strength of our first team squad, there are almost certainly some gems from Kwadwo Karikari (YP12e) upward...
  17. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Superliga April Fixtures: Moving into the Championship phase a point clear, we needed to beat Kobenhavn in our first match - and we did, before smashing goals in for fun left, right and centre. The draw with AaB was slightly disappointing but still... if we don't slip up, we'll be champions again. Table:
  18. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Superliga February/March Fixtures: I... forgot to do February. But regardless - we started the new year brilliantly in the league, dropping no points and beating top-of-the-table Kobenhavn to leapfrog them to our rightful position. In the Champion's League, despite topping the group we had a tough draw (though as the only club outside the big five leagues, we were always going to get a tough draw) against Schalke who smashed us at home, and whom we held to a respectable draw at ours. Table:
  19. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Superliga Mid Season Break Transfers: Some changes... well, one change. We sold Samuel Yusuf, our club record signing, for £19.5m to Club Brugge. After 89 appearances and 34 goals in all competitions, Club Brugge's offer was too much to turn down really. A £12m profit, and we have Rafik Jaziri (Yth), who has emerged as first choice anyway, and Allasane Sow to back him up, with Fleming Busk out on loan at Waasland-Beveren and set to return as third choice soon. Meantime, Fleming Dhyr (YP11a) seems to be a bit good. I spent most o
  20. The World's Best 2030: Ballon d'Or: Jose Maria [Chelsea] - first regen to win the Ballon d'Or FIFA Best:Jadon Sancho [Inter] World Player of the Year: Jose Maria [Chelsea] Kopa Trophy (best u21 Player): Alvaro Gonzalez [Tottenham] FIFA best XI
  21. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Superliga End of Year Awards: Danish team of the Year (complete with 4 players from our academy): Eric Amissah (Yth): Three in a row for these awards for Amissah (Yth) Santiago Rodriguez: Marko Paulus:
  22. FC Nordsjaelland - 2030/31 Superliga December Fixtures: Back to a decent return in the league, and a decent draw with Roma. Table: Europe:
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