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  1. Ive asked in previous years about how to recreate Jose's Treble winning Inter side and am wondering the same thing this year especially with this years additions. So has anyone got a tactic similar to this? And has anyone got some suggestions for players who would be as close to Diego Milito as possible. Thanks
  2. cheers, added to my understanding of the tactic, very good article explaining the treble winning side, will try tinkering with the different tactics and formations to get it right
  3. Wow very insightful and helpful, making the changes to my tactics making it closer to how i want to play, that treble season was brilliant to watch especially champions league run. Side note: any recommendations for players to fill the milito and wesley role so i can get closer to the real thing? cheers agaian
  4. Hi, first time posting and I am currently trying to recreate Jose Mourinho's tactics that he used during his treble winning season at Inter. What would be the right formation to use as it could be interpreted in a few different formations such as a 4-3-1-2 or 4-3-3 dm with one winger perhaps being a Raumdeuter ? Or even at times a 3-4-1-2 due to maicons attacking role. Depending on formation, what would be the most suitable team shape? I was thinking fluid as jose is not a fan of specialist roles but it could be seen as structured as he mostly wanted Milito, Sneijder and Eto to get the goals and lead the attacks between them and the defenders to defend (bar Maicon). Looking for some advice, sorry if i missed anything - let me know and ill add some more insight, just trying to get a better understanding of tactics in general and these forums help a lot. cheers
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