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  1. Right now I have set the wages to weekly. When I hover over the wage column in the squad view it tells me (again) the wages weekly, where do I change this to yearly?
  2. Little tip, set your in game Language to English, and get some screenshots from your tactics (just press the print screen button, open pain, ctrl+v) and upload it to Imgur or something, then post hem here. It will give us much more info, in a more simple way!
  3. Great thread! As an arsenal fan myself i always play with Arsenal, havent tried Wenger as DoF though, might switch things up a bit. Also nice to see someone with a clear tactical view, even if its someone elses . I agree with the post above, i see Giroud more as a Complete Forward, rather than a DLF. He is not that bad in FM, and in recent years he has filled that role up pretty well. Starting a new save with arsenal and really got some inspiration from this thread. Usually i play Ozil as AP/S in the RW position, that way Bellerin can come flying over anytime he wants too. But a roaming Ozil sounds amazing too . Keep up, and good luck with yur game! And we trust in Arsene!
  4. So we are one season further, try to play more attacking, but that didn't go well. I was getting killed with through balls and whipped crosses behind my defence. With Andrew K advice and with better results i decide to switch back to the Counter mentality i had, together with the Flexible Team Shape. So i figured my tactic wouldn't improve on its own, so im going to try to analyse my matches. I was hoping some of you guys could give me pointers or just let me know i am on the right track or not. Im just gonna play them first, and watch them back and see if i can pick out the problems. So tactic first: A lot of similarities between the old one, let me take you through the roles: GK: Simple goalkeeper, just keep the balls out of the goal. Not sure how i want him to distribute the ball, but we'll see. WB: I do want them to support the midfield and keep the field wide. Also when the play is on one side, they can look to use the space. CD: Last line before the goalkeeper, not the greatest defenders in the world, but i despise long balls to the striker, so just Central Defenders. Question: I often see them both applying pressure and activily going to the same striker, this opens space for other strikers. Would giving them a Stopper and Cover role solve this? A: Sits in front of the defence to help with counters, also there to recycle possesion. DLP: Not really sure if i want a DLP or a AP. I want him to be the main creator of the squad, but i dont want him to get inside the box. He should wait outside the box, to give a ''killer'' pass or for a shot from distance. BBM: A ''helper''. He is more or less the assistent to my DLP. I gave him a BBM because i think one of the CM's should come inside the box. IF/A: I got two right footed players for this position so Inside Forward was easy, i gave him an Attack mentality to encourage him to get goals instead of giving the cross. IF/S: Not really sure what to do here. This is the guy who is my main Right Winger: Because i want my DLP to be the main creator, i dont want to give him a playmaker role. Because he kinda fits the IF role i was thinking that would be best, Support so he still gets to give crosses and More Risky passes. DLF/A: Since i dont have many players giving crosses, i was thinking a creative/support kinda striker. Now i kinda want to go toward the false nine role. So the IF's are going to be the main scorers on my team, and hopefully my DLP with long shots. But i dont have any players who are good in that role. Now i dont know how much i should pay attention to this, but for now im gonna go with a Deep Lying Forward. TI's: Im thinking of implementing some TI's to make it the play more like i would like to see. Play out of defence, this is beacuse i really hate those long balls from my defenders, and i have a DLP in my team, so give the ball to him. Shorter passing, my teams passing is really bad, so i hope with this i can keep it simple, if i need it on extreme, i can use Retain possesion. Work ball in to the box, im hoping with my 2 IF, a BBM and a DLF, i have a lot of players in and around the box, so there should be options there instead of the shot. So far, no PI's. Okay, thats the idea, now how do they play? What do i notice? GK passes: First of all, the Goalkeepers distribution is bad, too bad. After looking at his passes, its because my players a poor headers. So after a stranded attack, my GK gets the ball. Shoots its forwards, the defence of the opposition heads it, and we lose the ball. Right WB (Vereschak): He has 6 key passes, my DLP (Shikavka/Demkov) only had two. He only has 1 type of key pass and it is mainly to the IF or DLF. So it seems this is the WB/IF combination in play, after looking at my other WB (Giunta) he also has 2 of these passes, with maybe because my other IF has an Attacking mentality. With 8 and 6 crosses its kept to a minimal, what i wanted, so thats a good thing. DLF (Bombel): Only has 2 shots, they are both on target, with one being a goal, and the other one from a corner. So this is way too low. P.S. This was the first match, i think later this evening i am going to continue the game, and start with further analysis of match one, and play match 2 and analyze that one. (If you would like to see screens or videos let me know)
  5. Thanks for your reply! I can keep the same formation if i go more attacking right? Or maybe it is better to replace my DM for an AM, to give them more passing options up front? I kinda like an AM, more in the stay in place to give players a 1-2 pass option. But in LLM i thinks Simple is better. I have played 3 games on Counter with no TI, 1 loss, 1 draw, 1 win. I do see your point, i got 2 own goals, and 1 penalty in those 3 matches. Is it possible to just play higher up the pitch with the Counter mentality? I kinda like the slow build-up, gives my players more time to pick out the pass, witch they clearly need. Or should i just go all out attack and put it on Control/Attacking and then slowly add TI's? Sorry if my questions seem basic, i still have those ahaa moments that something clicks, thats why i thought some extra input and thoughts would be welcome. Or should i try Control, or maybe Attacking and see how that goes?
  6. Hello fellow managers, I am now in my thirth season with FC Zheldor in Belarus. So for we are doing pretty bad, what i kinda saw coming: So i was researching some styles i could use to improve my results. I started reading the Art of Counter Attacking and The School of Defensive arts, witch would suit my situation best, and i have some questions i was hoping some of you could clarify some things for me. Some points about how i play FM: I usually watch the games on Extended mode, i sometimes switch to Comprehensive I started watched some matches in Full Match, mainly the first 10-15 min. Big fan of the Counter Attacking Possesion style of Arsenal Try to focus on youth Started to analyse matches more, but this is really the first season i am trying to do that. So now the formation, normally i would play a 4-2-3-1. Mainly because i like how you can create patient build up from midfield. I would have one holding CM and a more moving CM (Think Ramsey) with in front of them a Playmaker type. Inside Forward and Winger beside of them and a CF to finish it. So i started reading and i noticed that more defensive mentalities in attack have a lower tempo, stick to their positions more and wait for a CCC. This would happen because players would move, create space, and other players would use that space. But wouldn't the stick to positions kinda screw with this? This combined with the Counter Attacking thread gave me a idea. Play on Counter. I dont want my defense to do anything stupid(witch they will eventually, because LLM) so this suits the Counter Mentality, wich will set my team: More organized Deeper on pitch More men behind the ball Team plays narrower The further up the pitch we come, the shorter the passes With this in mind, i came up with the following formation: Wingers: I still have doubts about my Wingers, i dont have a typical targetman with good aerial presence, so if my defense clears the ball it has to go To The Flanks. Thats why i thought it would be better to have Wingers on support, so that they are higher up the pitch to chase the ball, but also track back to help the defense. With them higher up the pitch, i also wouldn't be that depended on support from the CM's, right? I have a typical Winger and a IF to give my striker different kind of support in the form of through balls. Striker: Really not sure what i should use here, as i am planning to use the wingers to get the ball forward, he could just sit in place, and keep looking for the space. But with no AM it would make more sense to have him drop back, but with wingers on support there would be no overlap right? Central Midfield: I know the use of a playmaker kinda counters the Counter Attacking, they would be looking to play it more to my DLP. Its just that my team is the poorest in passing, so many passes (short and long) are bad, thats why i thought to just have 1 player to set up plays. Wich could be really dangerous if this guy haves a bad day. Defense: Your typical back four with a anchorman in front. I think i just leave the team shape on flexibel, it should already be more organized due to the Counter Mentality right? Im just trying to figure out how all this works together. I have read so much the last couple days i cant see the trees trough the forrest() I haven't thought about TI (Except Clearing To The Flanks) because again, i am not sure how that would work in my system. Hopefully my story will make some sense (not English) and if not, i am happy to clarify anything.
  7. Same dude, same site, just for FM 16: http://strikerless.com/2015/11/15/set-pieces-various-routines-and-their-merits/
  8. Normally i don't really post on these kind of threads, i read them, try to understand the idea the OP is giving, and work with it. But honestly, your recent guides (Counter Attacking, Control, and this one) have reinvented the way i play FM. I now have a Journeyman save with Ullensakker/Kisa IL in Norway, and trying to get those guys to play some proper football has been a real pain in the *ss. But now it's really coming together, the way i wanted, with the help of your guides. So just, you know, keep up the good work! And i really like that you reply to almost every question that they ask you, even though, most of it, is just the same question regarding a different shape, anyway. Shout out to anyone who answers our questions, or takes time to read and try to fix our problems, just keeping posting them guides and advices people, cause we need them:brock:. P.S. Is every guide available on your blog? Gonna start following it imediatyle. P.S.S. Sorry for spelling mistakes, dutch dude here.
  9. The Team Instruction: Overlapping, is that only for the wingers/backs, or does this also apply to the rest of the team? Thanks in advance!
  10. I am just saying, that for a club, with everything maxed out, the youth is poor. Not regarding Arsenal or Southampton, just a club in FM. Not decent but poor, i don't know why this is. That is why is started this thread, to found out more about regens. In real life players come from lower clubs. In FM they are generated on the day they are needed, so how are they generated. What is taking in to effect when generating these players.
  11. How did your game go on? Did you get good youth everytime, or was this a once i a lifetime generation?
  12. So you are saying just wait, if you got the facilities they will come?
  13. I wass afraid this was the case, that you dont really have that much control over what you get in your youth.
  14. OFFT: Chamberlain is a World Class player, you just wait and see! ONT: I agree with you on the fact that most players dont make it, and that every 2 - 3 years you maybe get 1 player that is actually good enough to play first team football. I just dont really understand the way the regens come in to the game. They get generated on the day they are needed, but what then? How do they end up at your Southampton? In FM when i get my youth, they dont start at my team right? They start at a another club, not sure if these are playable. Because when you get your regens it displays a club name next to the regens. But do they actually play there? Or is this just a string of text without any meaning what so ever? About tactics, scouting and everything else you can find al sorts of info, but on the subject of regen genererating everybody says the same thing. Thats why i want to know how they are generated. There are apprently a lot of factors that determine how a regen is generated. Does anybody understand how this works in the game, in the code? What are steps, FM takes to make a regen?
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