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  1. Incorrect Europa League Qualifiers

    Robbed, I tell you! Robbed! I genuinely didn't notice that Liverpool had won the EFL Cup. Thanks for having a look at this for me.
  2. Hi, I finished 6th in the Premier League with Sunderland and had a weird thing happen with regards to the teams that qualified for the Europa League. Chelsea finished 5th in the league and were the first team to qualify for the Europa League. I finished 6th in the league and DID NOT qualify for the Europa League. Watford finished 13th in the league, but won the FA Cup and did qualify for the Europa League. However, the issue I have is that Liverpool, who finished 7th and did not get to any cup final, also qualified for the Europa League. This should not have happened. The Europa qualifiers should have been Chelsea (5th) & Watford (Cup winners) going straight to the group stages and Sunderland (me - 6th) entering the competition at the 3rd qualifying round. As things stand, I have been overlooked for the team that finished 7th. As you can imagine, this is annoying as Sunderland have only been in European competition once before. To follow this up, a lot of the players I signed in the pre-season signed for me under the proviso that they would be playing some sort of European football this season. I have uploaded the save game to the FTP for you guys to have a look at. The file is titled 'Ha'way.fm'
  3. Wow, learnt something new today. I didn't realise that there was a section in the pre-game editor that allocated home and away kits vs different teams. Excellent stuf! I do now wish that this was also available the in-game editor too. I do like to change kits season on season for realism sakes.
  4. Am I the only one that thinks this is not correct?
  5. Absolutely love the goals scored and conceded overview when analysing your next opponents recent form. I have no idea if this was in the previous game, or if I just didn't notice it or use it. My question is this, should pre-season goals count in this analysis. If my opponent scored 9 against a lower league opposition, this then becomes a useless statistic that I can't really take seriously. I have to go through the recent matches and make my own analysis. Surely it would make more sense to include competitive fixtures in this number.
  6. And whilst I understand this, it doesn't work as is. And it hasn't worked for the last 3 or 4 years. There is currently no way for a team to use a third kit, if the second kit is sufficient enough. I have gone a whole season never using the third shirt and this is not realistic.
  7. I don't know why SI don't just give us a kit selection screen at the start of the match. A lot of teams have third kits that they are contractually obliged to use, due to sponsorship. Currently, there is no way to replicate this in FM. Huddersfield would never use their red third kit as the game AI currently stands. It would solve a lot of problems and complaints and would be so so easy to program a kit selection option.
  8. Created League not hiring managers

    Any update on this...because teams still do not hire managers in created leagues. It makes the game unplayable for us LLM's.
  9. Referees Favour Big Teams?

    I hope this is true, because I'm all for realism. Let's be honest, referees DO favour the big four! I do think that in game it's just your perception that refs favour the big 4.
  10. Third Kits

    I was afraid you'd say this. I know SI are big on realism and licensing, but they don't half make it difficult to customise the game. And sadly, the in-game editor doesn't enable the 3rd kit if the team doesn't have one by default.
  11. Created League not hiring managers

    It is actually as a result of a post you created in the bugs forum here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/444085-Clubs-not-filling-manager-position-even-after-years-of-simulation?p=10602399#post10602399
  12. Third Kits

    I'm having an issue getting 3rd kits into the game for the teams who do not have a 3rd kit in the default kits. How do I get custom 3rd kits to show up in game for teams who do not have 3 kits as default?
  13. I had an excellent save with FC Vaslui in Romania Liga I in FM 2015. I had a youth player who was better than anyone else in Romania and I built a team around him. They didn't get a licence for this season because of financial irregularities and now they are in (the unplayable) Liga IV. Sad times!
  14. Created League not hiring managers

    If anyone has a save game of this happening in game, it would be great if you could send it to SI. A lot of people have reported it, but it doesn't look like anyone has actually given them the files they need to investigate. I am holidaying through a few seasons to be able to give them something for now, but if anyone else has a file that would be brilliant.
  15. Created League not hiring managers

    I can't be the only person experiencing this issues, surely. No matter what additional league file I add, every team in the league is without a manager and stays that way for the entire rest of the game. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?