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  1. Hi does anyone know where i can find a 'working' link for the redhotwax tweaked version of the eagle tactic?
  2. Fm will not install on new laptop

    Fixed! In future guys try to steer clear of Soft Wanchor, Thanks
  3. Ok so i've been playing fm09 since release and now i have a new laptop the game will not install. It has downloaded in steam but when it comes to activation with soft anchor it says 'cannot connect to internet' even though i have just downloaded game this is ********. surely this should not be happening almost a year after release. Why even though i have registered the game before and it says in steam it is activated to i have to activate it again via soft ****? This is seriously annoying, i have paid for a game which on release gave me nothing but stress for days only to suffer the same problems almost a year down the line, and why? because i have chose to but a new laptop? i love fm but am seriously ****ed off by this Anyone have any solutions? any help would be most appreciated
  4. Cheers for the response guys I got like 2/3 per match 1st 3 matches (each big players) at 3/4 weeks each. Have decreased the intensity of the training and have not had any injuries in past 2 matches. Will keep you posted on how things go with both tactic and more importantly injuries when ive played a few games into the league as ive only played 5 games so far, 3 of which were freindlies and 2 were euro vase against minnows. Update and progress soon............
  5. hi guys usining the eagle tactic and have just started friendlies and inter toto cup with aston villa with great effect so far. only problem i seem to be having is injuries, im using the training schedules from the v6. im thinking of decreasing the intensity of the training to lessen the chances of injury but will this have any major effect on the tactics/ performances?
  6. Have been using 4-5-1 attack formation and my ass always says the gap between defence and midfield is too big and could be exploited. complete noob on 09 tactics, so how do i go about closing this gap? Thanks in advance.
  7. Known issues and solutions - FAQ

    mine activated last night but now everytime i try to launch a window comes up saying: Cannot run game: failed to set up graphics system What does this mean? I cannot find an uninstall fucntion anywhere either to restart the process, there is a uninstall folder that has no file in. any help would be appreciated.
  8. FMO Help - Need advice? Ask your question here!

    Also as there are 2 other computers in the house that run off my router will i need to forward those ports in conjuction with the router as i did with mine i.e static ip address? will that make a difference? I have a static ip address doe sthat make a difference? Sorry guys don't really know my ass from keyboard tbh just follow guides and don't reall take things in. again any help much appreciated
  9. FMO Help - Need advice? Ask your question here!

    This is the first time ive tried to play online as thus far have tried to read through this thread and follow all the guides and advice i.e forward my ports, turn firewall off etc etc. Im choosing to host the game and have loaded a game and given my mate the external ip address so that he can add the address but when he does it comes back saying unable to connect to server. We've tried it the other way so that i connect to him and the same problem. my system info is as follows... Operating system - windows xp, home edition 2002 Service packs installed - sp2 net connection - broadcom 440x 10/100 intergrated controller (unsure if thats the info you want) ISP ? (what does this mean?) router involved - yes a sitecom DC202v5 (have already forwarded the ports via online guide) anti virus software - PC guard (switched off) Firewall software - Windows firewall + pc guard firewall (both allowing fm2006 but also switched off) we're both using the latest patch 6.3 but to no avail. my mate has also forwarded his ports even though he isn't the host, does that matter? Any help would be greatly appriciated as i've given up hope of playin online now