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  1. Season 2 During the summer and with 33M available, the following players joined: · Stanley Nsoki from Toulouse for 5M€ · Thomas Basila from Nantes for 12M€ · Aurelien Tchouameni from Bordeaux for 9M€ · Alvaro joined for 4M€ as per his loan deal. · The Tramoni brothers from Ajaccio, Matteo and Lisandru. When OM played Ajaccio last season in the Coupe de France these two stole the show even though OM won that game in the end. Matteo joined on loan with an option to buy of 3M€ and Lisandru joined for 1.6M€ going and went straight back to Ajaccio on loan. · Claudio Gomes from Manchester City on loan · Dean Henderson from Manchester United on loan The following players were sold · Kostas Mitroglu to Dynamo Kiev for 3.5M€ · Walid al Kalal to Nimes for 2.4M€ The team for this season looked like this: GK:Mandanda-Henderson DR:Sakai-Bellanova DC: Caleta Car Basila DC:Alvaro-Nsoki DMC: Kamara-Gomes MC: Sanson-Lopez MC: Rongier-Tchouameni AMR:Thauvin-Lihadj AML:Radjonic-M.Tramoni ST: Benedetto-Germain During the friendlies, the gelling worked well and the team looked impressive but I was not expecting the season that was about to unfold OM started the season by losing the Trophee des Champions 1-0 to PSG in a tough game that could have gone either way. In the champions League OM was drawn with Olympiakos, Arsenal and Napoli… a difficult group but the qualification to UEFA cup seemed achievable. By the end of September OM won 7 out of 7 Ligue 1 games including a 2-0 win away at Monaco. In the champions league OM trashed Olympiakos away 5-0 and won, against the odds, 2-0 against Napoli at the Velodrome. In October OM won its four L1 games including an out of this world victory against PSG in Paris…4-1!!! :D. In the champions league, OM drew against Arsenal and was 1st in the group. In November OM’s three L1 games ended in victories and in the champions league OM won a great game 1-0 against Arsenal and trashed Olympiakos again this time 6-0…remaining top of the group. In December, OM got two victories in L1 and two draws including one against Lyon (1-1 away). At mid-season OM was 1st in L1 with 16 victories and 3 draws 7points ahead of OL and 10 ahead of PSG (where Deschamps became manager after the Euro). In the champions league OM drew against Napoli and ended up top of its group with four victories and two draws. What a 1st part of the season, better than anything I could have possibly expected In January Thauvin, who renewed his contract in the summer, left to Beijing…. The 49M€ they accepted to pay was to good to turn down. Arezo (18yo) joins for free from River Plate de Montevideo, he is more for next season but will play some games this season. OM had to adjust to Thauvin’s departure and no replacement and this could be seen on the pitch with two draws and a win in L1 and losing Coupe de France’s 10th round. In February OM lost its 1st game of the season 2-3 away against Rennes; the other 3 games ended with two draws and two victories. In the champions league, OM won3-0 in the first leg against Kiev. In March, two victories and a draw in L1 allowed OM to remain 1st and a draw in the second leg against Kiev allowed OM to progress t the quarter finals against Bayern In April OM recorded 3 victories and a draw against OL. In the Champions League, the 1st leg at the Velodrome ended in a 0-0 draw but unfortunately Bayern won the game 2-1… Neuer was on fire and OM could have won but hey…. Nobody expected them to be there in the first place. In May, the only team that could still block OM from getting its 1st L1 title in 11 years was OL. On the last day, OM was 1st with 85 points and OL 2nd with 82 points. OM won the game finally bringing the L1 trophy back to Marseille and OL lost. What an unbelievable season!!!! Can’t wait to see what the next one will bring but first I need to manage to resist the big clubs and keep the team.
  2. So I have started my yearly OM save; let’s see what this campaign will bring. nico_france congrats for the thread as always and for your campaign so far! You have made some great signings :) I started the game with transfers disabled during the first window and while the board requests to sell before buying, I did not plan to denature the team completely as OM would do and tried to stick to signing players no older the 23… except in case I could not find a player but also in case a good opportunity would present itself. First season went surprisingly well and by December OM was on top of the league 1 point away from PSG having beaten PSG 2-0, Monaco 1-0 away OL 3-2 or Lille 2-0 among others. I was kind of hoping that the board would give some money for the January window but nope…. So, I started offloading players and during the course of January sold: · Payet to Newcastle for 16.5M€ (12.5+2+2) with wage contribution of 42k/week for two years. He didn’t do well and was released at the end of first season so no more wage contribution and Newcastle still owed OM 2M+2M · Sarr to Watford for 7M€ · Strootman to Southampton for 35M€ (28.5+2+2+2) · Germain went on a paying loan to Nantes and had an automatic purchasing clause after 15 games… he played 14 so back to OM at the end of the season Then came the time to strengthen the team but I found out (understandably) that players did not really wish to move in January or were too expensive. After several unsuccessful attempts, I only managed to sign Raoul Belanova (RB from Bordeaux) for 5.75M€. With Strootman gone I started playing Kamara as a DMC (covering for any injured or suspended CD) but needed a good player as Kamara was not natural in this position and loaned Victor Wanyama from Tottenham. Lihadj, Nkounou and Ake were promoted as cover to the 1st team. On the 31st of January Mandanda got injured for 6 months with damaged cruciate ligaments… A bit stressful but managed to bring Cesar, a Brazilian GK, on loan to cover Mandanda’s absence. The second part of the season went extremely well too considering the almost unchanged team of 17 players with 2 GK. OM lost away to PSG 3-1 but won again against Monaco, OL and Lille ending the season in second position with 88 points, 4 less than PSG. This was a great and unexpected achievement as I was not really expecting more than an UEFA cup this season. OM lost 3-0 to PSG in the 1/4 of the coupe de la ligue and lost in French cup’s 10th round to Amiens on penalties after a 4-4 draw; no silverware this year but OM qualified for the champions league! The board did not give more funds event with a CL qualification so OM has the remaining of the winter sales to spend. Bellanova and Lihadj developed well during the second half of the season. Benedetto scored 18 goals and Thauvin was below average when he returned with 4 goals and 3 assists. Also, France’s UEFA coefficient increased so as of next season L1 has 4 direct CL, 2 UEFA spots and 1 spot in UEFA’s conference league playoff. Off to season 2
  3. So far so good except the usual extremely high CPU usage with FM betas... in game, my Mac sounds like it will take off
  4. Finally finished 1st season... what a cool one with a double hehe OM won Ligue 1 6 points ahead of OL...PSG was second for most of the season but had a poor end and lost their last game against Reims which allowed OL to pass them on the last day I did not buy any player during summer but brought in Kelvin Amian for 5.1 M€ in January to cover for Sakai who had broken a leg and was out for 4 months. The team in general performed well but both Mitroglou (13 goals in 32 games) and Germain (10 goals in 28 games) were below par well covered by Gustavo, Thauvin, Payet and Lopez. After a pushy start in the group phase where OM qualified on the last day, the second phase was unexpectedly great.. Victories against Real Hispalis, Bayer Leverkusen, Lazio and Lepzig, OM faced Eintracht Francfort in the final and won 3-1 The team played really well during the second phase and 6 players made it to UEFA CUP's team of the year; I don't remember when this happened to me on FM at European level OM lost to PSG 2-0 away in French cup's 1/4 final and 2-1 away in league's cup 1/4 final. All in all a great 1st season with original team and only Damian as a purchase. For season two, OM was a bit more active on the transfer market, strengthening the attacking sector being a priority. IN Divock Origi for free Vincent Koziello for 10 M€ let's see how he performs on FM 19 Juan Pablo Cobelli -Argentinian CD for 9 M€ to replace Rolando who left at expiry of his contract Michy Batshuayi 20 M €+ 20 M € over 12 months, I might have overpaid but I had to replace Mitroglou and Germain who simply didn't score much. Let's see... Also got Theo Hernandez from Real, Claudio Gomez from City and Andre Moreira from Atletico Madrid on loan. OUT Mitroglou to Spartak Moscow - 13 M€ Germain to Crystal Palace - 8 M€ N'jie to Angers - 7.5M€ Radonjic on loan to Auxerre with an option set at 8 M€ other players left for free Season 2 started with a 4-1 win against OL in the trophee des champions and a 1-0 win against Dortmund in the UEFA Super Cup. Let's see if the team can retain L1 this season and what can it do in the champions league
  5. @dokera I am using stock tactics for the moment: I am mainly using 4-3-3 (what the game calls 4-1-4-1), vertical tiki taka with an attacking mentality or 4-2-3-1, tiki taka with a positive mentality. The only tweaks I have done so far is to personalise roles for some of the players. @nico_france I know, OM impresses me a lot on this game or I am extremely lucky (I was expecting to be trashed by QSG as always...)Still looking for a good striker for 8M € (why the hell didn't they buy Dembélé IRL....) and about to start the January transfers period; who did you guys buy as a striker?
  6. Hi, I started a game with OM and so far it's quite an enjoyable journey :) Transfers are disabled and I play 433 or 451 Here are the standings half way through Won against Monaco 3-1,drew against Lyon and then this :D In UEFA league, the journey was rocky and OM only qualified on the last day still managing to end up 1st in gate group. Players are actually quite good and Rocchia and Sarr are doing a monstrous job at the back but in front it is not that good and I need to find a decent striker... any recommendations with the 8 M budget in mind?
  7. Yeah, it was a really good season indeed Yup, you read well about M. Sarr hehe, actually 19 goals and 9 assists, I play him in the AMR position (IF,attack) How much I got for the players I sold? Mitroglu to Sporting Lisbon for 9 M €, Bedimo to Lens for 185 K, Cabella to Saint-Etienne for 7 M € and N’jie to Alaves for 9 M €.
  8. I finally managed to complete season 1 (can’t play as much as I used too) It was a joyful season that somehow exceeded my expectations. In Ligue 1, the tension was high between Monaco, PSG and Marseille, OL kept the distance for most of the season but a string of bad results in March made them drop to the 4th place. On the last day, the situation was the following: Monaco 1st with 77 points, PSG second with 77 point and OM third with 76 points. PSG, who was having a bad run, lost away to Caen 2-1, OM won 3-0 against Amiens and were virtually champions for 5 seconds until Monaco won 3-2 at the 93rd minute against Troyes… gutted ! Let’s see what next season will be like In UEFA cup OM crashed against Leipzig in ¼ finals (3-3 at home but 2-6 away…) In the French cup OM managed to reach the final but lost a tough battle against PSG 1-0. Coupe de la Ligue: nothing to see here, move along… got beaten by Sochaux in the 4th round. In terms of transfers, I played with 1st window disabled and got rid of Evra. During the winter season, I brought Dembele from Celtic for 20 M € and Appiah from Anderlecht for 7.5 M €. What I am trying this time is to only sign French or former OM players keeping the foreigners that are already at the club and only looking for non-French in case I wouldn’t find the player I need. Line up for season 2 looks like this: GK: Mandanda-Escales (Lafont is joining next season for 25 M €) DR: Appiah-Sakai DC: Rami-Rolando (wil try to bring Diop at some point) DC: Abdennour-Doria (Kamara is playing cup games and less important UEFA/L1 games) DL: Amavi-Hernandez (on loan from Real) DMC: Gustavo-Sertic MC: Sanson-Anguissa MC: Lopez-? (target is to try to sign Lemina, or a loan for this season) AMR: Sarr (absolutely on fire last season with 20 goals)-Thauvin AML: Payet-Ocampos ST: Dembele-Germain Sold Mitroglu to Sporting Lisbon for 9 M €, Bedimo to Lens for 185 K, Cabella to Saint-Etienne for 7 M € and N’jie to Alaves for 9 M €. Targets for this year are to win the L1 and reach the knock-out phase of the Champions League; national cups are extras… Lest see what this season will bring J
  9. Hi nico, who are you using as RB's? really struggling with that one... currently in the 1st season in December, 2nd in the league and qualified for the 1/8 UEFA cup, will post a summary at the end of the season. I also started the game with transfers disabled btw.
  10. Hello, I completed season 2 and... OM are champions (28V 4D 6L)!!! 8 points ahead of PSG and 10 from OL. The team also won the coupe de la ligue on penalties against Monaco. In Europe, we improved a bit in the champions league, reaching the 1/4 final and loosing 3-1 to Atletico.... For season 3, I brought back Mendy from Monaco after upsetting him for 25M €, Koziello from Nice for 17.5M € and Butelle for 500k as a backup GK as Pelé retired. Season jut started and OM won the Trophy des champions against PSG 3-1. Ow and for some reason the stadium should have been bought at the end of season 2 but it didn't happen... I asked again and it is now scheduled for the end of this season
  11. Hello, Didn't post for a while. I also started again during Christmas break and here is an update as I start season 2. For this game, I have decided to sign primarily French players (French as a 2nd nationality also or former OM player), only looking at foreigners when I really can't find/can't afford the player I am looking for. Season 1 was a joy and it went far above expectations, I got 38 M€ for transfers at the beginning and only signed Sanson in September. I managed to upset him during the summer and got him for 20M€ During the winter break, I got another 20M€ and brought Amavi for 23M€, Dembele for 13 M€ and Fares for 8.75M€; also sold Alessandrini for 7M€. The team finished second in the league: 6 draws and 5 defeats (2 points less than PSG) and OL finished third. Bafe helped a lot as he was on fire all season and finished as the club's and league's top scorer with 28 goals in 32 games. In the cups, I got kicked out in the French cup early and lost league cup to PSG For the summer window, I got 95M€ to spend and brought Corchia for 6M€, Lafont for 18.5M€, Zakaria for 18M€ and Lenglet for 12M€, I also brought Batshuayi on loan. Zakaria is Swiss but when I was looking for a DMC, I couldn't find one.... only after signing him I saw that M'Vila was available on a free so I brought him too. Zakaria will replace Diarra which I intend to sell during the winter window. Training and youth facilities have been upgraded and the board has launched the process to buy the stadium, which will occur at the end of the season. For season 2, the line up looks like this: GK:Lafont-Pele DC: Rekik/Lenglet DC:Doria/Rolando DL:Amavi/Bedimo WBR:Corchia/Sakai DMC:M'Vila/Zakaria/Diarra MC:Diaby/Khaoui MC:Sanson/Lopez AMR:Thauvin/Campos AML:Cabella/Fares ST:Dembele/Batshuayi
  12. ok it tried with graphics quality down to medium and indeed the fan makes less noise (on low even less) but this is a workaround until SI fixes this through a patch right?
  13. Hi, since beta whenever I play the game the fan on my Mac goes berzerk. It is so annoying that I am now playing with a noise cancelling headset as I have the impression my computer will take off every time I play. I provided all info about my system but my previous topic disappeared System is a late 2013 iMac 3.5 with 16gb RAM I already cleaned the fan so dirt on it cannot be an excuse. I play in window mode and I have tried with GPU rendering and software rendering=same. When I launch FM 16 with same settings (French leagues on and 1st division in IT,DE,NL,England, Brazil and Argentina (view only), there is no fan noise. What else can I try? I have seen several similar threads so I tend to think it is a game issue, not the machine (remember the issue is only present while playing FM17) For the moment, I am really not enjoying the game. please help thanks Daniel
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