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  1. FM on Vista issue?

    been running FM09 on 64bit vista on laptop and pc for months now with no issues so its definitely not that. Steam will always need to be active to play it however you can reboot steam in offline mode which might be worth a try. failing that do you have any other games on steam and do they run ok ?
  2. I would like to be considered for this beta testing. I feel that I should be considered as a Beta tester and mod on FML for the last 18 months. I have a good record in picking up bugs and have been playing Championship Manager/Football Manager all the way back to 1991/92. Biggest gripes with FM09 so far (only had it a week) is that the press conferences and team talks seem to get very monotonous, and the assman doesnt handle them too well a lot of the time and also the training which feels very tricky to manage to the casual player.