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  1. Very interested in joining up with you for this. Steam - jonnycosmic Discord - jonnycosmic #2642 Big fan of non league football, so happy to start at the bottom and see how many we can get in a game.
  2. Any idea how I do this? I was under the impression that the 3D kits were hard coded due to licensing issues. it works with Premier League teams, no licensing, but not with Championship or below.
  3. Follow up question on this one. I have changed the "licenced kits" as I like to do every year for all teams. The kits all appear fine in the club info screen on every team, but in the match engine the previous years kits are used. I know there is something about them being hardcoded into the game, but I can't remember how to get rid. Any help?
  4. I am 7 games into my beta season and the gameplay is tremendously unrealistic. Of the games I have played, there have been 19 goals, as follows; 2 Penalties 2 40-yard screamers 15 Long ball over the top, onto a striker, who scores 1v1 against the keeper. No matter what tactic, how deep my defensive line, this happens to me and against me. I know there is a bug report outstanding that is being looked into, so I have full faith in SI that this will be changed, but wow, I'm afraid the beta is done for me until a mini patch, or the full version.
  5. Are adaptive pitch conditions optional? I personally think it looks awful when random patches of mud appear on even the most groomed pitch. And they don’t tend to appear near where any players have been. I’ve never seen a game at Old Trafford where the pitch cuts up that much.
  6. Love your work every year. Really hope you do Romania to Liga IV as I’ve been waiting to play as FC Vaslui for a while.
  7. Anyone making a Romanian 4th tier file? Fell in love with a team a few years back, but they went out of business. Now in Liga IV.
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