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  1. Season 2 During the summer and with 33M available, the following players joined: · Stanley Nsoki from Toulouse for 5M€ · Thomas Basila from Nantes for 12M€ · Aurelien Tchouameni from Bordeaux for 9M€ · Alvaro joined for 4M€ as per his loan deal. · The Tramoni brothers from Ajaccio, Matteo and Lisandru. When OM played Ajaccio last season in the Coupe de France these two stole the show even though OM won that game in the end. Matteo joined on loan with an option to buy of 3M€ and Lisandru joined for 1.6M€ going and went straight back to A
  2. So I have started my yearly OM save; let’s see what this campaign will bring. nico_france congrats for the thread as always and for your campaign so far! You have made some great signings :) I started the game with transfers disabled during the first window and while the board requests to sell before buying, I did not plan to denature the team completely as OM would do and tried to stick to signing players no older the 23… except in case I could not find a player but also in case a good opportunity would present itself. First season went surprisingly well and by December OM wa
  3. So far so good except the usual extremely high CPU usage with FM betas... in game, my Mac sounds like it will take off
  4. Finally finished 1st season... what a cool one with a double hehe OM won Ligue 1 6 points ahead of OL...PSG was second for most of the season but had a poor end and lost their last game against Reims which allowed OL to pass them on the last day I did not buy any player during summer but brought in Kelvin Amian for 5.1 M€ in January to cover for Sakai who had broken a leg and was out for 4 months. The team in general performed well but both Mitroglou (13 goals in 32 games) and Germain (10 goals in 28 games) were below par well covered by Gustavo, Thauvin, Payet and Lopez.
  5. @dokera I am using stock tactics for the moment: I am mainly using 4-3-3 (what the game calls 4-1-4-1), vertical tiki taka with an attacking mentality or 4-2-3-1, tiki taka with a positive mentality. The only tweaks I have done so far is to personalise roles for some of the players. @nico_france I know, OM impresses me a lot on this game or I am extremely lucky (I was expecting to be trashed by QSG as always...)Still looking for a good striker for 8M € (why the hell didn't they buy Dembélé IRL....) and about to start the January transfers period; who did you guys buy as a striker?
  6. Hi, I started a game with OM and so far it's quite an enjoyable journey :) Transfers are disabled and I play 433 or 451 Here are the standings half way through Won against Monaco 3-1,drew against Lyon and then this :D In UEFA league, the journey was rocky and OM only qualified on the last day still managing to end up 1st in gate group. Players are actually quite good and Rocchia and Sarr are doing a monstrous job at the back but in front it is not that good and I need to find a decent striker... any recommendations with the 8 M budget in mind?
  7. Yeah, it was a really good season indeed Yup, you read well about M. Sarr hehe, actually 19 goals and 9 assists, I play him in the AMR position (IF,attack) How much I got for the players I sold? Mitroglu to Sporting Lisbon for 9 M €, Bedimo to Lens for 185 K, Cabella to Saint-Etienne for 7 M € and N’jie to Alaves for 9 M €.
  8. I finally managed to complete season 1 (can’t play as much as I used too) It was a joyful season that somehow exceeded my expectations. In Ligue 1, the tension was high between Monaco, PSG and Marseille, OL kept the distance for most of the season but a string of bad results in March made them drop to the 4th place. On the last day, the situation was the following: Monaco 1st with 77 points, PSG second with 77 point and OM third with 76 points. PSG, who was having a bad run, lost away to Caen 2-1, OM won 3-0 against Amiens and were virtually champions for 5 seconds until Monaco
  9. Hi nico, who are you using as RB's? really struggling with that one... currently in the 1st season in December, 2nd in the league and qualified for the 1/8 UEFA cup, will post a summary at the end of the season. I also started the game with transfers disabled btw.
  10. Busquets, Rakitic and Iniesta as CMs or Busquets as CM and Rakitic/Iniesta as AMs?
  11. ah yes, mentality: attacking Loose Attack duties? and replace them by what? and I do agree that I have too much TI's but as I said I am struggling this year last year's TI: Retain possession, pass into space, work ball into box, push higher up, closedown much more and stay on feet, that's it
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